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BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts

23 September 2014 to 25 September 2014London


BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts – ECR Parallel Session 2


Spotlight Session: A beginners guide to getting published in BERA’s journals

Presenter: Jessica Davis, Senior Commissioning Editor, Journals, Wiley


Comparative and International Education

Chair: N. Savvides

 343 Managing change in a time of social and economic crisis
Georgas, Thomas – Institute of Education

912 A study of a training program provided by national academic for educational research for primary school head teachers in Taiwan
Wu, Yi-jung – University of Manchester

369 Social accountability vs market orientated accountability: A case study of public and private school in Haryana, India
Narwana, Kamlesh – Jawaharlal Nehru University


Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Chair: T. Macfadyen

 266 Formative and summative assessment of science in English primary schools: evidence from the Primary Science Quality Mark
Earle, Sarah – Bath Spa University

560 Forms of feedback: The interpretation and values placed on three distinct forms of feedback for MA Education
Spink, Russell – Staffordshire University

630 Colloborative teaching and learning of creating an inquiry based community through constructive dialogues in Liberal Studies: A case study of Hong Kong
Zhi, Blanche Tang, Wing – Chinese University of Hong Kong


Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Chair: V. Yanez – Monje

 039 Who’s that talking in my class: What does research say about pupil to pupil exploratory talk that leads to learning?
Rutter, Tim – Edge Hill University
Edwards, Ruth – Ridgeway High School
Dean, Phil – St Mary’s Catholic High

169 Formative assessment – teachers’ perspectives on their own feedback practices
Yanez-Monje, Veronica – King’s College London

181 A new curriculum for English Teaching: teacher’s perceptions and needs in relation to the new curriculum
Lei, Man/ Medwell, Jane – University of Nottingham


Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Chair: K. Hobbs

 345 The constitution and implementation of the English Baccalaureate: implications for educational equality
Hobbs, Kathryn – University of Sheffield

380 Putting standards into the standards-based assessment practices
Alonzo, Dennis/ Mirriahi, Negin/ Davison, Chris – University of New South Wales

018 An investigation of teaching and learning practices taking place in different SES settings
Dulfer, Nicky – University of Melbourne

2.05 Early Childhood

 505 Metacognition and children’s second language acquisition in China
Xu, Chenyan – University of Cambridge

872 The use of videos – effects on children’s language and literacy skills
Saimin, Rahimah – University of Dundee

2.06 Higher Education

 898 The impact of entry qualifications on transitions into higher education
Inglis, Sharon – Staffordshire University

606 The role of trait emotional intelligence in achievement during a stressful educational transition: a multistage model of mediation via social support, coping and adaptation
Perera, Harsha – University of Southern Queensland

072 The influence of identity and emotion on undergraduate students’ construction of effective summarative feedback
Long, Phillip – Anglia Ruskin University

2.07 Inclusive Education

 240 Greek headtachers’ perceptions of inclusion: which are the opportunities and barriers that arise for schools’ leaders?
Rapti, Maria – University of Leeds

775 Exploring the impact of teachers’ beliefs about inclusion on their classroom practices
Azad, Talat – King’s College London

189 What is it like to be a primary school teacher supporting children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties?
Childerhouse, Helen – Sheffield Hallam University


Leadership & Management in Education

Chair: M. Jopling

 551 Inspiring and distributing leadership to students: a case study of a school in Bangladesh
Salahuddin, Abu/ Greenwood, Janinka – University of Canterbury

342 The interrelationship between decision-making processes, values and professional practice in an English secondary school as it approaches academisation
Rayner, Stephen – University of Manchester


Leadership & Management in Education

Chair: A. Halsall

 661 An investigation into the leadership styles of Muslim headteachers: A comparative study of secondary schools in England and Pakistan
Iqbal, Asima – University of Warwick

861 ‘Exploring instructional leadership in a cross-country comparative context: lessons from English and Greek high-performing secondary schools’
Kaparou, Maria – University of Warwick


Literacy and Language

Chair: J. Medwell

 166 The changing nature of Chinese supplementary schools in the UK
Lei, Man/ Medwell, Jane – University of Nottingham

905 Getting to know you: the development of intercultural competence as an essential element in learning Mandarin
Jin, Tinghe – Institute of Education


Mentoring and Coaching

Chair: S. Fletcher

 366 Good synergy and bad synergy: the mentor’s perspective
Burg, Carol – National Louis University

403 The pedagogical development of elite football coaches – the case of Sweden
Svensson, Robert/ Ericsson, Christer – School of Heath and Medical Sciences

832 The role and impact of learning mentors in English Primary schools
Kuruvilla, Benny – The University of Northampton


Philosophy of Education

Chair: R. Davies

 352 Photographs as a pedagogical and educational research tool: using photo-essays for reflexivity and critical thinking
Royant, Lena – University of Reading

