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BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts

23 September 2014 to 25 September 2014London


BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts – Main Conference Parallel Session 2


Spotlight Session

Presenter: Ian Menter, John Furlong

Research and the Teaching Profession: Building the Capacity for a Self-Improving Education System

 Comparative and International Education

Culture and the Curriculum
Chair: N. Casinader

 152 Recognising and respecting the social and educational bricolage of UK Roma Gypsies and Indigenous Australians
Hooley, Neil – Victoria University
Levinson, Martin – University of Exeter

278 Globalisation and the emergence of transcultural dispositions of thinking: implications for teaching and learning
Casinader, Niranjan – Monash University

688 Critical Discourse Analysis as Curriculum Devleopment in Pacific Island Nations: A Comparative Model for Critical Investigations of Culture and Curriculum
Smith, Kevin – Cardiff University


 Creativity in Education

Creativity and Change
Chair: S. Everley

 487 Researching Creativity Creatively
Trowsdale, Jo – University of Warwick
Challis, Sue – Coventry University

489 Creative risk taking: the Olympic Legacy and improved attainment in Art
Everley, Suzanne – University of Chicester


 Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Learning history part I: The purposes, practices and professional knowledge of history teachers – and how they are developed
Chair: K.Burn

 866 What is School History For? The Views of Student Teachers
Chapman, Arthur – Institute of Education
Burn, Katharine – University of Oxford

867 The voice of the profession in the ‘History Wars’: what teachers’ responses reveal about their conceptions of the nature and purpose of history in schools
Burn, Katharine – University of Oxford
Harris, Richard – University of Reading

868 Theorising the pupil cognitive labour discernible in novice and expert history teachers lesson planning
McCrory, Catherine – Institute of Education

871 Using subject-specific scholarship with trainee secondary history teachers in the practical training context – a hermeneutic – phenomenological study of eight ITE mentors’ practice
Counsell, Christine – University of Cambridge


 Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy – the contested area of language
Chair: G. Robert-Holmes

 125 The Pedagogical Impact of Early Years Assessment ‘Datafication’ and the Phonics Screening Check
Robert-Holmes, Guy/ Bradbury, Alice – Institute of Education

793 Effect of developing critical thinking of middle children in Taiweanese schools applying the Analects of Confucius
Chen, Peng-Fei – National Taiwan Normal University

372 Growth in Literacy Learning
Meiers, Marion – Australian Council for Educational Research


 Early Childhood

Professionalism and professional development
Chair: H. Wright

 139 Sustainable learning: Early Years workers reflect on the benefits of vocational training
Wright, Hazel – Anglia Ruskin University

797 Sustaining early childhood teachers in rural contexts: Understanding perceptions of place and space
Noble, Karen – University of Southern Queensland


 Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

Improving schools and universities through technology
Chair: C. Conneely

 851 Exploring the effectiveness of a model of 21st century learning in Irish second-level classrooms as a catalyst for school reform
Conneely, Claire – Trinity College

224 Exploring the role of digital data in contemporary schools and schooling
Selwyn, Neil/ Henderson, Michael – Monash University

150 Information, Communication and Technology in the revolutionisation of teaching and learning in tertiary institution in Nigeria
Hamilton-Ekeke, Joy-Telu/ Mbachu, Comfort/ Dorgu, Theresa – Niger Delta University


 Educational Research and Educational Policy-Making

Policy, knowledge management and communities of practice
Chair: B. Lingard

 259 Policy Vacuum in the UK: education. abandoned ‘community cohesion’ and a new model of practice
Parker-Jenkins, Marie – University of Limerick
Janmaat, Germ – Institute of Education

281 The rise of edu-business: The case of News Corporation and their acquisition of network capital
Hogan, Anna – The University of Queensland

596 The habitus of elite policy actors and the constitution of the global education policy field
Lingard, Bob/ Sellar, Sam – The University of Queensland

963 Policy Networks in Scottish Education: Implementing the Donaldson Report
Beck, Anna – University of Glasgow


 Educational Research and Educational Policy-Making

PISA and the politics of education policy: constructing research impact and engagement
Chair: G. Moss

 955 ‘The New Orientalism’: Western Images of the East Asian Education Systems as a Source of Policy Borrowing
You Yun – Institute of Education

958 Policy Borrowing from Finnish teacher education: the need for greater communication and synthesis between theory, policy and practice
Chung, Jennifer – St Mary’s University College

