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Pere Ayling, Dr

Senior Lecturer at University of Suffolk

Pere Ayling, Ph. D. is a lecturer and a researcher in the University of Suffolk (UOS), Ipswich, United Kingdom. Her areas of specialization include consumption, (in)equality, race, elite education and class (re)production strategies. She is particularly interested in how social class, gender and race as well as (dis)ability intersect to (re)produce privilege and inequality in education and society in general. Her latest publications include: The Three Rs: Parental Risk Management Strategies in the International Secondary Education Market (2017) Curriculum Inquiry; Diversity, Rights and Equality (2018) in Disabled Childhoods -Palgrave Macmillan; Bourdieu in Nigeria: The Colonial Habitus and Nigerian elite parents’ future Aspirations for their Children in International Perspectives on Theorizing Aspiration: Applying Bourdieu’s Tools (2019) Bloomsbury and Distinction, Whiteness and Exclusivity: Elite Nigerian Parents and the International Education Market (2019), Springer.

Pere Ayling's contributions