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Joanna Haynes, Dr

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Education Studies at University of Plymouth

Joanna Haynes is associate professor at Plymouth University Institute of Education, England. Her research interests are in community and democratic education, philosophy of childhood and intra-generational learning. Her books include Children as Philosophers, first published in 2002, and later translated into Spanish, Greek and Korean. Together with Maughn Gregory and Karin Murris, she co-edited The Routledge International Handbook on Philosophy for Children (2017). Joanna is particularly interested in the relationship between practising philosophical enquiry and educators’ broader educational thinking and values – see, for example:

Joanna Haynes's contributions

Beyond words: Materiality and the play of things

Tim Ingold’s (2013) account of the art of inquiry begins with the relation between thinking and making, a relation that ‘allow[s] knowledge to grow from the crucible of our practical and...

Video24 Jun 2019