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Submission policy

The blog is open to anyone to make a submission. The aim is to stimulate debate and thus differences of opinion will be aired. However, all submissions must have some link to evidence rather than assertion, and should be on substantive issues rather than personal criticism. They must also adhere to the following guidelines.

The editorial team welcome articles of 500-750 words (including any references) that are:

  • short reports or summaries of research
  • opinion pieces
  • responses to policies
  • experiences as an educational researcher
  • experiences using research

Prospective contributors should ensure that their contributions:

  • are research informed
  • avoid jargon, dense language and excessive references
  • address an international audience, and so do not assume readers’ familiarity with specific education systems or wider regional and/or national contexts
  • provide links to sources where possible; if citations and references are included, these should follow American Psychological Association (APA) style
  • use inclusive and non-derogatory language
  • do not include obscene or rude content, or content that belittles or attacks persons or groups
  • do not link to profane, obscene, rude, or illegal material or to sites that knowingly violate intellectual property rights.

This is primarily a text-based blog, but if you do wish to include one or more images, please contact a member of the editorial team.


How to contribute

Those submitting should include (in the same file as their blog) a short biography of themselves (150 words) and links to relevant websites or Twitter handles, as well as a headshot photo in jpg format.

Contributions should be sent to, making clear that they containing a potential blog post; file names should include the name(s) of the author(s). 

All attempts to publish blog entries as quickly as possible will be taken by the editorial board.  The date of publication can be influenced by a number of factors including the range of issues to be covered and the emergence of news items that may require immediate commentary. The board must also ensure that each blog entry can attract as much visibility as possible before a new entry is uploaded.  We therefore thank authors for their patience during the time they send in their contribution and its eventual publication. If your contribution is based around a particular news story or event, then please make this clear when making your submission. 

Please note that by submitting a BERA Blog, prospective contributors agree to have their contact details shared with the editorial team. 

BERA Bites are commissioned by the editorial team of the BERA Blog. If interested in collating an edition of the Bites, please contact


Comments and responses

There is no direct comments function although we welcome constructive comments and feedback can be included in ‘response to’ submissions. The aim is to generate a dialogue between contributors and others. We operate a “notice and take down” policy for articles. Illegal or offensive material will be removed. To complain about a post, please contact the Executive Director of BERA.


Copyright and attribution

Authors of this blog are agreeing to licence their text under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales License