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Dina Belluigi, Professor

Professor at Queen's University Belfast

Dina researches and teaches critical Higher Education Studies. A primary interest in her work are the conditions for the development of critical consciousness in those who represent and commemorate knowledge and knowing, particularly academics and artists, in contemporary (post)colonial times. She has been fortunate to collaborate on and supervise both academic practice and scholarship in contexts across the majority world; and to act in advisory, review and editorial roles for journals, book publishers, networks, funders, civil society organisations and policymakers. Within the UK, she has served on the External Advisory Group for EDI for UKRI; the Governing Council of the Society of Research in Higher Education (SRHE), for the Centre for Global Education, and the Migrant and Minority Ethnic Think Tank of Northern Ireland.

Dina Belluigi's contributions

Education: The State of the Discipline

Since 2020, BERA has been running a large-scale initiative that aims to provide a clear, comprehensive account of the state of education as an academic discipline in universities; as a field of...

Past event26 Jun 2023In Person