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Special Interest Group

Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

To encourage and support research and other scholarly activity in the inter-related areas of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy across the 4 nations of the UK and internationally.

One of the aspirations of the SIG is to re-ignite curriculum studies as a broad field. Examples of such work include attention to the important inter-relationship between these three ‘message systems’, for example the growing influence of assessment on curricula internationally, and attempts by governments and their agencies to prescribe pedagogy, in addition to curriculum, and assessment.

Research interests 

  • historical, theoretical and ideological influences on CAP;
  • the impact of globalisation, policy borrowing, and nation state control;
  • teacher and pupil agency;
  • knowledge and teachers’ knowledge practices
  • action research and practice;
  • alternative visions of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy for the 21st century
  • Public understanding of assessment;
  • Ethics and assessment;
  • Educational testing – nationally and globally.


The intention is to hold seminars, workshops and other regular meetings in order to share knowledge; plan presentations; develop networks to support publications and research proposals; and engage where possible with relevant policy and practitioner communities.

Twitter page: BERA_CAP

SIG Convenors

Profile picture of Weipeng Yang
Weipeng Yang, Dr

Assistant Professor at The Education University of Hong Kong

Weipeng Yang, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Education at The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. He specialises in early childhood curriculum and pedagogy with interests in STEAM education, positive education, and...

Profile picture of Richard Pountney
Richard Pountney, Dr

Principal Lecturer, Curriculum Development at Sheffield Hallam University

Richard leads the knowledge in education research group in the Sheffield Institute of Education at Sheffield Hallam University. He is a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). Richard holds a Teacher Fellowship from the university...

Profile picture of Mary Richardson
Mary Richardson, Professor

Professor of Educational Assessment at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

Mary is Professor of Educational Assessment in the Dept for Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment at UCL Institute of Education in London. She leads an MA in Assessment and supervises doctoral students interested in assessment, ethics and...

Content associated with this SIG

BERA Educational Research Book of the Year

Closes 15 Jul 2024

This award celebrates the publication of educational research and is awarded to a scholarly book on education deemed to be high quality, engaging and innovative.


Editorship of the Curriculum Journal

Closes 7 Jun 2024

The opportunity BERA is looking for a team of editors to take on the editorship of the Curriculum Journal from the start of 2025. The Curriculum Journal is published by Wiley on behalf of the...

Curriculum Journal front cover

Publishing opportunityOpen