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Inclusion for all: the power of pupil voice for learners with SEND



Since the SEND Reforms of 2014, children with SEND and their famalies are meants to be ‘at the heart of the process’. However, reports and research in recent years have shown that this is often not the case with families and young people still having to fight for resources. Since March, many families with children with SEND have felt abandoned with emergency legislation removing their tight to support. We are keen to hear about ways in which colleagues are including learners with SEND to fulfil an active role in their research.

The SEND Reforms of 2014 appeared to make the voice of the young person and their family central to planning and support by bringing them into ‘the heart of the process’ . However , reports and research over the past few years suggest that this has not always happened, and young people with SEND and their families struggle to be heard and often still have to fight for resources. 

Join us on Wednesday  March 24th 2021 from 10 am – 1pm  for BERA’s Inclusive Education SIG webinar with a range of international speakers sharing their research on the power of pupil voice in SEND.  (with link for registration). 



Alex Tomkins

Deputy Head at Greenside School

I am a Deputy Head of Greenside Special School in Stevenage. I have worked in the field of SEND for 15 years, starting off in the care sector. In recent years I have led a project promoting positive Mental Wellbeing in students with Severe...

Sarah Martin-Denham

University of Sunderland

Sarah is a senior lecturer at the University of Sunderland. She is a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a vice-chancellor teaching fellow, chair of an independent special educational needs coordinator network and a convenor of an...

Laura Hrastelj

Manchester Metropolitan

Laura Hrastelj is a PhD student at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is a speech and language therapist working with children who have complex communication needs.  Her PhD is concerned with hearing the perspectives of school-aged children...


Janet Hoskin, Dr

Senior Lecturer at University of East London

Dr Janet Hoskin is senior lecturer in Special Education at the University of East London, teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Her research interests include exploring the lives and experiences of disabled children and young...

Tom Milson, Mr

Headteacher at Eagle House School (Bramley)

Tom Milson is headteacher of Eagle House School (Bramley), a therapeutic community for young people who have significant social, emotional and mental health difficulties and autism. Over the past 10 years Tom has worked in a range of different...

Louise Arnold, Miss

University of East London

Louise Arnold is a senior lecturer in Early Childhood and Special Education at the University of East London where she leads and teaches on the MA Special Educational Needs and teaches across the undergraduate Early Childhood programmes. Her PhD...