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BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts

23 September 2014 to 25 September 2014London


BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts – Main Conference Parallel Session 5


Arts Based Educational Research

Listening for the people’s pulse: creative arts as a humanising dialogic endeavour, to El Sisterna
Chair: K. Chappell

291 Music education for social change: critical debates
Creech, Andrea – Institute of Education

210 Teachers’ perceptions of impact on students of the Musical Futures approach
Hallam, Susan/ Creech, Andrea – Institute of Education

149 Making and being made: wise humanising creativity in interdisciplinary early years arts education
Chappell, Kerry/ Pender, Tamsin/ Swinford, Elizabeth – University of Exeter
Cartwright, Catherine/ Dawson, Stuart/ Ford, Katherine – Independent Researchers


Comparative and International Education

Pedagogical practice: alternative and innovative approaches
Chair: H. Heneghan

567 Teach for All, Teach for/Future China and the globalization of Fast-Track Teacher Training Programmes
Crowley, Christopher – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Yu, Min – Missouri State University

865 Teachers Understanding and Implementation of Differentiated Reading – A Comparative Analysis
Heneghan, Helen – Trinity College Dublin


Creativity in Education

Creativity in education and teacher education: Perspectives and challenges in arts and science educational collaborations
Chair: D. Gray
Discussant: R. Levinson

417 Arts as a Tool for Learning Across the Curriculum: Creativity in Initial Teacher Education
Gray, Donald/ Colucci-Gray, Laura – University of Aberdeen

419 Art, Well-Being and Creativity: reflections from the first two years of implementation of an educational program in Argentina
Eugenia Podestá, María/ Andrés Furman, Melina/ Fox, Sonia – Universidad de San Andrés

420 Creativity in Science Education
Gray, Donald/ Colucci-Gray, Laura – University of Aberdeen
María/ Andrés Furman, Melina/ Eugenia Podestá, María – Universidad de San Andrés

421 Creative pedagogies in science teaching: experiences from Argentine and British teachers
Gray, Donald/ Colucci-Gray, Laura – University of Aberdeen
María/ Andrés Furman, Melina/ Eugenia Podestá, María – Universidad de San Andrés


Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Dialogues in secondary school disciplines: their nature and development
Chair: S. Brindley
Discussant: R. Wegerif

914 What are the distinctive characteristics of dialogue in secondary Religious Education?
Higham, Rupert/ Brindley, Sue – University of Cambridge
Van de Pol, Janneke – Utrecht University

915 Thinking and talking about music in the secondary curriculum
Finney, John/ Earl, Mary – University of Cambridge

917 Dialogic assessment in the secondary English classroom
Brindley, Sue – University of Cambridge
Marshall, Bethan – King’s College London

920 Secondary teachers developing understanding and classroom practice of dialogic teaching
Higham, Rupert/ Brindley, Sue – University of Cambridge
Van de Pol, Janneke – Utrecht University

925 Exploring the impact of dialogic strategies employed in a religious education classroom: a case study
Abedin, Manzoorul/ Vrikki, Maria – University of Cambridge

927 Dialogic Education in a Secondary School Maths Classroom: a case study
Riga, Fran – University of Cambridge


Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Assessment and pedagogy in upper secondary school and beyond
Chair: D. Malpass

833 The ‘enormous condescension of posterity’? Maurice Keatinge and the History of History Teaching
Chapman, Arthur – Institute of Education

467 Do University Technical Colleges encourage deep learning and intrinsic motivation in Year 11 Engineering students?
Limmer, Hayley/ Malpass, Debra – Centre for Education Research and Policy

163 Differences between A-level and undergraduatemathematics questions: doing, reproducing or practising mathematics
Darlington, Ellie – Cambridge Assessment


Early Childhood

European early childhood policy in the 21st century
Chair: E. Lloyd
Discussant: J. Murray

142 Access for all? Stratification effects of ECEC systems in Europe
Naumann, Ingela – University of Edinburgh

143 More than you know: How early childhood education and care offers value for money in times of austerity
Campbell-Barr, Verity – University of Plymouth

144 European childcare markets in an age of austerity
Lloyd, Eva – University of East London

155 What does research tell us about the quality of early childhood education and care for children under three, and what are the implications for policy and practice?
Mathers, Sandra – University of Oxford


Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

Tackling systemic issues of pupil under achievement through a national programme of professional learning – The Masters in Educational Practice
Chair: M. Hadfield
Discussant: N. Pachler

