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Spotlight on language and literacy

This special issue of the BERA Blog places a spotlight on educational research in the field of language and literacy. Covering a range of topics from modern language learning to language as an enabler or barrier, the contributions explore the direction of language and literacy research in the UK and further afield.

The issue features contributions about:

  • the first British Council survey of language trends in Northern Ireland, which aims to ascertain the impact of policy decisions on language learning
  • the day-to-day challenges facing two modern languages teachers in Northern Ireland and their desire to reimagine the current GCSE
  • the existence and scope of language-related policies in secondary schools in England
  • the difficulties pupils have in adapting to changes in science language as they transition from primary to secondary school
  • ways in which pupil–teacher classroom interaction can support thinking skills in English and mathematics lessons
  • the need to gain perspective on media responses to educational research on the teaching of reading and writing.


Profile picture of Barbara Skinner
Barbara Skinner, Dr

Senior Lecturer in TESOL at Ulster University

Dr Barbara Skinner is a senior lecturer in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in the School of Education at Ulster University. Barbara runs the MA TESOL programme in the School of Education where she lectures on a range of...

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