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BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts

23 September 2014 to 25 September 2014London


BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts – Main Conference Parallel Session 4

Spotlight Session

Chair: Suzanne Carrington

Ethical Leadership: A collaborative investigation of equity-driven evidence-based school reform. An ARC Linkage project (2012-2015)

Comparative and International Education

The effects of social pedagogic contexts in the teaching of primary mathematics: facilitating learning in two cultures: Hong Kong and England
Chair: P. Kutnick
Discussant: P. Blatchford

605 Relationships between subject knowledge, subject confidence, pedagogical self-efficacy, background and pupil achievement in primary school mathematics in Hong Kong and England
Kutnick, Peter/ Fung, Dennis/ Chee Mok, Ida Ah – The University of Hong Kong
Hargreaves, Linda/ Garcia Carrion, Rocio – University of Cambridge
Telford Tyler, Matt – University of Georgia

607 Teachers’ understanding, adoption and adaptation of groupwork in primary mathematics: tales from two cultures – Hong Kong and England
Hargreaves, Linda/ Garcia Carrion, Rocio/ Steward, Susan – University of Cambridge
Kutnick, Peter/ Lee, Betty – University of Hong Kong

608 Enhancing mathematical understanding of children in Hong Kong via effective group work; changes in performance and engagement in a school year within a Confucian Heritage Culture (CHC)
Kutnick, Peter/ Fung, Dennis/ Chee Mok, Ida Ah/ Lee, Betty/ Li, Johnson – University of Hong Kong

610 Measuring relationships between children’s mathematical achievement, attitudes and collaborative groupwork in England
Hargreaves, Linda/ Garcia Carrion, Rocio/ Steward, Susan – University of Cambridge


Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Learning beyond the formal curriculum
Chair: M. Wilkinson

932 Developing ‘open-mindedness’ through an 11-16 curriculum
Stevenson, Howard/ Fox, Stuart – University of Nottingham

284 An evaluation of an innovative curriculum: the benefits and challenges of implementing a museum learning curriculum in a secondary school
Harris, Richard/ Francis-Brophy, Ellie/ Jay, Melanie/ Heighes, Deb/ Hopper, Gill – University of Reading

023 The concept of the absent curriculum: the case of the Muslim contribution and the English National Curriculum for History
Wilkinson, Matthew – Woolf Institute


Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Factors influencing test and examination performance
Chair: L. Hayward

253 Capping of achievement at GCSE through tiering
Wilson, Frances/ Dhawan, Vikas – Cambridge Assessment

132 The relationship between time in education and achievement in PISA in England
Benton, Tom – Cambridge Assessment

248 An investigation of the effect of early entry on overall GCSE performance
Gill, Tim – Cambridge Assessment


Early Childhood

Professional knowledge and imagination
Chair: C. Gristy

756 ‘Words are bandied about but what do they mean?’ An exploration of different project constructions within Foundation Phase Classroom
Chicken, Sarah – UWE

860 Co-researching CAF: crossing boundaries and sharing strategies
Gristy, Cath/ Georgeson, Jan – Plymouth University
James, Natasha/ Coleman, David – Cornwall Council
Highet, James – Devon County Council
Paddison, Amanda – Plymouth City

989 Are we imaginative enough as teachers? Pedagogical observation and documentation as a tool for co-constructing communities of learners: A case study of a reception class teacher cluster in one local authority in North West
Albin-Clark, Jo – Edge Hill University
Robinson, Jan – Bolton Council


Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

Reshaping Educational Practice for Improvement: How Successful Schools Enact Government Reforms in England and Hong Kong
Chair: P. Earley
Discussant: S. Ball

024 Overview of the Research Design
Gu, Quing/ Day, Christopher – University of Nottingham
Walker, Allan – Hong Kong Institute of Education

107 Models of the perceived impact of Headteacher Leadership on improvements in Pupils Outcomes: Results from the survey research on senior and middle leaders
Chen, Junjun/ Ko, James – Hong Kong Institute of Educaiton
Sammons, Pam – University of Oxford
Gu, Qing – University of Nottingham

108 Enacting Values and Educational Purpose: How Leaders of the Case Studies Schools Mediate Policy for Improvement
Armstrong, Paul/ Gu, Qing/ Day, Christopher – University of Nottingham
Anthony Bryant, Darren/ Ko, James/ Walker Allan – Hong Kong Institute of Education

109 How Successful Secondary Schools in England and Honh Kong Reshape External Educational Reforms: Key Messages from the Research
Armstrong, Paul/ Gu, Qing/ Day, Christopher – University of Nottingham
Anthony Bryant, Darren/ Ko, James/ Walker Allan/ Chen, Junjun/ Sammons, Pam – Hong Kong Institute of Education


Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

Tackling ability and performance issues in primary schools
Chair: L. Cork

182 The beliefs of teachers about socially withdrawn children: Shy versus unsociable
Townsend, Michael/ Seccombe, Pamela – Massey University

947 Investigating School Performance in the Primary School Sector of Trinidad and Tobago: An Embedded Case Study
Riguard, Phyllis/ James, Freddy – The University of the West Indies

1006 Enabling the more able: meeting the needs of higher ability children in 2 primary schools in England
Cork, Lorna – University of Leicester


Educational Research and Educational Policy Making

Pupil wellbeing and health
Chair: A. Sullivan

555 Against the tide: Enacting respectful student behaviour polices in ‘get tough’ times
Sullivan, Anna/ Johnson, Bruce – University of South Australia

370 Teachers’ commitment to ‘health work’ in Australian schools
Macdonald, Doune/ Pavey, Amanda/ Rossi, Tony/ McCuaig, Louise/ Eimear, Enright/ Richard, Tinning/ McMaster, Natalie – University of Queensland

601 New Zealand Primary School Teachers’ Knowledge and Perceptions of Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder
Dilaimi, Alia/ Chapman, James/ Townsend, Michael – Massey University

827 An exploration of the impact of school exclusion on children’s mental health and well-being: a mixed methods approach
Parker, Claire/ Ford, Tamsin – University of Exeter Medical School


Educational Research and Educational Policy Making

Teacher training, professionalism and the purpose of schooling
Chair: E. Kleinhenz

124 Exploring options for school site based pre-service teacher education in Victoria, Australia
Kleinhenz, Elizabeth – Australian Council for Educational Research

937 Positioning of the Partnership Development Manager and their role in policy implementation
Ives, Helen/ O’Donovan, Toni – University of Bedfordshire

670 Welsh pupils’ aspirations and expectations: the purpose of schooling
Horton, Kimberley – WISERD

141 Children of Migrant Workers in Urban Public High Schools: An Analysis of the Dual Role of Education
Song, Yue – University of Glasgow


Educational Research and Educational Policy Making

Intergenerational basic skills: practices, programmes and policies
Chair: E. Kleinhenz

838 The intergenerational transfer of numery skills
Cara. Olga/ Carpentieri, JD – Institute of Education

839 Fathers reading to their young children in the home setting
Swain, Jon – Institute of Education

842 Predictors of fathers reading to and with their children
Cara, Olga – Institute of Education

844 Family literacy works, and so does family literacy research: European evidence for effective programmes and responsive/effective policy
Carpentieri, JD – Institute of Education


Higher Education

How does higher education challenge and develop student beliefs, values and identities?
Chair: E. Danvers

042 Encountering Selves and Others: Exploring College Student’ Learning of Meaning in Life through Social Service Experiences
Su, Yuling/ Pan, Rongji – Department of Child and Family Studies

715 Can critical thinking and sexism co-exist? Exploring moral and political discourses surrounding student critically in higher education
Danvers, Emily – University of Sussex

057 Understanding Shifts in the language learning motivaitons, identitites and learning strategies used by Arab learners studying at a UK university: An illustrative phenomenographic case study
Hajar, Anas/ Wray, David – Warwick University


Higher Education

Creating learning communities: Collaboraitons to support doctoral journeys
Chair: J. Greenwood
Discussant: A. Owens

517 Internationalisation without homogenisation: Creating a doctoral learning community
Greenwood, Janinka/ Alam, Safayet/ Barrett, Trudy/ Mohd Nawi, Abdullah – University of Canterbury

533 Meet, say, share: Investigating informal learning in a community of doctoral students
Henderson, Robyn/ Hall, Cristine – University of Southern Queensland

577 Partnerships for development: Making the international trade in teacher development fair trade
Greenwood, Janinka/ Alam, Safayet/ Salahuddin, Abu/ Haroon-Ar Rasheed, Mollah- University of Canterbury

580 Relational agency in a doctoral community of practice: What does it mean and why does it matter?
Noble, Karen/ Creed, Alison/ Mohamed, Kamariah – University of Southern Queensland


Inclusive Education

Promoting the learning of children with disabilities
Chair: J. Ware

410 Effectiveness and Sustainability of interventions designed to enhance the quality of interactions between staff and people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties: results from a systematic review of the literature
Ware, Jean/ Tan, Andrea – Bangor University
Goldbart, Juliet – Manchester Metropolitan University
Anderson, Elizabeth – Sheffield University

445 Developing novel intervention materials to aid dressing skills in visually imparied children aged 4-6
Hayton, Jessica/ Wall, Karl – Institute of Education

626 Developments in the provision of habilitation for visually impaired children: developing an inclusive habilitation approach for all children?
Wall, Karl – Institute of Education


Leadership and Management in Education

Bullying, recruitment and retraining and disciplining the head teacher
Chair: J. Gray

