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Blog series

A BERA Blog series is an ongoing collection of blog posts related to a particular topic or theme in educational research. Each series is carefully curated by the blog’s editorial team and further posts are added to the series over time.

We are currently inviting submissions to our series on artificial intelligence in educational research and practice. Please see our submission policy for details of how you can make a contribution.


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BERA Conference 2023

In this blog series, attendees, presenters and prize winners from BERA Conference 2023 share their research topics as well as their conference experiences. By inviting presenters to write a blog...

Blog Series

Highlights from the first 1,000 BERA Blog posts

This series celebrates our one-thousandth BERA Blog post by republishing some of our favourites from among the posts that have proven most popular since the blog began in 2015. The collection both...

Blog Series

BERA Blog end of year highlights

Every year, the lead editor of the BERA Blog, Professor Gerry Czerniawski, collates his chosen blog posts from throughout the year, showcasing the best of educational research. Reaching readers...

Blog Series