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Special Interest Group

Educational Research and Educational Policy-Making

This SIG is interested in the relationship between research and policy in education

This SIG provides a space for BERA members interested in the relationship between research and policy in education. Rather than critiquing policies, the SIG is particularly interested in the procedures involved in making policies, and the role played by research. The SIG recognises that policies are not only made in government departments, but in schools and a wide range of education institutions.

Research interests 

  • The relationship between research and policy
  • The use of evidence in policy production
  • How policies get produced
  • Policy advice mechanisms
  • What constitutes ‘expertise’
  • The role of all education stakeholders in the policy process

SIG aims

The SIG aims to identify and enhance the various ways in which research can have a stronger influence on education policy. For example, the SIG’s 2024 work commenced with a webinar discussing a potential expert policy advice mechanism. It is intended that 2-3 webinars will be held per annum.

SIG Convenors

Profile picture of Craig Skerritt
Craig Skerritt, Dr

Lecturer at University of Manchester

Craig Skerritt is a lecturer in education at the Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester.

Content associated with this SIG

BERA Small Grants Fund

Closes 15 May 2024

Through our Small Grants Fund, BERA awards funding annually to research on a different, pressing theme each year, with the intention that each project will: make important contributions to the...