689 The MEP: A connectivist approach to professional learning and school improvement
Hadfield, Mark/ Morgan, Alex – Cardiff University

691 Extending the concept and practice of external mentoring for newly qualified teachers within a national programme of professional learning for school improvement
Daly, Caroline – UCL Institute of Education
Milton, Emmajane/ Morgan, Alex – Cardiff University

694 Blending education for teachers: issues for the learners
Girvan, Carina – Cardiff University


Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

Achievement for All 3As Social Enterprise: High Impact
Chair: S. Blandford
Discussant: B. Lamb

099 Social Enterprise in Education: The growth and sustained impact of Achievement for All 3As (2011-13)
Blandford, Sonia – Institute of Education

100 Social Impact Assessment model: Theory of Change Achievement for All programme evolution
Knowles, Catherine – University of Warwick

101 Closing the gap a model for inclusion
Green, Paul – Lyng Hall School

102 The 2012 Legacy: developiung a national framework for PE and school sport
Peaple, Derek – Park House School


Educational Research and Educational Policy Making

Inspection issues
Chair: B. Cooper

233 Impact Assessment of STEM Initiatives in Widening Participation
Amitava Banerjee, Pallavi – School of Education

616 An inspector palls: the problematic impact of OFSTED on learning and affect in teacher education and implications for policy
Cooper, Bridget – University of Sunderland


Educational Research and Educational Policy Making

Doing educational policy research: beyond the insider/outsider binary in times of rapid reforms
Chair: C. Mills
Discussant: J. Duggan

512 Negotiating trust: researching the practice of school business managers
Mills, Colin – Manchester Institute of Education
Armstrong, Paul – London University Institute of Education

526 Researching tensions in the policy – practice interface: researching new teachers and masters level study
Hull, John/ Goodlad, Cate – Manchester Institute of Education

528 Leading primary schools: researching and theorising leadership from insider/outsider perspectives
Cain, Maureen – Manchester Institute of Education

534 The impact of rapid reform: what can an embedded researcher learn?
McGinity, Ruth – Manchester Institute of Education


Higher Education

The potentially transformative power of theory when put to work in professional practice contexts: observations towards a ‘pedagogy of change’
Chair: V. Perselli
Discussant: S. Steinberg and I. Goodson

103 Critical Discourse Analysis from a post-perspective: Challenges and possibilities of a ‘Pedagogy of Change’
Betzel, Anne – Institute of Education

104 Critical hermeneutic theory and its potential for change as regards intercultural learning
Moehrke, Diana – Kingston University

105 A narrative account of context and how theory informs and sustains professional pedagogic practice
Nah, Gill – University for the Creative Arts

106 Responding to the changing political and social landscape of radiography education: how new educational theory has influenced the radiography curriculum and its enactment
Jackson, Marcus – Kingston University


Higher Education

The development of higher education institutions
Chair: S. Jones

011 Qualitative longitudinal research on higher education institutions and institutionalisation
Levin, John S – University of California

062 Framing higher education: questions and responses in the British Social Attitudes survey 1983 – 2010
Jones, Steven/ Heath, Anthony – University of Manchester
Mountford-Zimdars, Anna – King’s College London
Sullivan, Alice – Institute of Education


Higher Education

Gender, ethnicity and identity in student engagement with higher education
Chair: N. Harrison

049 The dynamics of gender, ethnicity and space: constructing meaning and identity in student transition
Holley, Debbie – Anglia Ruskin University
Pokorny, Helen – University of Westminster
Kane, Suzanne – University of Salford

443 Hide and Seek: How implicit and explicit practices shape learner identity during transition to Higher Education
Turner, Lynda/ Tobbell, Jane – University of Huddersfield

274 Returning to learning: gender, ethnicity and re-entry into postgraduate study
Harrison, Neil – University of the West of England


Inclusive Education

Responding to the needs of children identified as having learning difficulties
Chair: B. Norwich

306 Evaluating the use of Lesson Study as a novel ‘response to teaching’ or dynamic method of assessing the needs of pupils with learning difficulties
Norwich, Brahm – University of Exeter
Ylonen, Annamari – University of Cambridge

418 Scaffolding learning for independence: clarifying teacher and TA roles for children with SEN
Radford, Julie/ Blatchford, Peter/ Webster, Rob – Institute of Education
Bosanquet, Paula – University of East London


