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BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts

23 September 2014 to 25 September 2014London


BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts – Main Conference Parallel Session 6


 Spotlight Session


 British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET) Symposia

 Arts Based Educational Research

Art for art’s sake? ‘Seeing’ and theorising learning in the arts
Chair: P.. Thomson
Discussant: A. Hickey-Moody

 241 The signature pedagogies of artists working with teachers: what can film allow us to ‘see’ and ‘show’?
Hall, Christine/ Thomson, Pat – University of Nottingham

242 Orchestrated pedagogies
Franks, Anton – University of Nottingham

243 Understanding the experience of live art
Pringle, Emily – TATE
Thomson, Pat – University of Nottingham


 Comparative and International Education

Intercultural and international education
Chair: J. Bamford

 791 Creating a space for addressing cultural dissonance in the higher education classroom: a case study of students cultural interactions on joint Masters programmes
Bamford, Jan – London Metropolitan University

575 Looking into the Cross-national Joint Construction of History Teaching Materials from Taiwanese Perspectives: A Case Study of the Collaborative Project of ‘A History to Open the Future’ between China, Japan and Korea
Chen, Hsiao-Lan – Department of Education
Li, Han-Yu – Graduate Institute of Curriculum and Instruction


 Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Assessment and measurement: looking back – looking forward
Chair: R. Dann

 518 Understanding and Developing Pupil Feedback using Principles of Communicative Action
Dann, Ruth – Manchester Metropolitan University

902 Measuring the normal: Exploring the genesis of the psychological gaze in port war education to problematise
Soler, Janet – The Open University

358 ‘Towards a new theory of assessment: enabling assessment’
Singh, Birendra – Institute of Education

975 Emotions, a sociocultural approach
Encinas, Mabel – Institute of Education

381 A teacher assessment for learning (AfL) competency framework: Development and Application
Alonzo, Dennis/ Davison, Chris – University of New South Wales


 Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Curriculum, assesment and pedagogy – implications for STEM
Chair: R. Wegerif

 252 Teacher Assessment in Primary Science (TAPS): the first year
Davies, Dan/ McMahon, Kendra/ Howe, Alan/ Earle, Sarah/ Collier, Christopher/ Digby, Rebecca – Bath Spa University

993 Some dialogic mechanisms behind conceptual development in mathematics
Wegerif, Rupert/ Kazak, Sibel – University of Exeter

801 Teachers’ responses to the introduction of grading and national testing in Sweden
Lidar, Malena/ Lundqvist, Eva/ Almqvist, Jonas – Uppsala University
Ryder, Jim – University of Leeds


 Early Childhood

ECR Early Childhood Papers – Learning, interaction and environments: policy and practice
Chair: E. Wood

008 Relationships between Parental Scaffolding, Children’s Motivational Resources and Self-Regulated Learning in Chinese Pre-school Children
Zhang, Hei – University of Cambridge

327 The Aims of Early Years Outdoor Education in England: a Conceptual and Empirical Investigation
Bilton, Helen – University of Reading

367 Learning through play in kindergarten classrooms: Chinese teachers’ interpretation
Yang, Yanjuan – University of Warwick

338 ‘A New Direction’: The changing face of English Early Childhood Education and Care Policy
Fairchild, Nikki – University of Chichester


 Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

Leading improving schools and collaborative CPD
Chair: R. Higham

 620 Leading with values: Improving schools in one English county
Higham, Rupert/ Booth, Tony – University of Cambridge

423 ‘We’re learning at the same time’: The impact of joint CPD
Bentham, Sue – University of Chichester


 Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

Improving effectiveness in maths and literacy
Chair: A. Hutchinson

 732 The Effect of Diagnostic Assessments on Student Achievement: Evidence from the U.S.
Konstantopoulos, Spyros/ Li, Wei – Michigan State University
Miller, Shazia/ van der Ploeg, Arie – American Institutes for Research

392 Introducing Reading Quest: Evaluating a modified version of Reading Recovery
Kelly, Kate/ Sadreddini, Shireen – Centre for Education Research and Policy
Rose, Jo/ Feiler, Anthony – Graduate School of Education

