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Special Interest Groups

SIG activities and events take place across the UK and members can be involved by attending SIG meetings and events or through participation in the SIG online communities.

The current SIGs are listed below. You can find out more details, including the names of the SIG convenors, by clicking on these links.

Join a SIG online today by logging into your member profile. Once you have joined a SIG you will receive updates via email from the SIG Convenors.


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BERA Teacher Network

The BERA Teacher Network is an inclusive community of educators from early years, primary, and secondary schools and further, adult and vocational education in the UK. The network serves as a...


Careers and Employability

The Careers and Employability SIG serves to connect and foster networking opportunities and research collaborations across educational sectors. The SIG was created to supported collaboration and...

Special Interest Group

Neurodivergent Researchers Network

The BERA Neurodivergent Researchers Network is a new initiative launched by the British Educational Research Association (BERA). The network is intended to provide a platform for neurodivergent...


STEAM Education Research

Promoting rich learning in and across the sciences, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics

Special Interest Group

Education for Environmental Sustainability

A forum for academics, practitioners and policy makers to engage critically with the nature and purpose of EfES including curriculum, pedagogies, practice and policy.

Special Interest Group

Artificial and Human Intelligence

Over the last 30 years, the academic study of intelligence has been in a process of decline, but recently this has changed dramatically. The main catalyst for this change has been the growth of...

Special Interest Group

Early Career Researcher Network

The BERA Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network aims to offer support to those who are in the process of completing their masters or doctorate in education, as well as those who have completed...


Nature, Outdoor Learning and Play

The aim of this SIG is to provide a focus for the wealth of outdoor learning research taking place in the UK, and beyond. We aim for this SIG to work closely with existing SIGs and to encourage...

Special Interest Group

English in Education

The English in Education SIG is a forum for researchers to investigate what is a broad and complex area of knowledge: our starting point is the school subject of English, but we embrace many...

Special Interest Group

Children and Childhoods

The aim of Children and Childhoods SIG is to explicate, develop, and enhance understandings of children and young people and their childhoods. This includes: how childhoods are shaped socially,...

Special Interest Group


A home for those who are passionate about diverse areas of research in history and sharing this with scholars and practitioners within and beyond their community.

Special Interest Group

Alternative Education

The Alternative Education SIG takes the broadest approach to ‘alternative’ that we can.  We are interested in all forms of out of school educational provision and with ‘alternative’...

Special Interest Group

Independent Researchers’ Forum

The BERA Independent Researchers' forum is designed to support anyone in the field of educational research who is operating outside of academic institutions. The role of the Forum includes...


British Curriculum Forum

The British Curriculum Forum aims to bring together all those with an interest in collaborative curriculum, research and development. Through events, awards and grants, the BCF supports...


Youth Studies and Informal Education

The special interest of the SIG is in research and scholarship relating to theory, policy and practice issues in Youth Studies and Youth and Community Work.  These include: youth transitions and...

Special Interest Group

Social Theory and Education

The Social Theory and Education SIG aims to support and develop theoretically informed educational research.

Special Interest Group

Social Justice

The Social Justice SIG promotes dialogue on educational policies and practices at all levels in terms of supporting or inhibiting social justice.

Special Interest Group

Sexualities and Gender

The Sexualities & Gender SIG provides a forum to critically engage with how gender and sexuality research matters in the inter-disciplinary field of education and how this research can inform...

Special Interest Group

Research Methodologies

Exploring research methodology to provide ethical, evidence-based research for implementation in educational contexts

Special Interest Group

Race, Ethnicity and Education

The Race, Ethnicity and Education Special Interest Group challenges systems of oppression that demean and threaten to erase educators and learners of Global South heritage, through discussion and...

Special Interest Group

Post-Compulsory and Lifelong Learning

The sector of post-compulsory education and lifelong learning is a wide and diverse one, covering areas such as the study of 14-19 education and training, further and higher education, adult...

Special Interest Group

Philosophy of Education

The Philosophy of Education SIG supports the development and dissemination of philosophical research in education and its interdisciplinary links.

Special Interest Group

Digital Education

The purpose of the Digital Education SIG is to provide a meeting place for BERA members interested in the application and impact of new technologies in education across both curricular and...

Special Interest Group

Mathematics Education

An inclusive community for conversations about mathematics education research

Special Interest Group

Literacy and Language

Supporting the development of languages and literacies in a multilingual world

Special Interest Group

Educational Leadership

A meeting place for the critical exploration of educational leadership – research, policy and practice - in the pursuit of social justice.

Special Interest Group

Inclusive Education

The Inclusive Education SIG provides a forum for critical discussion about all aspects of Inclusive education. Our concerns are with the substantive, methodological and ethical aspects of research...


Special Interest Group

Higher Education

All things higher education research, policy, and practice.

Special Interest Group

Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

To encourage and support research and other scholarly activity in the inter-related areas of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy across the 4 nations of the UK and internationally.

Special Interest Group