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Past event

Communities of Philosophical Enquiry: a question-posing education

Philosophy with Children and/or Communities is thriving, along with the international educational and philosophical movement associated with it, as the wider significance of its pedagogy, the community of philosophical enquiry, is recognised and adopted by more and more educators worldwide. This event offered an opportunity for critical engagement with the robust scholarship connected to Philosophy with Children and Communities, through exemplifications of its theory and practice in different contexts around the world.

The philosopher-educator-activists that make up the panel of facilitators for this event are concerned in different ways with questions of educational, social, and environmental justice and these pre-occupations inform their research and critical advocacy. All have a strong and varied track record of academic and practical experience in collaborative philosophical enquiry. This experience will come into play as each explores key concepts along with the productive tensions between their approaches, as well as drawing participants into the dialogue.

The event aimed to illustrate some of the ways in which collaborative philosophical enquiry brings into question the relationships between education, everyday living, power structures and relations. During the event we proposed to work closely with concepts of critical and transformative pedagogy and to raise new questions about those ideas, their interpretation and enactment.

This event brought together a team of international colleagues who work variously in the field Philosophy for/with Children and Communities. The thread connecting them is one that recognises the potential and power of philosophical enquiry in the development of democratic and just societies.

Draft Programme:

09:30 BERA Introduction

Chair welcome; introduction to event and panels

Joanna Haynes, University of Plymouth


Provocation One Panel

Simone Thornton, University of Wollongong,
Mary Graham, University of Queensland,
Gilbert Burgh, University of Queensland,
Graeme Tiffany, Independent Researcher and Education Consultant

10:05 Breakout Enquiry Groups

Provocation Two Panel

Rose-Anne Reynolds, University of Cape Town,
Claire Cassidy, University of Strathclyde,
Magda Carvalho, University of the Azores,
Grace Lockrobin, Director of Philosophy for Children and Communities, SAPERE

10:40 Breakout Enquiry Groups
11:00 Plenary

Chair and Panel Closing Comments

11:30 Event Close

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Chairs and Speakers

Profile picture of Joanna Haynes
Joanna Haynes, Dr

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Education Studies at University of Plymouth

Joanna Haynes is associate professor at Plymouth University Institute of Education, England. Her research interests are in community and democratic education, philosophy of childhood and intra-generational learning, areas in which she has...

Profile picture of Simone Thornton
Simone Thornton

Lecturer in Philosophy at University of Wollongong

Simone Thornton is a lecturer in philosophy in the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry at the University of Wollongong, where she teaches in environmental philosophy, global ethics and existentialism, and is an honorary lecturer at the...

Profile picture of Mary Graham
Mary Graham

Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Queensland

Mary Graham is a Yugambeh Kombu-merri person through her father’s clan and Wakka Wakka through her mother’s clan. Mary was awarded an honorary doctorate at the Queensland University of Technology for her lifetime commitment to scholarship and...

Profile picture of Gilbert Burgh
Gilbert Burgh, Dr

Honorary Associate Professor in Philosophy at University of Queensland

Gilbert Burgh is an honorary associate professor in philosophy in the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry at the University of Queensland. He has published widely on democratic education, civics and citizenship education, and dialogic...

Profile picture of Graeme Tiffany
Graeme Tiffany, Mr

Independent Researcher and Education Consultant at N/A

Graeme Tiffany has a background in youth work, community education and community development. Since 2000 he has been a freelance researcher, trainer, lecturer and education consultant with special interests in detached and street-based youth...

Profile picture of Rose-Anne Reynolds
Rose-Anne Reynolds

Early Childhood Education Lecturer at University of Cape Town

Rose-Anne Reynolds has a PhD in education from the University of Cape Town (UCT) and is an Early Childhood Education lecturer in the School of Education at UCT. Rose-Anne’s PhD thesis is entitled, A posthuman reconfiguring of philosophy with...

Profile picture of Claire Cassidy
Claire Cassidy, Professor

Professor at University of Strathclyde

Prof. Claire Cassidy is a professor in the School of Education at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Her research interests coalesce around the themes of: practical Philosophy with Children and young people (PwC); children’s human rights,...

Profile picture of Magda Costa Carvalho
Magda Costa Carvalho, Professor

Professor of Philosophy at University of the Azores

Magda Costa Carvalho is a professor of philosophy at the University of the Azores, Portugal, a research member of NICA: Interdisciplinary Center for Childhood and Adolescence, University of the Azores, and an integrated member of the research...

Profile picture of Grace Lockrobin
Grace Lockrobin

Director of Philosophy for Children and Communities at SAPERE

Grace Lockrobin is the Director of Philosophy for Children and Communities at SAPERE. She is also a public philosopher at Thinking Space, a teaching fellow in philosophy at the University of Leeds and a PhD student in Philosophy of Education at...