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Zeyi Liu, Miss

PhD Candidate at University College London

Zeyi Liu is a PhD candidate at University College London. She is interested in any inequities in STEM education and careers, such as gender and class disparity. Her PhD project focuses on the experiences and career choices of engineering undergraduates at universities in China. Specifically, how the intersectionality of gender and socio-economic status affects their career choice decisions after graduation. She is also interested in applying the term ‘science capital’ to a broader research background, including different countries, different subjects and different age groups. Zeyi is now a member in the editorial committee of a non-profit academic organisation, Eastern Higher Education Research (ETHER), which aims to provide research-informed content on key issues in higher education in non-English (such as Chinese) literature. She is keen to bridge knowledge communication and transfer between English and non-English academia. 

Zeyi Liu's contributions