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Education: The State of the Discipline

BERA has had a long-standing interest in the state of education: as an academic discipline in universities, as a field of practice, and as a significant and central element of social and political policy. The State of the Discipline project forms a core part of BERA’s strategic plan. The reports from each stage of the initiative are viewed as key to informing decision-making processes within BERA and beyond.

In the last decade the nature of work in universities has been subject to a range of significant changes. Some of these changes have been recognised by trade unions, for example increased casualisation of the workforce and changes towards more teaching-only contracts. The Research Excellence Framework (REF) also continues to be an influence on the ways universities work. Mindful of the ongoing changes within many UK universities, with resultant impacts on BERA members, BERA Council approved the development of an initiative to examine the state of education as a discipline taking account of the four nations of the UK.

The ultimate purpose of this project is to equip those interested in the development of education with the most objective and powerful information on which to base their advocacy for education. For example, a particularly important example of this advocacy will be better understanding of the numbers and characteristics of people employed in education departments, and other university departments, over time, and ways in which each next generation of education researchers can be encouraged to continue to grow the size, influence, and impact of education.

One of the ways the State of the Discipline initiative is framed is in the definition of education is an academic discipline that shares characteristics with many other disciplines (Wyse, 2020), including those that have been established for much longer in universities worldwide. The work is also framed by, and builds on, BERA’s long engagement with the intersections between education practice (including in teaching education/training e.g. BERA-RSA 2014) which in recent work has been articulated as ‘close-to-practice-research (Wyse, Brown, Oliver & Poblete, 2020).

This project will be a long running strategic priority for BERA. In January 2020, we commissioned a systematic review (SR) which was designed to inform this work. The SR reviewed the research on the structures and processes – both formal and informal – that influence research activities in the UK.  

The next stages of the project include:

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As part of our ambitious project examining the state of education: as an academic discipline in universities, as a field of practice, and as a significant and central element of social and...

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