Inclusive Education

ECR Inclusive Education Papers- Empowering girls at the risk of marginalisation
Chair: D. Allan

313 Teenage mothers experiences of the transition to parenthood in relation to education
King-Hill Sophie – University of Birmingham

407 From the Margins to the Centre: the Educational Experiences of Gypsy/Traveller Girls in Scotland
Marcus, Geetha – University of Edinburgh

559 Casulties of Education: Disaffected 14-16 year old girls’ perspectives on school versus and alternative learning
Allan, David – Edge Hill University


Literacy and Language

Literacy teachers and teaching
Chair: A. Goodwyn

702 Models of English: traditions and changes in English teachers views of the key values of the school subject of English 1989-2014
Goodwyn, Andy/ Fuller, Carol – University of Reading

326 Grammar policy, Grammar practices: Exploring the implications for teacher subject knowledge of the new National Curriuculum
Myhill, Debra/ Jones, Susan – University of Exeter

883 Dead-lines: the relationship between literacy, teachers embodied practices and school functionality in three South African schools
Dixon, Kerryn – University of the Witwatersrand
Dornbrack, Jacqui – University of Cape Town


New Technologies in Education

Putting technology in the frame: The potential for change in pedagogic practices
Chair: A. Preston
Discussant: D. Leat

504 New voices in the classroom: An exploration of the impact of Skype Seniors on curriculum and pedagogy
Thomas, Ulrike/ Leat, David/ Comber, Rob/ Finnigan, Samuel/ McHugh, Andrew/ Oliver, Patrick – Newcastle University
Vincent-Lopez, Patricia – University of Murcia, Spain

506 Re-thinking thinking: students perceptions of learning processes as co-authors of digital tabletop applications
Reid, Anna/ Mellor, Candida – Marden High School
Preston, Anne/ Karrufa, Ahmed/ Heslop, Phil – Newcastle University

507 Kitchen as Classroom: Shifting perspectives in the design and evaluation of new technologies for learning
Preston, Anne/ Seedhouse, Paul/ Balaam, Madeline/ Rafiev, Ashur/ Jackson, Dan/ Olivier, Patrick – Newcastle University


Philosophy of Education

‘It’s life Jim! but not as we know it’: values and community in the life of Academies
Chair: R. Davies
Discussant: D. Alridge

346 Academies and the rise of a new state-led paternalism
Davies, Richard – Aberystwyth University

347 ‘Our Ways’ – The insertion and development of sponsor approved attributes into the whole curriculum of Academies
Deacon, Mark – Roehampton University

348 Shaping the self: young people’s struggles within the(ir) Academy
Edwards, Simon – Portsmouth University


Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy

Learning and active video gaming in school
Chair: M. Quennerstedt
Discussant: A. Casey

600 How Wii teach Physical Education and Health
Almqvist, Jonas – Uppsala University
Meckbach, Jane – The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences
Ohman, Marie/ Quennerstedt, Mikael – Orebro University

602 Young people’s aesthetic experience of playing Wii
Maivorsdotter, Ninitha/ Ohman, Marie/ Quennerstedt, Mikael – Orebro University

603 How do Wii learn to dance in physical education?
Gibbs, Béatrice – The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences

604 Laban movement analysis and exergames
Almqvist, Jonas – Uppsala University
Meckbach, Jane/ Gibbs, Béatrice – The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences
Ohman, Marie/ Quennerstedt, Mikael – Orebro University


 Post-compulsory and Lifelong Learning

Political tensions and their implications for further education and adult learning
Chair: S. Loo

 310 Data, culture and leadership in Further Education: the attractions and distractions of managerialist positivism
Smith, Rob – University of Wolverhampton

059 Creating learning spaces for adults in the Con/Lib Dem era?
Loo, Sai – Institute of Education
McFarlane-Fraser, Jacqueline – African Caribbean Women Development Centre

991 Stabalizing Syria: the contribution of adult education
Johnstone, Carolyn – Federation University

265 Assessment of Personal Qualities needed by Business Educators’ for Achieving Quality Teaching and Learning among Secretarial Workers
Mary Noeleen, Obi – Nnamdi Azikiwe Univeristy


 Practitioner Research

Exploring teacher approaches to learning contexts
Chair: H. Chen

 817 Towards a quality improvement of teaching and learning in social studies: A cooperative Inquiry Action Research
Sharon Chen, Hsaio-Lan/ Tsai, HsaiaoFeng/ Hou, Chiuling – National Taiwan Normal University