033 Bullying in the Workplace and Teacher Ill-Health: cause or effect?
Bricheno, Pat/ Thornton, Mary – University of Hertfordshire

041 Recruiting and retaining skilled school council members for Anglican system schools in Australia
Campbell-Evans, Glenda/ Gray, Jan/ Leggett, Bridget – Edith Cowan University

064 Critical leadership: a way towards a democratic system of education
Davies, Patricia – University of Manchester


Literacy and Language

Developing new approaches to supporting, analysing and assessing oracy and dialogic interaction in school
Chair: S. Hennessy
Discussant: D. Myhill

894 Developing an analytic coding scheme for classroom dialogue across cultural and educational contexts
Hennessy, Sara/ García Carrión, Roció/ Hoffman, Riikka/ Howe, Christine/ Kershner, Ruth/ Mercer, Neil – University of Cambridge
Rojas-Drummond, Sylvia/ José Barrera, María/ María Marquez, Ana – National Autonomous University Mexico
Littleton, Karen – Open University

895 Using FilmTalk to develop children’s reading comprehension
Maine, Fiona – University of Cambridge

896 Developing a toolkit for assessing children’s spoken language skills in the classroom
Mercer, Neil/ Warwick, Paul/ Ahmed, Ayesha – University of Cambridge


Neuroscience and Education

What does the brain do during social interaction and other classroom activities?
Chair: S. Mayer

648 Acting in Autism: Does a drama programme, using masks, suppotr development of understanding of non-verbal behaviour and feeling states in young people with autism
Ravet, Jackie/ Williams, Justin – University of Aberdeen

061 Interchanging ideas between Education and Neuroscience: the study of social interaction in online forums
Robinson, Kathy – Institute of Education

344 Science or Fiction: what is the current knowledge of neuroscience in further education?
Spence, Steven – University of Derby
Hickman, Mark/ Palmer, Clive – University of Central Lancashire


New Technologies in Education

Ethnical issues, medical and nursing education
Chair: J. Tummons

235 ‘I notice if I follow the lecture on screen only and don;t look at the prof I feel less connected and engaged in what she is saying’: unpacking the uses of technology in medical education
Tummons, Jonathan – Durham University

172 Measuring Digital Competence in Nursing Education
Evangelinos, George/ Holley, Debbie – Anglia Ruskin University


Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy

Primary physical education
Chair: T. O’Donovan

687 Collaborative provision of outsourced primary physical education
O’Donovan, Toni/ Whatling, Luke – University of Bedfordshire

391 To swim or not to swim? Issues surrounding the provision of swimming in English primary school
Duncombe, Rebecca/ Cale, Lorraine – Loughborough University
Melville, Sarah – Amateur Swimming Association

444 Extracurricular school sports participation and the relationship with physical activity and motivation towards sports in 10-18 year old students
De Meester, An/ Aelterman, Nathalie/ Cardon, Greet/ De Bourdeaudhuij, Isle/ Haerens, Leen – Ghent University


Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy

Developing our thinking in PESP
Chair: D. Penney

 469 Leaving the phrase book behind: Pedagogical fluency as a vehicle for sustainable curriculum renewal
Goodyear, Victoria – University of Bedfordshire
Casey, Ashley – Loughborough University
Kirk, David – University of Queensland

184 Exploring assessment literacy and efficacy in Physical Education
Penney, Dawn/ Brown, Trent – Monash University
Thompson, Maree – James Cook University


Post-compulsory and Lifelong Learning

The way we live now: How marginalised youth experience education, youth, home and out of work
Chair: L. Atkins
Discussant: J. Avis

 315 Dis(en)abled: the lived experiences of inclusion policies amongst disabled young people
Atkins, Liz – Federation University Australia

316 ‘Having To’ as a culturally defined part of agency in the youth
Juvonen, Tarja – University of Helsinki

317 Young mums’ experiences of (re)engaging with employment, education and training provisions
Russell, Lisa – University of Huddersfield


 Race, Ethnicity and Education

BME progression, retention and attainment
Chair: K. Bhopal

 283 ‘Trying my best’ and ‘being the best’: Exploring the educational expectations of minority ethnic young people in England
Wong, Billy – University of Roehampton

221 Exploring the counternarratives of the few: Successful British African Carribean males who have attended elite universities in England and Wales
Dumangane Jr, Constantino – Cardiff University

614 Exploring what enables or constrains access to headship for Black, Asian and Ethnicised (BAME) women
Holland, Pam – Institute of Education

029 Understanding Academic Flight from UK Higher Education: retention and career progression of BME academics in the UK higher education sector
Bhopal, Kalwant/ Brown, Hazel/ Jackson, June – University of Southampton


