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Funding Announced: BERA Small Grants Fund 2023/2024: Education in a digital age: Perspectives from policy and practice

Through our Small Grants Fund, BERA awards funding annually to research on a different, pressing theme each year, with the intention that each project will:

  • make important contributions to the discipline by contributing to and leading current debates
  • develop research capacity by involving postgraduate students and early career researchers
  • receive applications from and involving practitioners and policymakers as well as academic researchers.

The value of each individual award is up to £5000.

This year the theme for proposals was “Education in a digital age: perspectives from policy and practice”

The 2023 funding was designed to allow awardees to explore different aspects of the way in which digital technology and practices are changing education with a particular emphasis on how this impacts on practitioners and policy-makers.

We are delighted to announce the winners of this funding are:

  • Achala Gupta, University of Southampton, “When AI (Artificial Intelligence) Meets AI (Academic Integrity): Educational Opportunities and Challenges in a Digital Age
  • Carina Girvan, Trinity College Dublin, “An existential threat to education? A foundational study into educational stakeholder perspectives on generative AI in education
  • Lulu Shi, University of Oxford, “The political and economic agenda behind the push for digitalisation of education –perspectives from policy and EdTech actors
  • Michael Jopling, University of Brighton, “The (post) digital school: What is and what might be


Congratulations to the funding recipients and thank you to all who applied.

BERA Small Grants Fund 2023/2024 funding recipients

Profile picture of Michael Jopling
Michael Jopling, Professor

Professor of Education at University of Brighton

Michael Jopling is Professor of Education at the University of Brighton. He writes about and researches issues including education policy, vulnerable families and young people, collaborative school leadership and improvement, and (post)digital...

Profile picture of Carina Girvan
Carina Girvan, Dr

Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin

Dr Carina Girvan works at the intersection of education and computer science, focusing on the use of emerging technologies in education. She is interested in the potential of these technologies to transform education, enabling teaching and...

Profile picture of Achala Gupta
Achala Gupta, Dr

Lecturer at University of Southampton

Dr Achala Gupta is a lecturer at Southampton Education School, University of Southampton. Her research focuses on investigating educational issues sociologically. Achala’s current interests include education delivery systems (formal and...

Profile picture of Lulu Shi
Lulu Shi, Dr

Lecturer at University of Oxford

Lulu leads a project funded by the British Academy, which investigates how educational technology (EdTech) transforms education. Specifically, the project studies the role of EdTech firms ­– who can be seen as the architects behind the...