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BERA partners with the Kusuma Trust to offer £200,000 in grant funding

AnchorBERA and the Kusuma Trust:
Neurodiversity in mainstream schools grant programme

£200,000 in project funding available
BERA is partnering with the Kusuma Trust to deliver several research projects with the aim to improve the school experience and academic attainment of neurodiverse young people. The value of each individual award is up to £50,000 and there is budget for up to four projects.


This funding stream aims to improve the school experience and academic attainment of neurodiverse young people through classroom-, school-, college- or informal learning-based research. Research should include the trialling and testing of new approaches with the aim of contributing to key ongoing debates in the following thematic areas:

  • improvement of life skills (ages 2-18)
  • pathways to employment or improvement of employability skills (ages 12-18)
  • inclusive classroom practice (ages 4-18)
The funding

The Kusuma Trust is generously supporting this work with the funding to enable significant research projects to be undertaken.  BERA is administering the grant and using its expertise in promoting and assessing the proposals and then finalising, publishing and disseminating the outcomes. 

The aim of this research funding is to generate knowledge that benefits the public good in line with BERA’s charitable objectives. This scheme will support higher education providers to achieve quality research and knowledge exchange to support the aims outlined above.

The grant period will be up to 15 months, commencing in November 2024 with final report published in January 2026.

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