BERA Council

BERA Council is supported by a number of standing committees and steering groups who are tasked with actioning the decisions of BERA Council.

BERA Council is made up of the following:

The President who is elected for a period of two years as President, and two years as Vice-President on either side of their presidency.

The Vice-President. (See above).

The Treasurer works with the Executive Director in ensuring that the Association is financially compliant with all responsibilities pertaining to Companies House, Charity Commission and HMRC. The Treasurer’s role is important in helping to set and guide a long term financial strategy, and mitigating any financial risks posed to the Association.

Elected members: Each year, the Association invites members to consider standing for an elected position to the Council: there are up to twelve positions available and six co-opted vacancies for specific responsibilities. Once elected to Council, successful applicants also take on the responsibilities of acting as a Trustee of the Association. Elected members are encouraged to choose a standing committee for which they feel they could bring their skills and expertise to, these are:

  • Academic Publications Committee
  • Conference & Events Committee
  • Engagement Committee

Each committee has specific authority to manage various activities of the Association as delegated by BERA Council and the strategic priorities set by Council.

In March 2017, the membership elected four following new members to BERA Council: Mhairi Beaton, Gabrielle Ivinson, Erica Joslyn and John Leach; they join Paul Connolly and Viv Baumfield who were co-opted on to Council in January 2017.

The following existing members will step down in September 2017: David James and Felicity Wikeley. Mark Priestley stood down in February 2017. We thank them for their many contributions and efforts in sustaining the strategic goals for the Association.

Council President
Gemma Moss



Council President Elect
Gary McCulloch

Council Treasurer
Sean Hayes
Hounslow Council

Lori Beckett
Leeds Beckett University

lori-beckett-220x220 Ruth Boyask
Plymouth University
Ruth Boyask Council Member and MEC

Gerry Czerniawksi
University of East London

Sara Hennessy
University of Cambridge

Joanne Hughes
Queen’s University, Belfast

Joanna Hughes

David James
Cardiff University


Ken Jones
University of London


Marilyn Leask
De Montfort University


Mark Priestley
University of Stirling


Richard Race
University of Roehampton



Nicola Rollock
University of Birmingham
 Nicola Rollock - Photo

Liz Todd
University of Newcastle


Felicity Wikeley
 Canterbury Christ Church University

 Dominic Wyse