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BERA Council and Committees

Risk Assessment & Audit Committee

The BERA Risk Register is reviewed by the Risk Assessment and Audit Committee (RAAC) twice a year. RAAC acts as an independent and objective body, monitoring and assessing the risk to the organisation, the committee remit can be found here. The committee itself has no decision-making powers but takes responsibility for the oversight and updating of the register and is responsible for horizon scanning in the field for developments which may develop into risks for the organisation.

If you would be interested in joining this Committee please contact 

Risk Assessment & Audit Committee

Profile picture of Andrew Clapham
Andrew Clapham, Dr

Associate Professor at Nottingham Trent University

Andrew Clapham is an Associate Professor and Higher Education Academy Senior Fellow and Director of the Centre for Behavioural Research Methods. Andrew examines the sociology of education and focuses upon how education policy plays out in...

Profile picture of Elizabeth Killen
Elizabeth Killen, Ms

PhD Candidate at Faculty of Education

Liz joins the Risk Assessment & Audit Committee with a background in policy, industry, and academia. Currently, she is a PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge, focussing on modelling the role of education in income inequality, and she also...

Profile picture of Patricia Davies
Patricia Davies, Dr

Associate Professor at Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University

Dr Patricia Marybelle Davies is Associate Professor in the College of Science and Human Studies at Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University in Saudi Arabia. She completed a Doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership and Policy at the University of...

Profile picture of Jamie Franco Cipriani
Jamie Franco Cipriani, Mr

Business Lecturer at The Royal Agricultural University

BERA Risk Assessment and Audit Committee Member, Business Lecturer at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, and a Doctorate of Education Student at the University of Gloucestershire. Previous to this I completed a BSc (Hons) in Business...

Profile picture of John Parkin
John Parkin, Mr

Academic Employability Consultant at Anglia Ruskin University

John Parkin is an Academic Employability Consultant at Anglia Ruskin University where he works with academics and external partners to embed employability into courses. John Parkin was also a Senior Lecturer Practitioner in Education and a Course...

Colin Rogers, Professor Emeritus

Prefessor Emeritus of Social Psychology in Education at Lancaster University

Now Emeritus Professor, Colin has spent most of his academic career as a member of Lancaster University’s Dept of Educational Research. Drawing on a profile of research and scholarship in motivational processes and a more general Social...