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BERA Council

Marlon Moncrieffe, Dr

University of Brighton

Marlon Moncrieffe taught in Primary Schools from 1999 to 2013 as Head of PE; Head of English and Head of Mathematics. He was also Deputy-Headteacher leading on curriculum, monitoring and assessment. His doctoral research focused on advancing teaching and learning opportunities in Initial Teacher Training and Primary School education through the exploration of cross-cultural encounters for critical multicultural education. He uses narrative inquiry as a method for teaching and learning on Race Equality. He focuses particularly on the application of 20th century Black-British history and its cross-cultural interaction with White-Britain for helping to advance education, teaching and learning about fundamental British Values (civic national values) and for ‘Decolonising the Curriculum’. He takes an interdisciplinary approach to my research through education, history, sociology, arts and humanities. 

Marlon was co-opted to BERA Council in 2018 and sits on BERA’s Engagement Committee. 

Marlon Moncrieffe's contributions

Engagement Committee

The role of the Engagement Committee is to: Ensure that BERA supports its members appropriately in the light of our three strategic objectives: to advance research quality; build research...

Race, Ethnicity and Education

‘Race’ and ethnicity continue to be major factors influencing children’s and adults’ experiences of education at all levels and in a variety of respects. These include academic...

Special Interest Group

BERA Council and Committees

BERA Council is supported by a number of standing committees and steering groups who are tasked with actioning the decisions of BERA Council. BERA Council is made up of the following: The...