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Special Interest Group

Sexualities and Gender

The Sexualities & Gender SIG provides a forum to critically engage with how gender and sexuality research matters in the inter-disciplinary field of education and how this research can inform policy, practice and pedagogy. The SIG also aims to support the diversity and quality of gender and sexuality education research and contribute to innovations in theoretical, methodological and public engagement.

This SIG is interested in facilitating and co-producing events with SIG and non-SIG members within the broad field of gender and sexuality education. If you have an idea that resonates with any of the SIG aims that you would like to discuss and develop further, please contact the SIG convenors. Previous events, workshops and blogs are detailed in our annual newsletters.

SIG aims: 

  • to support scholarship and praxis in shaping theory, method, policy and practice in the field of gender and sexuality education;
  • to bring together and amplify diverse and marginal voices from the research community, creating a forum for discussion and dissemination of research related to gender and sexuality education.
  • to create opportunities for collaboration on research projects and events in this field;
  • to establish a point of contact with parallel groups internationally, and contribute to opportunities for international collaboration and partnership;
  • to support the publication of research reports and discussion papers in academic journals with an interest in this field, such as Sex Education, Sexualities and Gender and Education.
  • to organise research and public engagement events, such as conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops focusing on gender and sexuality education
  • to provide a channel for the communication of research in this field to the wider research community.

SIG Convenors

Profile picture of EJ Renold
EJ Renold, Professor

Professor of Childhood Studies at Cardiff University

EJ Renold is a professor of Childhood Studies at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University. They are the author of Girls, Boys and Junior Sexualities (2005), Children, Sexuality and Sexualisation (with Ringrose and Egan, 2015) and the...

Profile picture of Kayden Schumacher
Kayden Schumacher, Mx

PhD Scholar at Coventry University

Enthusiastic social sciences researcher and practitioner, with passion, an open-mind, and empathy combined with a diverse educational background and motivation to make an impact on the world. Currently completing my PhD at Coventry University in...

Profile picture of Kate Marston
Kate Marston, Dr

Lecturer at Cardiff University

I am a Lecturer in Education with a particular interest in young people's gender and sexual cultures, digital relationships and creative, visual and arts-based methods. My teaching and research is driven by a passion for creating social change...

Content associated with this SIG

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