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Jane Murray

Associate Professor

Jane Murray was awarded the 2020 Anna Craft Creativities in Education Prize for the paper From'What does gallery mean?' to 'Art galleries, I love them!': Children's views of 'culture' introduced...


Angelo Benozzo

Angelo is an undisciplined researcher in work and organizational psychology, he also lectures qualitative research methods. His research can be described as lying at the crossroads between...


Neil Carey

Neil is  Principal Lecturer in Internationalism. His research focusses on creative and arts-based methods in social science research. His PhD, a que(e)rying quest for intersectionality, explored...


Constanse Elmenhorst

Independent scholar

My Rosen therapist says I show her pictures of myself as a horse. A horse who will/can be free, but whom again and again is tied up/in/around discourses. Personally, I often see myself as a...


Mirka Koro

Mirka a Professor of qualitative research. Her scholarship operates in the intersection of methodology, philosophy, and socio-cultural critique and her work aims to contribute to methodological...


Carol Taylor

Carol is Professor of Higher Education and Gender. Her research utilizes feminist, new materialist and posthumanist theories and methodologies to explore gendered inequalities, spatial practices,...


Sophie Campbell

Sophie Campbell is the author of the prison memoir Breakfast at Bronzefield (2020). Her writing has appeared in Prospect magazine and she has been awarded the Arts Council Time to Write Grant and...


Edda Sant

Edda Sant is senior lecturer in education at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her book, Political education in times of populism will be published by Palgrave MacMillan next year.


Tony Brown

Tony Brown is professor of mathematics education at Manchester Metropolitan University. His tenth book, A contemporary theory of mathematics education research, is newly published by Springer.


Rodney B. Nkrumah

Rodney B. Nkrumah is a doctoral candidate at the School of Social Work, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. His current research centers around questions on inequality and social justice in...


Vandna Sinha

Vandna Sinha is associate research professor at the School of Education, University of Colorado, U.S.A. She is interested in the ways that social policy impacts communal capacity to care for...


Nathan Garrett

Nathan Garrett is an associate professor of IT at Woodbury University, Burbank, CA. He studies the transformative effects of technology in education. This includes traditional computer science...