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Making a difference through music

Where music making takes place, it often co-exists in a world that is characterised by poverty, disease, and child mortality (cf Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; UN Human Development Index). Human...

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  • Graham F Welch

Blog post11 May 2015

BERA joins the Blogosphere

Hello world. We are delighted to announce the launch of the BERA Blog. If you are a teacher, researcher, policy maker, politician, parent, or simply someone interested in writing or reading about...

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  • Gerry Czerniawski

Blog post5 May 2015

A Global Pedagogical Meltdown?

With the rise of digital technologies, the rapid expansion of globalization, and the growing reliance on distance learning in teaching today, it seems important we be increasingly mindful of the...

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  • Nathan D. Brubaker

Blog post5 May 2015