193 Improving teaching effectiveness through observation in professional learning teams
Hutchinson, Alan – Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School, Melbourne

841 The effectiveness of mathematics teaching: A Cross-national investigation in primary schools in England and China
Miao, Zhenzhen/ Reynolds, David – University of Southampton


 Educational Research and Educational Policy Making

Pupil achievement, curriculum and structures
Chair: S. Hallam

 724 Education through citizenship? The impact of extra-curricular civic activities at school on civic engagement in adulthood
Keating, Avril – Institute of Education

156 Does streaming have an impact on attainment at Key Stage 1 in the primary school?
Hallam, Susan/ Parsons, Samantha – Institute of Education


 Educational Research and Educational Policy Making

Doing educational policy research (3): Exploring questions and identity
Chair: S. Jones
Discussant: C. Mills

 541 Turbulence within: fluidity and identity in critical policy research
Davies, Patricia – Manchester Institute of Education

545 Promoting researcher well-being: inside, outside and somewhere in between
Emery, Carl – Manchester Institute of Education

553 ‘Legal alien’ identity: researching ‘the other’ from within
McGinty, Ruth/ Salokangas, Maija – Manchester Institute of Education


 Higher Education

New forms of professional training and the impact on higher education institutes and professional development: Gloomy foregrounds and democratic horizons
Chair: J. Duggan
Discussant: T. Brown

 741 The impact of new forms of professional training on long-term teacher educators
Rowley, Harriet/ Brown, Tony/ Smith, Kim – Manchester Metropolitan University

742 Social Work is Dead – Long Live Social Work
Batsleer, Janet/ Watt, Diane/ Packham, Carol – Manchester Metropolitan University

743 Educating for a disappearing profession? The case of youth and community work
Batsleer, Janet/ Watt, Diane/ Packham, Carol – Manchester Metropolitan University

745 Re-negotiating the Role of HEIs in Knowledge Exchange for Evidence-based Teaching
Duggan, James/ Schostak, John – Manchester Metropolitan University


 Higher Education

Recent developments in teaching and learning in higher education
Chair: J. Ortiz-Quiroga

 223 What’s new(s) about MOOCs? The discursive construction of digital higher education
Selwyn, Neil/ Bulfin, Scott/ Pangrazio, Luciana – Monash University

960 Making Sense of Internationalisation Policy in Colombian Higher Education: ‘How things are, how things could be’
Ortiz-Quiroga, Jorge – Institute of Education

831 Student experiences at the University of Sheffield
Hordosy, Rita/ Clark, Thomas/ Vickers, Daniel – University of Sheffield


 Higher Education

Investigating employability: Student and employer perspectives
Chair: E. Smith

 790 The employment trajectories of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics STEM graduates
Smith, Emma/ White, Patrick – University of Leicester

692 Employability and Education Studies: Emerging findings from a student-lecturer collaborative research project
McDonnell, Jane – Liverpool John Moores University
Curtis, Will – University of Warwick
Menendez Alvaria-Heverez, David/ Lewis, Susan/ Bates, Jane – Manchester Metropolitan University


 Inclusive Education

ECR Inclusive Education Papers – Supporting the inclusion of students identified with learning difficulties
Chair: J. Shepherd

 690 Student voices, visual methods and vulnerability: young people with autism in transition
Shepherd, Jacqui – University of Sussex

718 Labelling the students as ‘gifted’: Does it really matter?
Charalampidi, Marina – University of Warwick

714 Exploring South Asian Maternal Perspectives and Understanding of their Child’s Disability: Insights from a UK Based Study
Rizvi, Sana – University of Bristol


 Inclusive Education

Understanding inclusive approaches to language and literacy
Chair: G. Glenny

 696 Investigating the use of text-to-speech software for children with literacy difficulties
Glenny, Georgina – Oxford Brookes University

881 Exploring epistemic climates in inclusive learning environments: dialogic literary gatherings in English and Spanish primary schools
García Carríon, Rocío/ Hargreaves, Linda/ Kershner, Ruth – University of Cambridge

597 Superheroes, innocent characters, good boys and girls…Images of diversity in fairy tales
Symeonidou, Simoni/ Monoyiou, Elena – University of Cyprus