 Religious and Moral Education

Christianity and secularism in education
Chair: B. Bowie

 378 An investigation into the influence of Christian ethos on teaching and learning: Preliminary research findings and critique of the What If Learning approach
Green, Elizabeth – Liverpool Hope University

753 ‘It makes my blood run cold!’ – A distinctively Christian approach to pedagogy, possibilities and tensions
Revell, Lynn – Canterbury Christ Church University

757 Catholic schools in Scotland and Sectarianism: examining the evidence
McKinney, Stephen – University of Glasgow

750 Approaches to the secular and religion in education: an analysis of the ways student teachers understand the role and nature of secularism
Gillespie, Aidan/ Mellor, Jason/ Revell, Lynn – Canterbury Christ Church University



Tackling sexual bullying and gender related violence
Chair: P. Alldred

 929 Can training increase teachers knowledge of peer-on-peer, sexist, sexualising or homophobic abuse? Analysis of cross-national data from the Gap Work Project
Rivers, Ian/ Stendtrom, Malin/ Alldred, Pam – Brunel University

933 Teachers in England Tackling Gender-related Violence: How is training turned into action?
Levitan, Neil/ Stendtrom, Malin/ Alldred, Pam – Brunel University


 Social Justice

The impact of parenting and family structure on education
Chair: R. Brooks

 322 The Role of Poverty on Educational Persistence and Family Structure
Hampden-Thompson, Gillian – University of York

177 Spatial Disparities in Emotional Responses to Education: Feelings of Guilt amongst Students-Parents
Brooks, Rachel – University of Surrey

945 Motherhood: An idyllic journey or shamed pathway under surveillance
Duckworth, Vicky – Edge Hill University


 Social Justice

Spaces for educational inclusion and social justice
Chair: H. Guøjónsdóttir

 850 Exploring the readiness of schools to engage with contested political identities
Emerson, Lesley/ Connolly, Paul/ Orr, Karen – Queen’s University Belfast

503 Promoting and enabling success in education: The case of Nordic educators in relation to diversity
Dervin, Fred – University of Helsinki
Oskarsdottir, Edda/ Gollifer, Susan/ Dao, Katrín Tran, Anh – University of Iceland
Lauritsen, Kirsten – Høgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag

764 Learning spaces for Inclusion and Social Justice: Learning about teaching in diverse classrooms through teachers’ stories
Guøjónsdóttir, Hafdís/ Rut Gísladóttir, Karen/ Oskarsdóttir, Edda – University of Iceland
Lunneblad, Johannes – University of Gothenburg


 Social Theory and Education

Education, schooling and parental involvement
Chair: L. Cooper

 066 Maternal Involvement in Daughter’s Access to Higher Education
Cooper, Linda – Anglia Ruskin University

116 Parental involvement and the cultural making of parents: An ethnographic study
Golden, Deborah – University of Haifa
Erdreich, Lauren – Mofet Institute

685 Parental resources, children’s school performance and the school success of teacher children: New findings from a decompositon of social origin effects into class, status, education and occupation
Barg, Katherin – University of Glasgow
Klein, Markus – University of Edinburgh


 Teacher Education and Development

The social realities of teachers’ knowledge work with disadvantaged students
Chair: L. Beckett
Discussant: I. Menter

 994 Practitioner research to improve students’ learning outcomes in the north of England: Possible or impossible?
Beckett, Lori/ Gallagher, Kathleen – Leeds Metropolitan University

995 Utilising practioner research knowledge to address poverty and student achievement
Tan, Jon E.C./ Harridge, Sarah/ Stokoe, Sarah – Leeds Metropolitan University

1008 Practitioner research into students’ lives and aspiration: overcoming deficit perspectives
Wrigley, Terry/ Williams, Melanie/ Lunness, Angela – Leeds Metropolitan University


 Teacher Education and Development

Professional identity and emotion in teacher development
Chair: C. Brooks

 394 Professional compass: how subject expertise can influence teachers professional practice
Brooks, Clare – Institute of Education

729 Searching for stories: The training encironment as a constituting factor in the professional indentity work of future physics teachers
Larsson, Johanna – Department of Physics and Astronomy
Airey, John – Department of Languages

712 The emotional geography of language teaching
Liu, Yongcan – University of Cambridge


 Youth Studies

The crisis for contemporary youth: young people, opportunities and civic values in the UK
Chair: A. Keating
Discussant: A. Green

 519 Opportunities and values among young adults in the UK in the context of the Scottish referendum on independence
Janmaat, Germ – Institute of Education

520 ‘Do we all have the same opportunities?’ Young people’s views on individual responsibilities and their experiences of structural barriers
Franceschelli, Michela – Institute of Education

522 Opportunities and motivation for volunteering
Hoskins, Bryony – University of Southampton

523 The transition to adulthood – how young people perceive politics, protest and participation in their 20’s
Keating, Avril – Institute of Education