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Special Interest Group

Philosophy of Education

The SIG is closely associated with the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain  which is an associate society of BERA. We seek to foster debate on philosophically interesting issues pertaining to education, and to bring philosophical methods and sensibilities to bear on educational matters. We have an eclectic and inclusive view of philosophy and enjoy a membership both from those who would consider themselves to be ‘philosophers’ and those who see the point of ‘philosophical moments’ in wider educational projects. As well as a presence at BERA conferences, we seek to work with other SIGs and with local branches of PESGB to host seminars and events through the year.

Twitter @BeraOf

SIG Convenors

Janet Orchard, Dr

Senior Lecturer at University of Bristol

Janet is Director of the School of Education's EdD programme in Hong Kong and she oversees the MSc Education Management (Hong Kong). She lectured previously at the Institute of Education, University of London and the Department of Education...

Kate O’Shaughnessy

Education Consultant

Kate is Director of OSC Education Ltd, and consults on a range of national and international educational projects. She is a Teaching Fellow at the Institute of Education/UCL and an Associate for their Centre for Leadership in Learning (LCLL). She...

Content associated with this SIG

SIG Forum meeting – Philosophy of Education

Join the Philosophy of Education SIG annual meeting to network with colleagues, learn about the activities of the SIG over the last year and plans for 2021 This meeting will be hosted on Zoom,...

Past event16 Mar 2021