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Special Interest Group

Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy

Supporting practitioners to enhance experiences for children and young people in a range of school, community and family settings.

The Physical Education Sport Pedagogy (PESP) SIG provides a forum for researchers, academics and professionals working in the areas of Physical Education, School Sport and school-based physical activity, and Physical Education Initial Teacher Education. The SIG focuses on learning in and through Physical Education, School sport and physical activity in a range of contexts including schools, the broader community and family settings.

Research interests: 

  • Curriculum – policy and practice
  • Diversity and marginalised children and young people in Physical Education and school sport
  • Health and body pedagogies
  • Ability/disability in physical education
  • Physical Education/school sport as settings for formal, informal and non-formal learning
  • Initial Teacher Education in Physical Education
  • Professional development for Physical Education teachers and sport coaches

SIG aims:

  • Share research expertise to develop new knowledge and understandings in the field to enhance Physical Education, school sport and physical activity within the profession and for participants/learners.
  • Provide a space/forum to stimulate research collaborations and a strong network that can collectively bid for research grants.
  • Prompt and co-ordinate communication between SIG members and key stakeholders and funding agencies in the areas of Physical Education and school sport, Physical Education initial teacher education, and continuing professional development for teachers and other professionals working in Physical Education and school sport settings.
  • Raise awareness of research in Physical Education and sport pedagogy broadly, amongst wider educational communities.
  • Prompt collaboration between SIG members and educational researchers working in other subject areas on issues of common interest/concern (e.g., Health)
  • Create a point of contact for comparable groups within educational research associations internationally (such as EERA, AARE and AERA)

SIG Convenors

Profile picture of Tom Quarmby
Tom Quarmby, Dr

Reader at Leeds Beckett University

Tom is a Reader in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy in the Carnegie School of Sport, Leeds Beckett University. Broadly, his research explores the role and value of Physical Education, physical activity and sport for youth from socially...

Profile picture of Julie Stirrup
Julie Stirrup, Dr

Lecturer at Loughborough University

Julie is a lecturer in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy at Loughborough University. Julie’s research centres on Physical Education, physical development and its role within young people lives from the early years through to secondary...

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