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BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts

23 September 2014 to 25 September 2014London


BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts – Main Conference Parallel Session 3


Spotlight Session

Presenter: Tim Leuing

Department for Education: Research Priorities and Partnerships

Comparative and International Education

Professional standards in teaching and schools
Chair: V. Grion

574 Developing an International Survey of Teachers’ Assessment Capabilities: Challenges and Strategies
Renken, Maggie – Georgia State University
Cowie, Bronwen – University of Waikato
Otrel-Cass, Kathrin – Aalborg University
Smyrnaiou, Zacharoula – University of Athens
Chen, JunJun – Hong Kong Institute of Education
Riopel, Martin – University of Quebec

805Not only academically orientated, but supportive and friendly’: a comparative study on students’ idea of a good school in three European countries
Grion, Valentina – University of Padua
Devecchi, Cristina – University of Northampton
Colinet, Séverine – University of Cergy-Pontoise


Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Curriculum cultures, values and competences
Chair: S. Power

930 Teaching as Intercontextual Pedagogy: Narratives from an International School
Mitchell, Lisa – Trent University

270 From ‘front end’ to ‘back seat’? Competencies, Capabilities and Conventional Curriculum
Penney, Dawn – Monash University
Cowie, Bronwen/ Gillespie, Lorna – University of Waikato

611 Heroes and villains in the lives of children and young people
Power, Sally/ Horton, Kimberley/ Sharp, Kathryn/ Smith, Kevin/ Taylor, Chris – Cardiff University

434 Working out what is important: the where, how and why and discernment of early inquiry through literature
Grinstead, Janice – University of Sunderland
Goss, Joan – University of Northumbria


 Early Childhood

Learning and pedagogy: Democratic approaches
Chair: J. Georgeson

 878 Developing child initiated pedagogies towards democracy and participatory practices in formal early years settings – The case of England
Helavaara Robertson, Leena – Middlesex University
Kinos, Jarmo – University of Turku
Pukk, Maarika – University of Tallinn
Barbour, Nancy – James Madison University

900 Working with two year olds in England: an exploratory study
Georgeson, Jan/ Campbell-Barr, Verity/ Parker-Rees, Rod/ Mathers, Sandra – Plymouth University

425 Between theory and practice. Early years education and the implementation of the right to self-determination, twenty-five years after the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Farini, Federico/ Scollan, Angela – Middlesex University


 Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

BERA at 40: The contribution of local authorities to educational research
Chair: P. Mortimore
Discussant: R. Atkins

 497 What works in Raising Achievement: Lessons from a Decade of Local Authority Research
Demie, Feyisa – Lambeth Council

498 School improvement – ‘Market’ model versus Local Authority model: A comparative analysis of CPD provision for teachers
Singh, Birendra – Institute of Education

501 The transformational shift in educational outcomes in London 2003 to 2013: the contribution of local authorities
Hayes, Sean – Freeland Educational Researcher
Cassen, Robert – London School of Economics


 Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

Pupil premium, FSM and deprivation: effects and impacts
Chair: S. Strand

 204 Pupil premium spending – does it add up to making any difference?
Bajwa-Patel, Meanu – University of Northampton

043 Moderators of the FSM achievement gap: Being more able or poor in an affluent school
Strand, Steve – University of Oxford

295 The challenge of raising student attainment in socio-economically deprived coastal regions: a comparative study of ‘coastal academies’ in England
Ovenden-Hope, Tanya/ Passy, Rowena – Plymouth University


 Educational Research and Educational Policy Making

Policy implementation: networking and impact
Chair: D. Gillies

 481 Instruction to ‘outperform’: education policy and the art of managing appearances
Bates, Agnieszka – University of Roehampton

239 Research impact, evidence-based policy, and knowledge activism
Gillies, Donald – University of the West of Scotland

835 School Collaboration in Northern Ireland: Transforming or Reinforcing Divisions?
Donnelly, Caitlin – Queen’s University

133 Cross-sector policy networks and the construction of ‘learning to code’ in the new computing curriculum
Williamson, Ben – University of Stirling


 Educational Research and Educational Policy Making

What can longitudinal mixed methods research tell us: evidence from the effective pre-school, primary and secondary education project (1997-2004)
Chair: B. Taggart

 399 The Effective Pre-school, Primary and Secondary programme of Research
Taggart, Brenda/ Siraj, Iram – Institute of Education
Sylva, Kathy/ Melhuish, Edward/ Sammons, Pat – University of Oxford

