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About the blog

This blog was established in 2015 to provide research informed content on key educational issues in an accessible manner. The aim is to produce and promote articles that attract academics, policymakers, parents, teachers, educational leaders, members of school communities, politicians, and anyone who is interested in education today. The Blog is edited by a small team combining academic representatives chosen by BERA’s Publications Committee and the BERA office. All content is approved for publication by one or more of this team. However, the views of the authors are their own and the views expressed on this blog are not the official views of BERA.

Editorial team

  • Jennifer Agbaire
  • Gerry Czerniawski
  • Naomi Flynn
  • Alison Fox
  • Elizabeth Rushton
  • Barbara Skinner
  • Kathryn Spicksley
  • Nick Johnson
  • David Chatterjee
  • Hannah Marston
  • Paru Rai

Blog Newsletter

The BERA Blog newsletter is a monthly round-up of blog posts, the latest special issues, series and BERA Bites, as well as featured blog posts selected by the lead editor. 

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Blog Special Issues

A special issue of the BERA Blog is a collection of between six and eight articles (including an editorial) on a particular theme. With over 30 special issues published to date, you will find collections on a diverse range of topics related to educational research. Special issues are led by guest editors who are responsible for commissioning and collating the blog posts and writing the editorial. Click here to read more.

Blog Series

A BERA Blog series is an ongoing collection of blog posts related to a particular topic or theme in educational research. Each series is carefully curated by the blog’s editorial team and further posts are added to the series over time. Click here to read more.

BERA Bites

The BERA Bites series presents selected articles from the BERA Blog on key topics in education, presented in an easily printable and digestible format to serve as teaching and learning resources for students and professionals in education. Each collection features an introduction by editors with expertise in the field, and each article includes questions for discussion, composed by the authors, prompting readers to further explore the ideas and arguments put forward in the original articles. Click here to read more.


This blog uses Google Analytics, which uses ‘cookie technologies’, to provide us with statistical information about how this sub-site of is used. We ask for your email address if you want to submit an article or make a complaint. However, if you give us your email address it won’t be made public or shared with anyone. 


Whether you have written for us previously or you are a regular reader, we would welcome your feedback on the BERA Blog. If you would like to share your thoughts on our existing content, topics that you would be interested in reading about, your experiences of writing for us, or any suggestions for improving the blog, please complete this form.

Profile picture of Jennifer Agbaire
Jennifer Agbaire, Dr

The Open University

Dr Jennifer Agbaire is an academic at the School of Education, Childhood and Youth at The Open University, UK. Her research interests are around social identities, inequalities and inclusion as well as innovative, creative and participatory...

Profile picture of Gerry Czerniawski
Gerry Czerniawski, Professor

Professor of Education/Research Degrees Leader at University of East London

Gerry Czerniawski runs the Professional Doctorate in Education at UEL and teaches on Initial Teacher Education (ITE) courses. In addition to his role as a researcher, author and teacher educator he is the Lead Editor of the BERA Blog and a...

Profile picture of Naomi Flynn
Naomi Flynn, Professor

Professor of Multilingual Education at University of Reading

Naomi Flynn is Professor of Multilingual Education at the University of Reading Institute of Education. She is School Director of Postgraduate Research Studies, a teacher educator, and a member of the Centre for Research in Literacy and...

Profile picture of Alison Fox
Alison Fox, Dr

Senior Lecturer at The Open University

Dr Alison Fox is a Senior Lecturer in Education at the Open University in the School of Education, Childhood, Youth and Sport, an Associate Head of School (Research and Knowledge Exchange), chair of the University’s Human Research Ethics...

Profile picture of Elizabeth Rushton
Elizabeth Rushton, Professor

Head of Education Division at University of Stirling

Professor Elizabeth Rushton is a professor in Education and the head of the Division of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Stirling. Her research interests are in geography and science education, specifically the...

Profile picture of Barbara Skinner
Barbara Skinner, Professor

Professor in TESOL and Education at Ulster University

Barbara Skinner is a Professor in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)and Education in the School of Education at Ulster University. Barbara lectures on a range of teacher education courses. She is involved with doctoral...

Profile picture of Kathryn Spicksley
Kathryn Spicksley, Dr

Research Fellow at University of Birmingham

Dr Kathryn Spicksley is a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. Her postdoctoral project is concerned with developing a playful card game to improve dialogic mentoring between early career teachers and...

Profile picture of Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson, Mr

Chief Executive at British Educational Research Association

Nick has been the Chief Executive Officer at BERA since April 2012. He has a considerable background of management and advising on strategic direction in organisations concerned with public policy. Between 2004-7, he was the Director of Policy...

Profile picture of Hannah Marston
Hannah Marston, Ms

Publications Manager at British Educational Research Association

Hannah joined BERA in May 2022 as Publications Manager. In this role, she is responsible for BERA's publications portfolio, including the association's four journals, Research Intelligence, the BERA Blog, reports, books and other outputs. She has...

Profile picture of Paru Rai
Paru Rai, Ms

Publications and Digital Content Officer at British Educational Research Association

Paru joined BERA in March 2023 as Publications and Digital Content Officer. Her main responsibilities are supporting BERA’s publications portfolio including the association's four journals, Research Intelligence, the BERA Blog, reports, books...