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Special Interest Group


The History SIG, a relatively new SIG within the BERA family, is a broad church for researchers and practitioners situated within the fields of history of education and history education to consider areas of mutual interest including historical research, theories, representations and methodologies.

This includes, for example, the history of education, history in education, historical perspectives on current practices and policy developments within education and life histories and biographies within education. In engaging with other branches of history, we seek to understand and address inequalities in education and the impact that these inequalities have upon wider societies in the Four Kingdoms of the UK as well as within transnational and global contexts.

Heather Ellis of the University of Sheffield and Debbie Sabric of the University of Roehampton are the co-convenors of the History SIG. Working in the spirit of the broad church that is History of Education and History Education, we welcome input from members across the SIG so that together it truly reflects the research interests of members, provides opportunities for robust debate and discussion and fosters network building to increase research capacity within the SIG.

We encourage the submission of individual papers and symposium proposals for the annual BERA Conference 2018 at Northumbria University in Newcastle. The forthcoming  year 2018 marks the centennial of the publication of the Education Act 1918, the fiftieth anniversary of the Education Act 1968 and the thirtieth anniversary of the Education Reform Act 1988. As such, SIG Members are encouraged to consider the ideas of commemoration and remembrance as underpinning concepts for proposals for the 2018 BERA Conference. Our SIG Colloquium 2018, co-organised with the History of Education Society UK and partially funded by one of their Anniversary grants, will explore the various legacies of these landmark pieces of education legislation.