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Special Interest Group

Creativities in Education


Creativity is again re-emerging as an educational imperative which is of interest nationally and internationally. Our next SIG event, Creativity in 21st Century Education: Where, how and what next?’  in Spring 2021, will look both back across early 21st Century practice and research and forward​ to reflect on new challenges.You may have noticed an item in the Summer 2020 edition of Research Intelligence with the same title; it explains plans and ideas for the event and current SIG focus. 

Until we can meet in person, as convenors we would like to gather your views regarding what policy or /practice or /experiences or /research have helped your creativity in education practice and research to date ​and in light of current contexts. Please share your ideas either via twitter @CreativeEdBERA using #CreativitiesinC21Ed, or on padlet. Your views will help us refine the event. 

We look forward to your contributions!

This SIG offers a space for researchers, policy makers and practitioners located in a wide variety of settings, to discuss and interact on matters of interest pertinent to creativity in education. Recent debates within the SIG have emerged around evolving methodologies (quantitative, qualitative, post-qualitative), the related influences of new epistemologies on creativity in education, and how policy drives the manifestation of practice (cf. impending PISA creativity module 2021).

The SIG organises seminars and symposia both at BERA and in a variety of university sites. As part of this, it celebrates the work of one of the SIG founders, Professor Anna Craft, who is no longer with us. This includes the SIG’s own Anna Craft Award, given annually at the BERA conference for the best abstract. The SIG welcomes colleagues undertaking both conceptual and empirical exploration on a wide range of topics. The SIG promotes and embraces interdisciplinary research and debate, and welcomes colleagues from any disciplinary area, working in any phase of education. We are always keen to forge strong and catalytic relationships between research, policy and practice.

The SIG aims to create a supportive network, where early career and experienced researchers can join in critical debate and develop links with other creativity and education networks.

Twitter: @CreativeEdBERA

SIG Convenors

Jo Trowsdale, Dr

Associate Professor at University of Warwick

Jo Trowsdale is Associate Professor, Arts, Creativity and Education in Sociology at the University of Warwick. Jo has extensive policy and practice experience as a former regional director of a systematic government initiative to enhance the role...

Victoria Kinsella, Dr

Senior Research fellow in Education at Birmingham City University

Dr. Victoria Kinsella is Senior Research Fellow in Education at Birmingham City University. Victoria has researched widely in the field of the arts education and creativity. She has worked on a number of creative arts research projects in various...

Kerry Chappell, Dr

Associate Professor at University of Exeter

Dr Kerry Chappell is a senior lecturer in the Graduate School of Education at Exeter University, where she leads the MA creative arts in education programme. She also leads the Creativity and Emergent Educational-futures Network, within which her...

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