402 What quantitative research can tell us about children’s long term development?
Taggart, Brenda/ Siraj, Iram – Institute of Education
Sylva, Kathy/ Melhuish, Edward/ Sammons, Pat – University of Oxford

404 What qualitative research can tell us about effective pre-school practices and primary school pedagogy?
Taggart, Brenda/ Siraj, Iram – Institute of Education
Sylva, Kathy/ Melhuish, Edward/ Sammons, Pat – University of Oxford

406 How research evidence can inform the development of policy and practice?
Taggart, Brenda/ Siraj, Iram – Institute of Education
Sylva, Kathy/ Melhuish, Edward/ Sammons, Pat – University of Oxford


 Higher Education

Exploring the distinctive contribution of Higher Education to Initial Teacher Education
Chair: S. Bragg
Discussant: K. Wright

 649 Promoting reflection on the digitalised cultures and spaces of schooling
Bragg, Sarah – University of Brighton

658 Enabling beginning teachers to think philosophically about classroom dilemmas through a 24 hour ‘ethical forum’
Heilbronn, Ruth – Institute of Education
Orchard, Janet – University of Bristol

659 Developing workshop materials usmmarising evidence-based classroom approaches to support student teachers in responding effectively to issues of diversity and inclusion
McCartney, Elspeth – University of Strathclyde

735 Introduction: Exploring the distinctive contribution of Higher Education to Initial Teacher Education
Florian, Lani/ Pantic, Natasa – University of Edinburgh

921 Developing a web-based app to support a research orientation in teacher education
Taylor, Phil – Birmingham City University


 Higher Education

Student learning in higher education through authentic social activity
Chair: J. Tobbell

 230 Mature students and situated in learning in HE and FE
Lavender, Kathryn – University of Huddersfield

428 Transforming Pedagogy: an exploration of the relaitonship between academic performance and participation in professional acticity in HE students
Tobbell, Jane/ Turner, Lynda – University of Huddersfield


 Higher Education

The dimensions of debt for higher education students
Chair: C. Evans

 263 Constructing and epxloring university students attitudes to debt: a cross-national study
Harrison, Neil – University of the West of England

722 Debt aversion and tolerance in the post-2012 English HE landscape: how high-achieving students in low-participation schools conceptualise university entry
Jones, Steven – University of Manchester

302 Driving career aspirations or financial necessity: students perceptions of work placements and part-time employment when in full-time study at university
Evans, Carl – University of St Mark & St John
Gbadamosi, Gbolahan – Bournemouth University
Jones, Kat – University of Worcester


 Inclusive Education

Exploring alternatives to exclusion
Chair: C. Wolstenhome

 686 Experiences of Exclusion Appeals
Wolstenhome, Claire/ Coldwell, Mike/ Coldron, John – Sheffield Hallam University

208 Is alternative education ‘fit for purpose’? Developing the notion of quality through partnership research
Pennacchia, Jodie/ Thomson, Pat – University of Nottingham

020 Residential Outdoor Experiences and their Impact in the Classroom: Educational Aspirations and Attitudes
Fuller, Carol – University of Reading
Ward, Gavin – University of Wolverhampton


 Literacy and Language

Factors affecting language and literacy process
Chair: J. Belgrave

 566 Meta-awareness of dialect difference: impacts on early literacy interventions
Belgrave, Janice/ Everatt, John/ Fletcher, Jo – University of Canterbury

767 Does timing matter? Exploring the impact of timing and duration of RTI for vulnerable Year 6 pupils pre and post SATs
Cordingley, Phillippa/ Coles-Jordan, Deanna – CUREE
Blandford, Sonia – Achievement for All 3As

558 Cross-linguistic transfer of L2 writing strategies: Developing L1 and L2 writing through metacognitive strategy use
Forbes, Karen – University of Cambridge


 Mathematics Education

Socio-political perspectives on researching with mathematics teachers
Chair: P. Wright
Discussant: G. Kent

 446 Teacher researchers, mathematics classrooms and social justice
Wright, Pete – Institute of Education

448 Seeking mathematics teachers descriptions of their own classroom practices
Cowley Richard, Institute of Education

453 Developing democratic participation in mathematics education research
Ghosh, Suman – Institute of Education


 New Technologies in Education

Technology-enabled learning, knowledge and skills
Chair: S. Loo

 032 Putting research knowledge and skills into practice: an online perspective
Loo, Sai – Institute of Education

225 Mapping the realities of technology-enabled learning in universities
Henderson, Michael/ Selwyn, Neil – Monash University
Romeo, Geoff – Australian Catholic University
Finger, Glenn – Griffith University


