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Adam Matthews, Mr

Lecturer at University of Birmingham

Adam Matthews is a lecturer in education, technology and society at the University of Birmingham. Adam works across both Engineering and Physical Sciences and Social Sciences at the university. This allows for interdisciplinary practice in both teaching and research. Adam’s academic background and training is in the Social Sciences, and his research interests focus on the intersection of education, technology and society with the idea of a university. His PhD thesis looked at the discourse produced by universities themselves in the context of education, technology and society.

Adam has previously worked in the field of digital education as a writer and designer in a variety of contexts including travel, sports coaching, policing, financial services, media and communications, and higher education. This is still a principal interest for Adam in his teaching practice and he is a keen advocate of digital technologies in education for access and participation. Adam’s own undergraduate degree and doctorate were completed part-time with the Open University and University of Birmingham.

Adam Matthews's contributions