971 Engaging with PISA data in statisical form: risks and uncertainties in the social construction of numbers
Moss, Gemma – Institute of Education

973 Naysayers, heretics and the quest for ‘what works’: Exploring the relationship between comparative research and educational policymaking
Auld, Euan/ Morris, Paul – Institute of Education


 Educational Research and Educational Policy-Making

Global education policy and network governance
Chair: S. Ball

 454 Policy Networking – nodes, events and brokers in global education policy communities
Junemann, Carolina – Institute of Education

456 Funding Models, Aid Policy and Social Capitalism: low cost private schools and global education policy
Ball, Stephen – Institute of Education

458 Technology, business and discipline
Santori, Diego – Institute of Education

459 Philantocracy: global policy networks, philanthropic governance and that thing called ‘democracy’
Olmedo, Antonio – University of Roehampton


 Higher Education

Creating an Educational Epistemology through Living Educational Theories
Chair: J. Whitehead
Discussant: M. Potts

 074 Transcending colonising influences across cultural boundaries
Alder-Collins, Je Kan – Ministry of Health

075 Generating educational knowledge through living-theory Action Research in a Culture of Inquiry
Delong, Jackie – Brock University

076 Exploring the implications of supporting educational research for developing professional practice
Huxtable, Marie – University of Cumbria

077 Generating Educational Knowledge through Educational Research
Whitehead, Jack – University of Cumbria


 Higher Education

Understanding and supporting the learning of postgraduate students
Chair: M. Kemp

 373 Doctoral student learning in the biomedical sciences is supported by multiple relationship networks. Evidence from two elite, research intensive universities in the UK and US
Kemp, Matthew/ Chapman, Elaine – Graduate School of Education
Lazarus, Benjamin/ Perron, Gabriel – Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Hanage, William – Department of Epidemiology

864 Articulating the reflexive self: relfexivity in postgraduate curriculum
Bates, Agnieszka – University of Roehampton


 Higher Education

Choosing and belonging to a university
Chair: D. Scully

 213 Pathways to Higher Education: the effect of different prior qualifications on institution and field of study
Vidal Rodiero, Carmen/ Sutch, Tom/ Zanini, Nadir – Cambridge Assessment

237 How do A level subjects and grades determine university choices?
Vidal Rodiero, Carmen/ Sutch, Tom/ Zanini, Nadir – Cambridge Assessment

980 The formation of individual habitus and the experience of first semester students at a post-1992 university
Scully, Declan/ Collins, Edward/ Coles, Rosanna – University of Roehampton


 Inclusive Education

Challenging barriers to participation
Chair: G. Shaw

 056 The Effects of Irregular School Transitions upon Social, Emotional and Educational Outcomes for Military Children
Shaw, Georgina – University of Bath

644 Teaching for Life: bridging education, health and social care to understand how to support teachers to be able to meet the needs of pupils with life limiting illnesses in mainstream schools
Ekins, Alison/ Durrant, Ian/ Robinson, Sally/ Summers, Kathryn – Canterbury Christ Church University

939 Using Feminist Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality to Explore Black Girls Narratives about the British Educational System
Showunmi, Victoria – Institute of Education

671 Dyslexia: The decision to concel or disclose
Horton, Kimberley – Cardiff University


 Inclusive Education

Exploring leadership roles in inclusive education
Chair: M. Beaton

 395 ‘The daily moral burdens’ – and investigation into professional identity, routine moral stress and moral agency of local SEN professionals in the wake of Support and Aspiration
Hellawell, Beate – King’s College London

641 Implementing inclusive practices in schools: the route to a personal vision through life histories accounts of school leaders in Greece
Matziari, Aikaterini – University of Huddersfield


 Leadership and Management in Education

Leadership in relation to professionalism, teacher skills and teacher retention
Chair: A. Goodwyn

 683 What, if anything, will replace the Advanced Skills Teacher role in the new era of performance related pay? The views of Experienced Head Teachers and Deputies
Goodwyn, Andy/ Fuller, Carol – University of Reading

943 A new age of professionalism: the move to more innovative practices in leadership?
Halsall, Anne – University of Aberdeen

637 Cracking open the ‘black box’ of teacher retention: How school leaders engage and retain high quality early career teachers
Johnson, Bruce/ Sullivan, Anna/ Daly, Tony – University of South Australia
Simons, Michele – University of Western Sydney

761A coercive culture of monitoring and a ‘quick fix’ culture of CPD’
Singh, Birendra – Institute of Education


