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Special Interest Group

Higher Education

The transition from elite to mass higher education systems is a significant global development that forms the broader context for educational research that seeks to understand the experiences of Higher Education students, academics, teaching teams, change agents, leaders, departments, subject disciplines, professional fields, and institutions. There is a need for perspectives and analyses that not only critique but also challenge current policy frameworks and evolving practices within and across Higher Education. Within the universalising tendencies of the neoliberal regime, contradictions exist within – and between – the increasing dominance of managerialist principles, the standardisation of learning and practice (under the banner of ‘quality assurance’), consumer-based practices and expectations. The aim of the Higher Education special interest group is to contribute towards and enhance critical debates and perspectives on higher education policy, pedagogy and practice. This is a broad remit that embraces interdisciplinary research with critical research methodologies, theories and philosophies. 

Recent research papers and symposia presented by SIG members have included the following themes:

  • Teaching and learning approaches and issues
  • Assessment in higher education
  • Higher Education in Further Education (HE in FE)
  • Pedagogies for transformation / transformative pedagogies
  • Being an academic
  • Being a student
  • Policy trajectories
  • Academic development and capacity building strategies

The SIG aims to create a supportive network of educational researchers through building symposia for the main conference, through smaller scale activity during the year, by supporting new and early career researchers, and by building links with other higher education research networks.

Twitter: @BERAHighEd

SIG Convenors

Craig Hammond, Dr

Senior Lecturer in Education at Liverpool John Moores University

Craig A. Hammond is Senior Lecturer in Education at Liverpool John Moores University; prior to moving to LJMU, Craig taught across further education and college based higher education (CBHE) for 18 years. From 2015 to 2017 Craig was the Research...

Sanja Djerasimovic, Dr

Research Fellow at University of Exeter

Sanja Djerasimovic is a research fellow at the University of Exeter, where she studies the broad but interconnected areas of higher education policy, academic identity and practice, particularly among early career academics, and citizenship. More...

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