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Special Interest Group

Research Methodologies

Exploring research methodology to provide ethical, evidence-based research for implementation in educational contexts

This SIG provides a welcoming safe-space for researchers at all stages of their careers to explore and discuss methodological issues when involved, as participants, researchers and users, in educational research. In addition to traditional events (both in-person and on-line), the SIG encourages all its members to contribute to BERA Blogs, Podcasts and the various publications. We have run special sections in Research Intelligence to encourage explorations of themes relevant to the SIG. We want to be seen as inclusive so reach out to our international members to provide them with opportunities to participate and interact.

SIG aims:

  • To generate new ideas about research methodology in education from a global perspective
  • To promote amongst researchers, practitioners and teachers a critical understanding of research methodologies/methods in education, drawing upon experiences from all educational levels and settings
  • To help develop in the educational research community a context of critical enquiry about methods and processes
  • To encourage educational researchers to be ethical in all their work and respond to changing ethical environment
  • To explore the diversity of who participates in research and raise the voice and visibility of marginalised groups in meaningful contribution
  • To identify ways of including all of our SIG members to take an active role in the educational research community

SIG Convenors

Profile picture of Carmel Capewell
Carmel Capewell, Dr

Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University

Carmel is a Lecturer in Early Years and Child Development at Oxford Brookes University. She has a strong interest in developing innovative research methods, particularly to encouraging the participation of young people in expressing and sharing...

Profile picture of Bukola Oyinloye
Bukola Oyinloye, Dr

Research Associate at University of York

Dr Oyinloye is a Research Associate at the University of York where she examines the doctoral applicant recruitment and selection landscape towards exploring opportunities to improve access for underrepresented groups. Alongside this, she...

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