 Philosophy of Education

Developing creativity in education – how do cultural contexts matter?
Chair: J. Trowsdale
Discussant: P. Thomson

 329 The English Context
Trowsdale, Jo – University of Warwick

331 The Danish Context
Geer, Hammershoj, Lars – University of Aarhuus

332 The Welsh Context
Davies, Richard – Aberystwyth University

334 Developing creativity in education – how do cultural context matter?
Trowsdale, Jo – University of Warwick
Geer, Hammershoj, Lars – University of Aarhuus
Davies, Richard – Aberystwyth University


 Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy

Student motivation and competence and teacher behaviour
Chair: L. Haerens

 385 Students’ negative motivational experiences in relaiton to teachers’ exertion of control: a self-determination Theory approach
Haerens, Leen/ Aaelterman, Nathalie/ Vansteenkiste, Maarten/ Soenens, Bart – Ghent University

447 The interrelationship between adolescents actual motor competence, perceived motor competence and quality of motivation for Physical Education
De Meester, an/ Cardon, Greet/ Maes, Jolien/ Haerens, Leen – Ghent University
Goodway, Jacqueline – Ohio State University

815 Disentangling the relationship between student (non)engagement and (de)motivating teaching behaviour
Van den Berghe, Lynne/ Cardon, Greet/ Vansteenkiste, Maarten/ Haerens, Leen – Ghent University
Kirk, David – University of Bedfordshire


Post-compulsory and Lifelong Learning

Learners’ motivations, aspirations and experiences
Chair: A. Saraswat

 954 Drawing on learners literacies: motivation, identity, empowerment and progression routes
Duckworth, Vicky – Edge Hill University

812 Am I excluded because of poverty or is povert excluding me? Examinging the role of aspiration and attitudes in closing the educational attainment gap in post compulsory education
Jones, Catherine/ Jones, Norah – University of South Wales

319 College Higher Education: motivations and experiences of part time students
Saraswat, Arti/ Hudson, Anthony – University of East London


 Race, Ethnicity and Education

Integration and British Values
Chair: R. Race

 305 Fundamental British values versus a critical radical teacher education course: who wins?
Jane Smith, Heather – Newcastle University

650 The National Curriculum and its integrationist education policy framework
Race, Richard – Roehampton University


 Religious and Moral Education

Teaching and learning and subject knowledge
Chair: L. Revell

 251 The impact of student teacher’s Religious Education subject knowledge, experiences and attitudes and their prepardness for working within the field of ‘race’ and ethnicity
Elton-Chalcraft, Sally – University of Cumbria

561 ‘We’re the mature people’: a study of masculine subjectivity and its relaitonship to Key Stage Four Religious Studies
Farrell, Francis – Edge Hill University

490 Developing teaching and learning about Islam in religious education lessons: The cases of two secondary girls schools in London
Demirel, Ayse – King’s College London

122 The Narrator, The Yam and the Knife: Folklore as a Socialisation Tool in the Children’s Education
Yakubu, Anthonia – National Open University of Nigeria


 Research Methodology in Education

Child rights, the ethnography of listening, and culturally sensitive methodology
Chair: M. Berryman

 748 Children’s participation rights in school and in their comunities: involving children in the development of a children’s rights questionnaire
Emerson, Lesley/ Lloyd, Katrina – Queen’s University Belfast

136 Culturally responsive and relational pedagogies informing the research methodology of emerging scholars
Berryman, Mere – The University of Waikato
SooHoo, Suzi – Chapman University

196 Utilising ‘The Listening Guide’ within institutional ethnography: a reflexive effort to avoid ‘institutional capture’ and ‘privileged irresponsibility’
Reid, James – University of Huddersfield


 Science Education

Concepts and conceptual change in science education
Chair: D. Cheung

 285 Factors Affecting Student’s Beliefs about School-Based Assessment of Chemistry Practical Skills
Cheung, Derek – Chinese University of Hong Kong

296 ‘Misconception’ pedagogy in school science: techniques, tactics and strategies for conceptual change
Riordan, John-Paul – Canterbury Christ Church University