 Literacy and Language

Stakeholder views of learning additional languages
Chair: Y. Liu

 350 Discursive construction of ‘languages’ in a secondary school in the UK and its implications for school
Lui, Yongcan/ Evans, Michael – University of Cambridge

849 Pupils’ attitudes to learning a Modern Foreign Language
Georgeson, Jan/ la Velle, Linda/ Blandon, Claudia – Plymouth University


 Mathematics Education

Teachers of Mathematics
Chair: C. Crisan

 478 Negotiating contribution to the teaching of secondary mathematics: on identity development of non-specialist mathematics teachers
Crisan, Cosette/ Rodd, Melissa – Institute of Education

383 Teacher practices that promote and hinder student engagement in Mathematics
Skilling, Karen – University of Sydney

257 Mathematics teacher capacity for principled change
Golding, Jennie – Institute of Education


 Mentoring and Coaching

Collaborative pedagogy: transforming teacher education in the 21st century
Chair: C. Murphy
Discussant: A. Devitt

 268 Fifteen years of coteaching and collaborative research and practice
Murphy, Colette – Trinity College Dublin

269 The impact of lesson study in transforming teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge and classroom practices
Ni Shuilleabhain, Aoibhinn – Trinity College Dublin

271 The primary school arts education dilemma: coteaching as a possible solution
Kerin, Marita – Trinity College Dublin

272 Coteaching as a methodology for developing reflective practice
McCuullagh, John/ Doherty, Andrea – Stranmillis College


 New Technologies in Education

Virtual worlds and game-based learning
Chair: C. Girvan

 695 Constructionist Tools for Virtual Worlds
Girvan, Carina – Cardiff University
Tangney, Brendan/ Savage, Tim – Trinity College Dublin

919 Replacing Conventional Classroom Teaching by Constructivist Online Game-based Learning: Will it Work in a Formal School Education?
Jong, Morris – The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shang, Junjie – Peking University

822 Supporting independent play and social interactions for Students with sever learning difficulties: the role of digital interactive gaming technologies
Kambouri, Maria/ Lewis-Hayes, Sarah – Institute of Education


 Philosophy of Education

Emotion, sentiment and educational practice
Chair: D. Aldridge

 148 Why learning to be human requires emotional discipline
Macallister, James – University of Stirling

197 What ought to be remembered in schools?
Aldridge, David – Oxford Brookes University

1007 Moral ambitions for making a difference beyond the classroom: exploring the notion of ‘education as a moral practice’ with reference to some contemporary concerns about Citizenship Education by policy makers
Golmohamad, Muna – University of Roehampton


 Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy

Leadership and teachers’ professional development in PESP
Chair: N. Aelterman

 706 The language of performativity? A content analyis concerning differing constructions of leadership for secondary school PE departments
Williams, Gareth/ Williams, Dean – Edge Hill University

401 Changing teachers beliefs in-class motivating teaching behaviours: Development, effectiveness and underlying mechanisms of a teacher training
Aelterman, Nathalie/ Haerens, Leen – Flemish Research Foundation
Vansteenkiste, Maarten – Department of Developmental
Van den Berghe, Lynn – Department of Sports Sciences

907 Teachers experiences engaging in professional development for a Health-Based Physical Education model
Sammon, Paul/ Bowler, Mark – University of Bedfordshire
Casey, Ashley – Loughborough University
Haerens, Leen – Ghent University
Kirk, David – University of Queensland


 Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy

Adventure and innovation in PESP
Chair: J. Hill

 795 Adventure Based Learning: Transferring Beyond the Experience
Sutherland, Sue/ Noble, Jeanette/ Goodway, Jacqueline – University of Ohio
Stuhr, Paul – California State University San Marcos
Ressler, James – Northern Illinois University

589 Using social media and web-based tools to monitor long-distance professional development in physical education
André, Mauro – Illinois State University

882 Twitter as youth voice: How do social media sites enable us to listen to young people?
Hill, Joanne/ Goodyear, Victoria – University of Bedfordshire
Casey, Ashley – Loughborough University


 Post-compulsory and Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning – identity, progession and empowerment
Chair: A. Fuller

 636 Adult Apprenticeship. identity formation and life stage: An exploration of older apprentices experiences and perceptions
Fuller, Alison/ Unwin, Lorna – Institute of Education
Davey, Gayna/ Leonard, Pauline – University of Southampton

