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Researching your own institution: Higher Education

Professor Paul Trowler To cite this reference: Trowler, P. (2011) Researching your own institution, British Educational Research Association on-line resource. Available on-line at [INSERT WEB...

Resources for research31 Mar 2011

Violence in UK schools: what is really happening?

Newspaper reports frequently tell us that behaviour in UK schools is getting worse. Bullying is commonplace, they say, and teachers are harassed and abused on a daily basis. Internationally,...

Briefings1 Feb 2011

Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Dr Nicola Rollock and Professor David Gillborn To cite this reference: Rollock, N. and Gillborn, D. (2011) Critical Race Theory (CRT), British Educational Research Association online resource....

Resources for research1 Jan 2011