439 Complexity and Conceptual Change: Some Practical Ways Forward
Riordan, John-Paul/ Hardman, Mark – Canterbury Christ Church University



Sex education: policy and practice
Chair: R. De Palma

 060 Heteronormativity and Sex Education: What is the cost to girls?
DePalma, Renée – University of a Coruna
Francis, Dennis – University of the Free State

219 Discursive silences: A content and critical linguistic analysis of the 2014 SRE guidance for England and Wales
Stauntson, Helen – York St John University
Sundaram, Vanita – University of York

913 Blurred Lines: (Re)negotiating the Roles of Student, Teacher and Researcher in Sexuality Education
Coll, Leanne/ O’Sullivan, Mary – University of Limerick
Enright, Eimear – University of Queensland


 Social Justice

Freedom to learn: alternative systems of education and social inequality
Chair: M. Catherine Montgomery
Discussant: R. Brooks

 673 Re-visioning comprehensive schooling: From education for the few to education for all
Reay, Diane – University of Cambridge

677 ‘Democracy is not only something to fight for, it is something to fight with’: how democracy is possible in publicly funded schools and why we should extend it
Fielding, Michael – Institute of Education

678 Educations and educationism: Why access to the concept of educational alternatives is an issue of in/equality
Lees, Helen – Newman University

679 Exploring student and staff perspectives on freedom and autonomy: a cross- sectoral case study from Denmark
Montgomery, Catherine/ Hope, Max – University of Hull


 Social Justice

Educational approaches to developing social justice in practice
Chair: R. Black

 046 Social justice on the edge: teaching for citizenship in low socioeconomic schools
Black, Rosalyn – Monash University

442 Critical Hits and Critical Spaces: Roleplaying Games and Their Potential in Developing Critical Literacy and new Literacy Practices
Smith, Kevin – Cardiff University

568 Education for building capabilities: Social justice implications in focus
Molla, Tebeje/ Gale, Trevor – Deakin University

160 Creative Subjects? Critically Documenting Art Education and Disability
Penketh, Claire – Liverpool Hope University


 Social Theory and Education

Social theory and the politics of schooling
Chair: M. Murphy

 430 Uses and abuses of primary education: the relation of primary to secondary schooling in England from 1870 to the present
Coldron, John – Sheffield Hallam University

058 Space, School and Exclusion
Cudworth, David – De Montfort University

676 Education: the role of ‘others’
Everitt, Julia – Staffordshire University


 Teacher Education and Development

Perspectives on poverty, fairness and teacher education
Chair: I. Thompson
Discussant: O. McNamara

 646 Education: Fair or Foul?
Todd, Liz/ Laing, Karen/ Mazzoli Smith, Laura – Newcastle University

651 Poverty and Education: dialogues with student teachers
Jones, Hanneke – Newcastle University

654 Student teachers’ perceptions of Child Poverty and Educational Attainment
McNicholl, Jane/ Thompson, Ian – University of Oxford


 Teacher Education and Development

Sites for professional learning
Chair: P. Sorensen

 234 Fragmentation in Teacher Education – an examination of current policy and practice in England
Harris, Richard/ Crolla, Caroline/ Heighes, Deb – University of Reading

414 What universities bring to initial teacher education: partnership models to promote critical reflection and professional learning
Sorensen, Pete – University of  Nottingham


 Teacher Education and Development

Social networking and digital literacy
Chair: S. Smala

 652 Pre-service teachers using and reflecting on social networking sites (Facebok, Edmodo) for cooperative learning in teacher education programs
Smala, Simone/ MacDonald, Shelley – The University of Queensland
Semingson, Peggy – The University of Texas at Arlington

255 Primary trainee teachers digital literacy experiences and classroom practice
Wheatcroft, Louise – Birmingham City University

747 The DigiLit Leicester Project: A Critical Evaluation
Atkins, Lucy/ Fraser, Josie – Leicester City Council
Hall, Richard – De Montfort University


 Youth Studies

Curriculum in informal education: UK Perspectives
Chair: J. Ord
Discussant: J. Batsleer

028 Towards a viable concept of curriculum in youth work
Ord, Jon – University of Marjon

120 The development and use of curriculum in youth work in Northern Ireland
Scott-McKinley, Alistair – University of Ulster

121 Co-constructing an excellent curriculum for youth work – a Scottish perspective
Coburn, Annette – University of the West of Scotland

123 Curriculum in the context of youth work in Wales
Rose, John – Cardiff Metropolitan University