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Embedding sustainability education in practice

A series of blogs that explore how new initiatives in a number of countries are developing and delivering education for sustainable development, from the early years to higher education.

The global issues of climate change, protecting the environment, and ensuring equity and fairness for all continue to gain increasing prominence in everyday consciousness. The role of education to drive this agenda and bring about change has never been more important. 

This series of blogs, guest-edited by Alison Glover, presents a range of perspectives regarding the efforts being made in Wales, England, Northern Ireland, and across Europe and southern Africa to embed sustainability in education from the early years to higher education. They consider emerging opportunities and challenges, and present a variety of ideas for people to consider adopting or adapting in their own practice.



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Alison Glover

Research Associate at The Open University in Wales

Alison Glover is the research associate for The Open University ITE Partnership PGCE programme in Wales. She has worked in outdoor education, the early years, and in the primary and secondary sectors in the UK and overseas. She has also supported...

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