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A Political Sociology of Education Policy

The provision of and access to school places in England is structured through segregation, and yet influential research takes place without due recognition of how selection and choice operate. For...

chess pieces

Past event25 May 2023

The ECR Journey: From inspiration to impact

This year’s ECR Conference celebrates the journey of “becoming” an educational researcher. It is an opportunity to celebrate and disseminate small and big successes in ECRs’ journey from...

The ECR Journey: From inspiration to impact

Past event24 May 2023

Teaching for Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship anyway? Where does it fit in the curriculum – is it Computer Science, or is it Citizenship & PSHE? Where does it sit in the wider life of the school, whether in the...

kids computer

Past event22 May 2023

Ethics and Practitioner Research

While BERA guidelines for ethical research do exist, it is acknowledged that the application of the guidelines is not always simple and straightforward. This event is an opportunity to discuss how...

lightbulb ethics and practitioner

Past event20 Apr 2023

Playful Learning and Curriculum

Play has a vital role in helping us live happy and healthy lives. Engaging the imagination in playful learning is crucial in helping us make sense of things, and in fostering the creativity and...

Children in forest looking at leaves as a researcher together with the magnifying glass.

Past event13 Mar 2023