217 Teacher Responses to Anxiety in Children Questionnaire (TRAC): Pschometric Properties and Relations with Teaching Staff Characteristics
Lerman, Rebecca – Middlesex University


Race, Ethnicity and Education

Securitisation, surveillance and race in education
Chair: C. Chadderton
Discussant: P. Warmington

 494 The militarisation of English schools: Troops to Teaching and the implications for Initial Teacher Education and race equality
Chadderton, Charlotte – University of East London

758 Building underground schools to survive nuclear war and desegregation in the 1960s
Preston, John – University of East London


 Research Methodology in Education

Mediating encounters: Theory and practice of using visual methods to aid participation in educational research
Chair: J. Clark

 740 Theory and Practice of Usiing Visual Methods to Aid Participation in Educational Research
Tiplady, Lucy/ Woolner, Pamela/ Clark, Jill/ Laing, Karen – Newcastle University

744 Mediating encouters – the use of visual images in participatory research
Woolner, Pamela/ Clark, Jill – Newcastle University

746 Using a ‘toolbox’ approach to facilitate participation in research
Tiplady, Lucy/ Laing, Karen – Newcastle University


 Science Education

Aspects of subject choice, or no choice in science and technology education
Chair: J. Edmonds

 129 Progression routes to post-16 science qualifications
Vidal Roderio, Carmen – Cambridge Assessment

209 European Primary Pupil’s perspectives on Science and engineering activity in school and as part of the ‘Engineer’
Edmonds, Juliet/ Knight, Ben – University of the West of England



Sexualities equalities: developing effective practice
Chair: C. McLaughlin

 595 Engaging young people in distrupting silences about school based sexuality education
McLaughlin, Colleen – University of Sussex
Johnson, Bruce – University of South Australia
Harrison, Lyn/ Ollis, Debbie – Deakin University

615 Using Forum Theatre to challenge hetrosexism and heteronormativity in a South Africa School
Francis, Dennis – University of the Free State


 Social Justice

Identity matters in social justice issues
Chair: M. Maguire
Discussant: K. Hoskins

 765 ‘Being Rom’ and ‘Being Greek’: Identity matters in the education of Greek Roma
Gkofa, Yiota – King’s College London

768 Who am I? – An analysis of the Identity (Re-)Formation of a Group of Academically Successful White Working Class Males at Two Elite Universities
Travers, Marie-Claire – King’s College London

770 Identity and Staying: What is it about teachers who stay in disadvantaged London primary schools?
Towers, Emma – King’s College London


 Social Justice

Rethinking social justice through educational policy and practice
Chair: M. Moreau

 437 Remasculinising the teaching profession? Gender, teachers and education policies under the New Labour and Coalition governments
Moreau, Marie-Pierre – University of Roehampton

809 Doing justice: finding the best methodological fit to enable the voices of women teacher trade union activists to be heard
Laight, Jean – Leeds Metropolitan University

479 The Dilemma from the Past to Present: The Development of Educational Reform in China’s Migrant Communities
Yu, Min- Missouri State University

988 Covert Critique: Critical Pedagogy ‘Under the radar’ in a Suburban Middle School
Smith, Kevin – Cardiff University


 Teacher Education and Development

Teacher Education: intercultural understanding
Chair: C. Ee Loh

 158 Room to breathe: Insights from pre-service teachers and NQTs on professional development through informal complementary placements overseas
Knight, Ben – University of the West of England

752 The development and integration of international enrichment opportunities into teacher education programmes
Spencer, Janet/ Maynard, Sally – York St John University

578 Voices from the Ground: The Language Burden of English Teachers in Singapore
Loh, Chin Ee – National Institute of Education


 Teacher Education and Development

Teacher workforce: recruitment and support
Chair: D. Beutel


 180 Motivations and prior experiences of career change teacher education students
Beutel, Denise/ Crosswell, Leanne – Queensland University of Technology

530 The Last Minority Group? Understanding and Addressing the Challenges Facing Parents Undertaking Primary PGCEs in Two HE Settings
Misra, Sarah – Staffordshire University
Murtagh, Lisa – Edge Hill University

669 Wired for success? A study of student teacher online pre-course participation
Wright, Kathy – Higher Education Academy