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BERA Council

Morag Redford, Professor

University of the Highlands and Islands

Morag Redford is Professor of Teacher Education in the University of the Highlands and Islands, where she has led the  the development of  initial and continuing teacher education programmes since 2014. The University now provides a  range of English and Gaelic Medium primary and secondary PGDE programmes, an innovative undergraduate route to teach secondary Home Economics and a successful MEd programme for practising teachers. Morag was chair of the Scottish Council of Deans of Education 2016  – 2018 and in that role worked closely with the Scottish Government to gain funding for a range of innovative new routes into teaching across Scottish providers.  Her principal research interests lie in the policy and administration of Scottish Education and she has written regular parliamentary reports for the Scottish Education Review since 2006. Prior to 2014 she was a Senior Teaching Fellow in the School of Education, University of Stirling and Director of Professional Learning. In that role she secured a range of funding for bespoke masters provisions for the Scottish Arts Council, the Educational Institute of Scotland and a number of local authority partners. Her teaching background is cross-sector and interagency, with doctoral research in interagency communication. In her current post her research focus sits across rural education with a particular interest in the relationship between schools and their communities. 

Morag Redford's contributions

BERA Council and Committees

BERA Council is supported by a number of standing committees and steering groups who are tasked with actioning the decisions of BERA Council. BERA Council is made up of the following: The...