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Education and the climate crisis: A curriculum for sustainability

A BERA Blog special issue from the British Curriculum Forum

Over recent years, the climate crisis has become an accepted scientific fact, and around the world, children and young people have become some of the most vociferous activists for a more sustainable future. How should the climate crisis and the push for sustainability shape the school curriculum? This question was addressed at a British Curriculum Forum (BCF) event held on 16 November 2023. The event brought together education professionals from different systems and sectors in education to share their critical perspectives on, and practical implementation of, curricula for sustainability. It was also an opportunity to hear from the winners of the 2022 BCF Curriculum Investigation Grant with the theme: ‘Developing a curriculum for climate and sustainability education’.

The collective insights from the event and this special issue of the BERA Blog that it has inspired underscore a pivotal shift towards embedding sustainability and climate education in school curricula.

The contributions to this blog special issue explore:

  • significant advancements in sustainability and climate education, including the development of a National Climate Education Action Plan, contributions to the Department for Education’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy, and the initiation of climate action planning for educational settings
  • the importance of a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to education on climate change and biodiversity
  • calls for a varied educational approach to better prepare students for upcoming technological and environmental shifts
  • the importance of clear goals, education, and public-private partnerships in implementing sustainable food policies
  • how arts-based methods can enhance children’s connection to nature and support their wellbeing
  • the exclusion of marginalised groups in climate debates, specifically focusing on young people with learning disabilities
  • integrating climate education in academia
  • teacher involvement in curriculum design to promote informed decision-making and sustainable living.


Profile picture of Gerry Czerniawski
Gerry Czerniawski, Professor

Professor of Education/Research Degrees Leader at University of East London

Gerry Czerniawski runs the Professional Doctorate in Education at UEL and teaches on Initial Teacher Education (ITE) courses. In addition to his role as a researcher, author and teacher educator he is the Lead Editor of the BERA Blog and a...

Profile picture of Sarah Seleznyov
Sarah Seleznyov, Mrs

Co-headteacher at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Sarah Seleznyov has worked in London schools for over 25 years and is now leading a brand new primary school in Newham. She has led a Teaching School, been a Deputy Head, a School Improvement Consultant and School Improvement Partner. She also...

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