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Paul Miller, Professor

University of Huddersfield

Paul Miller, PhD, is professor of Educational Leadership & Social Justice and President of the Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration & Management. He is also Principal Consultant and Director of Educational Equity Services: 

He has an extensive body of research in the area of social justice in education, and educational leadership, in particular regarding staff progression and leadership behaviour. He has conducted numerous organisational studies, many of which have been published as journal papers and/or reports. 

He has undertaken capacity-development work in hundreds of schools with teachers and school leaders, and also with college and university leaders. He has also developed the UK’s first accredited professional development programme in “Equity, Inclusion & Organisational Diversity”. 

He has worked with organisations to revise and develop systems and processes in relation to staff recruitment, development, retention and progression, and he also supported many educational institutions in areas of diversifying, decolonising and inclusivising the curriculum. Furthermore, he has supported organisations in reviewing and/or drafting EDI policies, and provides “Facilitated conversations” on Race & BAME staffing Senior Management Team in educational and other organisations.  

He is a member of Council of the British Educational Leadership Management Administration Society, Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and a Chartered Manager, Chartered Management Institute.

Paul Miller's contributions

In Conversations with…Professor Paul Miller

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Podcast13 Oct 2020