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College of Reviewers

Alice Bradbury, Professor

Professor of Sociology of Education, Co-Director Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy (0-11 Years) at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

Alice Bradbury is a professor of sociology of education at the Institute of Education (IOE), UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society, and co-director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy (0-11 Years). She is also a member of the Centre for Sociology of Education and Equity at IOE. Her research focuses on the impact of policy on classroom practices and inequalities, including projects during the Covid-19 pandemic, with a particular focus on issues of assessment in primary schools and early years. She has written extensively on assessment policy, inequalities and the role of data, including the books Understanding Early Years Inequality (2013), The Datafication of Primary and Early Years Education (2017, with Guy Roberts-Holmes) and Ability, Inequality and Post-Pandemic Schools (2021). In 2022 she co-chaired the Independent Commission on Primary Education (ICAPE) with Dominic Wyse. Her current research, funded by BERA, focuses on food banks in primary schools.

Alice Bradbury's contributions

BERA Public Engagement and Impact Award

The BERA Public Engagement and Impact Award recognises and celebrates the impact of research and practice in the education community and how both have demonstrably engaged the public.



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College of Reviewers

The BERA College of Reviewers is a group comprised of high quality academic reviewers including practitioners and policy makers who draw on research evidence.