 Leadership and Management in Education

Influential elements in shaping leadership processes
Chair: P. Woolner

 968 Deciphering Culture in an Evening Vocational School of Greece: A Case Study
Giannakaki, Marina Stefania – Queen’s University Belfast
Batziakas, Georgios – Directorate of Secondary Education of Magnesia

942 Can we, as a leaders in Children’s Services, create a Learning Organisation culture as a means of transformational change?
Harrison, Nigel/ Jones, Christine – Liverpool Hope University

557 How do we generate our living theories of caring in the restructuring of a Carer’s Centre?
Hutchison, Sonia/ Hickey, Chris/ Trumper, David – University of Cumbria

713 The role of the physical environment in enacting school change
Woolner, Pamela/ Thomas, Ulrike – Newcastle University


 Mathematics Education

Primary mathematics education
Chair: A. Hansen

 666 Designing interactive respresentations for learning fractions
Hansen, Alice/ Mavrikis, Manolis/ Geraniou, Eirini – Institute of Education

699 Learning to Teahc Primary Level Mathematics: Research Evidence from the IEA TEDS-M International Study
Teresa Tatto, Maria – Michigan State University

762 Context in Mathematics examination questions
Greatorex, Jackie – Cambridge Assessment


 New Technologies in Education

The use and evaluation of iPads and mobile computing
Chair: R. Geer

 365 The use of iPads in learning and teaching in some South Australian schools
Geer, Ruth/ Zeegers, Yvonne/ White, Bruce/ Au, Wing/ Barnes, Alan – University of South Australia

863 An Evaluation of iPad Implementation across a network of Primary Schools in Cardiff
Hiller, Emily/ Beauchamp, Gary – Cardiff Metropolitan University


 Philosophy of Education

Educational Practice
Chair: E. Staddon

 044 The democratic curriculum: concept and practice
Hopkins, Neil – University of Bedfordshire

147 Connections and abstractions: three philosophical perspectives on school curriculum
Heilbronn, Ruth – Institute of Education

513 Teaching and Learning Discourse: a Species Apart?
Staddon, Elizabeth – University of Birmingham


 Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy

Pedagogy in PESP
Chair: H. Larsson

 037 Towards a pedagogical model for working with girls in physical education: an activist approach
Kirk, David/ Oliver, Kimberly – University of Bedfordshire

440 A Swedish didactics of physical education tradition – what could that be?
Larsson, Hakan – The Swedish School of Sport and Health Studies


 Post-Compulsory and Lifelong Learning

Teaching and learning with and from others: The importance of both learning cultures and occupational contexts for developing vocational pedagogical expertise in post compulsory education and training
Discussant: R. Canning

 389 It makes me a better teacher: A network analysis of the link between teachers’ development of occupational expertise and their improved pedagogic practice
Broad, Janet – Institute of Education

393 Maximising Vocational Teachers’ Learning from Practice: the mediating role of artefacts and the significance of context in the observation of teaching
Lahuff, Ann – Institute of Education

452 Learning and teaching in practice: a case study of a knowledge-intensive workplace
Derrick, Jay – Institute of Education


 Practitioner Research

Researching from a HE perspective
Chair: K. Wall

 828 Practitioner focused masters programmes: which research methods and modes of analysis should be taught and why?
Wall, Karl/ Kambouri, Maria – Institute of Education

572 Research Partnerships: an exploration of the impact of varying types of engagement between school and university partners
Struthers, d’Reen – University of Roehampton

187 ‘Flipping’ the postgraduate classroom – supporting the student experience
Smith, Sara/ Brown, Donna/ Martin, Jan – University of Wolverhampton


 Religious and Moral Education

Narratives and religious and moral education
Chair: L. Revell

 922 Christianity and RE Story Texts: the case of Genre Convergence
Bryan, Hazel/ Revell, Lynn – Canterbury Christ Church University

488 The ebbing tide of human rights education in English school policy: an analysis of the changing curriculum and changing moral commitments within statutory documentation
Bowie, Robert – Canterbury Christ Church University

609 ‘If someone gave you £1 million today, what would you do with it?’ Children’s voices
Power, Sally/ Smith, Kevin – Cardiff University


