Summer SIG Convenors Meeting – 2017

The Summer SIG Convenor’s Meeting will provide SIG Convenors an opportunity to network with one another as well as liaise with the BERA Office.



New Convenor Induction/Refresher for Existing Convenors

  • The role of SIGs and SIG Convenors
  • Events / Role at Conference
  • Communications and the use of the BERA Logo
  • Your SIG Convenor Page  – expenses, forms and guidelines
11.00 Welcome and Introductions

Annual Conference

  • Annual Conference 2017 review and reflections
    • Reviewing
      • The nature of educational thought regarding conference reviewing
    • Successful/Unsuccessful notifications
    • Grouping
    • Programme
    • Hot topic proposals
    • Timelines
  • Annual Conference 2017 upcoming
    • SIG Fair
    • SIG Forum Meetings
  • Annual Conference 2018
    • Poster sessions
    • Abstract length – CEC
    • Reviewing criteria – CEC
13.30 Lunch

Group Discussion

  • Making a difference
    • How does BERA make a difference? (from our own experience)
    • How can BERA make a difference?
    • What does BERA need to do to meaningfully invest in the next generation of researchers?

Any Other Business

  • Discussion around experiences of between event communications using social media, SIG newsletters and the SIG forum.
16.00 Close of meeting


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