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Race Equality in Education

BERA rejects any form of discrimination on grounds of sex, gender, gender reassignment, age, race, ethnic or national origins, colour, marital status, sexuality, family responsibility, disability or impairment, and religious or other beliefs. 

Led by our Race Equality Policy and Action Plan, BERA has a number of activities which are specifically concerned with tackling racial discrimination within education. Through these activities, BERA intends to change the structural and institutional inequities and unjust power imbalances which affect our members and the wider research community – and which impede BERA’s work by denying us the benefits and advantages that diversity offers.

The policy itself commits BERA to monitoring our selection and assessment criteria and procedures to ensure that these do not discriminate unfairly or perpetuate inequalities, and to improve support and mentoring for BAME members. BERA furthers this commitment to bringing our resources and expertise to bear on wider issues of inequality and discrimination in education and society through all our activities, including:

  • BERA’s members’ magazine Research Intelligence
  • BERA Blog posts
  • awards, grants and funding opportunities
  • as a major strand to our Education: The State of the Discipline project
  • events and the BERA Annual Conference.

Our Race Equality Policy and activities are not intended to be immutable or exhaustive: we welcome feedback and input from our members and other stakeholders, particularly but not only those with BAME backgrounds.  


Content associated with this project

Education: The State of the Discipline

This project aims to provide a clear, comprehensive account of the state of education as an academic discipline in universities; as a field of practice; and as a significant and central element of...

Ongoing project

Black History Month 2022

Led by our Race Equality Policy and Action Plan, BERA has a number of activities which are specifically concerned with tackling racial discrimination within education. This policy commits us to...

Black History Month

News5 Oct 2022

Race Equality in Education

BERA’s Race Equality Policy is a commitment to addressing racial inequities within the Association and the wider educational research community. In 2022 and 2023, BERA is presenting a series of...

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Pandemic, protests, recovery, opportunities: Repositioning of educational research, teaching & learning  Research Intelligence issue 151 This second decade of the 21st century continues to...

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Race Equality Policy

BERA Council has agreed an ambitious policy and action plan for addressing racial inequities within the Association and within the wider research community. It also redoubles our commitment to...

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On 31 March, the government published the report from its Commission for Race and Ethnic Disparity. It had briefed the headlines the day before and did a full media round before journalists, let...

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Black History Month at BERA

In recent months the killing of George Floyd and the events that followed have prompted all of us to reconsider the nature of racial and ethnic discrimination and bias, and what both individuals...

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Spring 2020

Decolonising the curriculum: Transnational perspectives  Research Intelligence issue 142 From the Rhodes Must Fall campaign at the universities of Cape Town and (subsequently Oxford) to the...

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