 Research Methodology in Education

Power, pedagogy and participation: ethics and pragmatics in research with young people
Chair: P. Connolly
Discussant: P. Connolly

 201 The Researcher-Teacher: Teaching research to research teaching
Jerome, Lee – Queen’s University

202 Using participatory pedagogical tools to build children and young people’s capacity to engage actively with educational research
Emerson, Lesley – Queen’s University

238 Young people and educational research for education program development
Akar, Bassel – Notre Dame University



Sexualities and schooling
Chair: F. Cullen

 484 Researching perceptions of childhood sexuality: Using vignettes in interviews with teachers, counsellors, parents and young children
Flanagan, Paul – University of Waikato

340 The effectiveness of policies, practices and strategies used to meet the needs of pupil’s sexualities
Barrie, Richard – University of Birmingham


 Social Justice

Diversity, integration and achievement in schools
Chair: T. Skrefsrud

 455 Models for Integrating Minority Students: Success Stories from Nordic Schools
Skrefsrud, Thor-André/ Anders Kulbrandstad, Lars – Hedmark University College
Hansen, Börkur/ Svavarsson, Helgi – University of Iceland
Paavola, Heini – University of Helsinki

495 Representing the ‘achievement gap’ in New Zealand and the UK
Pomeroy, David – University of Cambridge

660 The ‘Lost Generation’: Access of Syrian Refugee Children to Quality Education in Lebanon
Shuayb, Maha/ Makkouk, Nisrine – Centre for Lebanise Studies

476 Social mix, Social class and ethnic diversity: a study of children’s friendships and achool friendship policy
Iqbal, Humera/ Vincent, Carol – Institute of Education
Neal, Sarah – University of Surrey


 Social Justice

Tackling social inequality in schools
Chair: C. Mohamed

 573 Compassion as Capital: An exploration of social justice and privilege in advantaged and disadvantaged schools
Smith, Catherine/ Parker, Stephen – Deakin University

451 Shaping Socially Just Teachers
Mohamed, Carmen – University of Leicester

273 Teachers’ pedagogic work and social justice at the extremes of education advantages and disadvantages
Gale, Trevor/ Parker, Stephen/ Smith, Catherine – Deakin University
Cross, Russell – The University of Melbourne
Mills, Carmen – The University of Queensland

910 Reflections on a model of fair access: findings from an evaluation of the pilot phase of the Villiers Park Scholars Scheme
Gazeley, Louise – University of Sussex


 Social Theory and Education

Theorising educational reproduction
Chair: R. Raaper

 736 Student Assessment in Higher Education: Rationalities, Practices, Subjects (Cross-cultural Study of the University of Glasgow and Tallinn University)
Rapper, Rille – University of Glasgow

022 Risking Intelligibility: truth, refusal and the politics of teaching
Olmedo, Antonio – University of Roehampton
J Ball, Stephen – Institute of Education


 Teacher Education and Development

Teacher professional learning: environment and design
Chair: P. Conway

 880 Cultural dynamics of teacher education programme design and enactment: dilemmas in developing ‘good’ teaching
Conway, Paul – University College Cork

786 The effectiveness of professional learning environments in primary and secondary contexts in England
Cordingley, Philippa/ Buckler, Natalia – CUREE

245 The impact of including school leaders as participants in teacher professional learning programs
Hilton Geoff/ Hilton, Annette – University of Queensland


 Youth Studies

Youth transitions, spectral constructions and contestations
Chair: J. Batsleer

 396 Spectacle and Spectrality in the Subjective Constructions of High School Youth in a South African city
Fataar, Aslam – Stellenbosch University

206 From anecdote to CHAT: capturing the ‘evidence’ in youth work practice
Davies, Richard – Aberystwth University

203 Youth Entry and Progression in the British Labour Market
Wilde, Rachel – Institute of Education

543 Better placed in labour market talking with outside speakers coming to school? A longitudinal analysis of the transition of young people to early adulthood
Toloue Kashefpakdel, Elnaz – University of Bath
Percy, Christian/ Mann, Anthony – Education and Employers Taskforce