429 Not teaching: a scholastic logic
Marshall Michael – Institute of Education


Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy

Chair: A. Flintoff

 286 A study of the impact of the Foundation Phase on children’s motor development and physical activity
Wainwright, Nalda/ Goodway, Jackie/ Whitehead Margaret – University of Bedfordshire
Williams, Andrew – University of Wales, Trintity St David
Kirk, David – University of Queensland

804 Increasing knowledge and motivation during structured physical activity time in the primary school setting
Murray, Alison – University of Roehampton

876 Motivating assessment in Physical Education
Maes, Jolien/ Haerens, Leen/ Cardon, Greet – Ghent University
Krijgsman, Christa – Fontys Hogeschool


Practitioner Research

Chair: d. Struthers

 471 Development and implementation of a metalearning project as an EFL elective course in a Taiwanese secondary
Lin, Shu-wen/ Rattray, Julie/ Walker-Gleaves, Caroline – Durham University

416 Educational research in the NHS: Breaking through the governance barrier
Gathercole, Katie – University of Leeds

862 ‘Problem girls? Understanding the embodied experiences and problematic behaviour of young women in the urban post-16 college’
Stanger, Camilla – Goldsmiths

470 What’s all the fuss about? How teachers perceive and define problematic behaviours in the classroom
Kidd-Smithers, Rachel – Staffordshire University


Race, Ethnicity and Education

Chair: C. Chadderton

 167 Ethnicity, Young People and ‘othering’ ‘It’s like we don’t exist’; transitions from school to nowhere
Nasim Riaz, Nighet – University of the West of Scotland

336 Education, career mobility and the attitudes of South Asian Girls and Women: An investigation of the experiences of adult and adolescent Pakistani females
Choudhry, Fouzia – Staffordshire University


Research Methodology in Education

Chair: L. Todd

 613 How can spirituality and the lived experiences of ‘autistic’ persons be incorporated into educational research? The use of IPA to analyse ‘autistic’ persons’ autobiographies
Pelge, Jayrunisa/ Stolberg, Tonie/ Guldberg, Karen – University of Birmingham

936 Do we see through their eyes? Testing a web-based survey through cognitive interviews
Sopromadze, Natia – University of Warwick
Moorosi, Pontso – University of Bedfordshire

2.18 Science Education

 232 Unequal represenation of socioeconomic classes in STEM education
Amitava Banerjee, Pallavi – School of Education

531 How do girls engage with science? A case study of girls’ secondary school in the UK
Godec, Spela – King’s College London

632 Repositioning the Gender Gap in STEM
Miller-Friedmann, Jaimie – University of Oxford

2.19 Sexualities

 848 Effect of type of schools on student’s academic achievement, self-esteem and academic motivation at higher secondary level
Anwar, Fizza – Forman Christian College
Noureen, Ghazala – Lahore College for Women University

482 Teenage pregnancy as a substitute for education in Nigeria
Ogbonna-Nwaogu, Ifeyinwa – National Open University of Nigeria


Teacher Education and Development

Chair: M. Hulme

 289 Voices on values; perceptions, reactions and effects in Catholic College
Clark, Alison – Liverpool Hope University

341 What does it mean to be a teacher?
Lord, Janet – University of Manchester

944 Viewing teachers’ practice as educational practices: what does that mean?
Ximena Bonilla, Sandra – Universidad Distital FJC


Teacher Education and Development

Chair: M. Jopling

 550 An investigation of the experiences of newly graduated English Language Teachers (ELT) in their first years in Libyan Schools: a case study in post conflict Tripoli
Abusrewel, Fatma – University of Huddersfield

427 Beginning teacher identity shaping: Temporospatial dimension
O’Sullivan, Dan/ Conway, Paul – University College Cork

766 Graduate teacher wellbeing: how and why we should support those who begin intrepid and resilient
Kumar, Doreen/ Stokes, Helen – University of Melbourne

2.22 Teacher Development and Education

 314 Teaching critical and creative thinking skills in primary education – Teacher Trainer and Trainee perspectives
Barnaby, Beverley/ Burghardt, Vicky – Middlesex University

622 How can Initial Teacher Education help beginning teachers to develop the speaking skills of their language students in school?
Regan, Vanessa – University of Sussex

411 Teacher Cognition: a study of secondary English Teachers
Enow, Linda/ Goodwyn, Andy/ Powell, Daisy – University of Reading


Youth Studies

Chair: J. Batsleer

 473 The TV as a teacher: Nigerian children’s exposure to videos and their perception of social relations
Onwubere, Chidinma – National Open University of Nigeria

707 The relationships of parent’s beliefs, perceived parenting behaviours, adolescent’s self-efficacy beliefs and developmental outcomes: a pioneer investigation in the context of contemporary Chinese society
Gao, Jie – University of Cambridge