738 Who upgrades to higher level qualifications in mid-life?
Jenkins, Andrew – Institute of Education

465 Exploring the role of lifelong learning in the devleopment of energy literacy for adults
Rose, Anthea/ Cheffins, Nick/ Atkin, Chris – Bishop Grosseteste University


 Race, Ethnicity and Education

International perpectives on ‘race’ and ‘race’ theories
Chair: R. Rampersad

 005 Against the Tide: Race Equality Educators in Toronto and London, 1978-2008
Johnson, Lauri – Boston College

312 Formal and Informal Learning as a Radicalised Interrelation – Empirical Perspectives from Germany
Wischmann, Anke – Leuphana University

330 Just what is Critical Race Theory and what;s it doing in a nice field like education in the Caribbean?
Rampersad, Ravi – Deliotte and Touche, Trinidad


 Science Education

Aspects of teacher perspectives in science education
Chair: A. Manning

 127 Science teachers views and experiences of working in an urban science department
Manning, Alex – King’s College London

308 Studying Power and Knowledge in the Technology Classroom: Towards a Conceptual Framework
Danielsson, Anna/ Lidar, Malena/ Ostman, Leif – Uppsala University
Berge, Maria – Umea University
Svensson, Maria/ Ingerman, Ake – Gothenburg University

540 Challenges and changes: Developing teachers understandings of the nature of science
Ward, Gillian – University of Auckland


 Social Justice

Getting in is not the only hurdle: inequalities in student experience in higher education in an era of ‘universal’ participation
Chair:A. Bathmaler
Discussant: N. Ingram

 794 The ‘Academic Challenge’ in Higher Education: intersectional dimensions and unintended affects on pedagogic encounters
Crozier, Gill – University of Roehampton

843 Not the place for a person like me? How social class shapes the higher education experience of the ‘degree generation’
Bathmaker, Ann-Marie – University of Birmingham
Bradley, Harriet – UWE Bristol
Ingram, Nicola – University of Bath

886 Space to belong? Under represented students digitally mediated and pedagogic experiences in a research intensive university
Timmis, Sue/ Ching Yee, Wan/ Bent, Emma – University of Bristol


 Social Justice

Possibilities for social justice through the restructuring of education?
Chair: R. Boyask

 335 Social inequality in the paradoxical conditions of privatised education
Boyask, Ruth – Plymouth University

220 Regulating social justice? England’s governance of third and fourth sector schools
Gibton, Dan – Institute of Education

256 Education Polity, England 2015: social justice and a self improving schools systems
Riddell, Richard – Bath Spa University

893 Transformative Education, Critical Education, Marxist Education: Possibilities and Alternatives to the Restructuring of Education in Global Neoliberal/ Neoconservatice Times
Hill, Dave – Anglia Ruskin University


 Teacher Education and Development

Teacher education in times of change
Chair: J. Murray

 887 A rising tide meets a perfect storm: Mapping the impact of new accountabilities in teaching and teacher education in Ireland
Conway, Paul/ Murphy, Rosaleen – University College Cork

904 Changing context, changing landscapes: exploring teacher educators identities in England, Norway and Germany
Czerniawski, Gerry/ Kidd, Warren/ Murray, Jean – University of East London
Ulvik, Marit – University of Bergen

655 Creating the new, whilst maintaining the old? The School Direct programme and its effects on work in teacher education
Murray, Jean/ Read, Andrew/ Brennan, Caroline – University of East London


 Teacher Education and Development

Professional learning during the early career phase
Chair: A Hobson

 318 Understanding the Role and Impact of Early Career Teachers Informal Support Networks
Le Cornu, Rosie – University of South Australia
Papatraianou, Lisa – Flinders University

749 Exploring beginner teachers wellbeing through the lens of self- determination theory
Hobson, Andrew – University of Brighton
Maxwell, Bronwen – Sheffield Hallam University

806 Teacher Induction in Shanghai: Opportunities and challenges for teachers professional learning
Qui, Chao/ Livingston, Kay – University of Glasgow
Chen, Xia – Shanghai Teacher Training Centre


 Teacher Education and Development

A capability approach to teacher education
Chair: D. Price
Discussant: F. McCallum

 704 Affective Dimensions of School Spaces: a rhizomatic mapping of new men with ASD experiences when navigating Canadian school spaces
Reddington, Sarah – University of South Australia

808 Teacher Wellbeing: Initial teacher education capability approach
Price, Deborah/ McCallum, Faye – University of South Australia

811 Applying a capabilities approach to national literacy curriculum implementation
Price, Deborah – University of South Australia