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What next for Religious Education?

17 May 2019

This seminar offers an opportunity for policy makers, practitioners, academics working in the field and other stakeholders to engage with differing research-informed perspectives on the Commission on Religious Education’s Report. It will provide a space to share ideas, map interests and...Read More

Using Visual Methods in Educational Research: Workshop

8 May 2019

Visual methods are increasingly being used in Educational Research. This workshop offers the opportunity to explore and use some of the methods. Participants will work with researchers who have applied these methods in their own research and provided with the opportunity for hands-on...Read More

Walk and Talk: Exploring My Research Methodologies

8 May 2019

Walking and talking are a healthful, creative and positive aspect of social life. This event takes advantage of the beauty of the Autumnal environment to host a walking and talking event about and for quality research. Guided by methodological literature about walking methods, those who can make...Read More