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BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts

23 September 2014 to 25 September 2014London


BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts – ECR Parallel Session 1


Comparative and International Education

Chair: N. Savvides

353 Learning experiences and expectations of Libyan Master’s students at a UK University: intercultural adapation and identity
Algwil, Kamila – University of Huddersfield

824 Improving the needs of international students. A case study of five Nigerian students studying at Edge Hill
Obadan, Felix – Edge Hill University

516 ‘Everyone has to find themselves in the story’: Representing the minority in the citizenship education curriculum in Northern Ireland and Israel
Hanna, Helen – Queen’s University Belfast


 Creativity in Education

Chair: P. Burnard

 681 Developing socially just pedagogy: the role of learner agency and creativity
Hempel-Jorgensen, Amelia – The Open University

771 Exploring transformation through arts and music-infused creative learning in a K-5 school
Arvinf, Pavithra – University of Exeter

885 Creativity in ludoliteracy, games development and games studies in the UK
Wearn, Nia – Staffordshire University


 Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Chair: Clarke Hall

 244 The influence of collaboration on subsequent individual performance in primary aged children
Hollins, Tara – University of St Mark and St John
Gummerum, Michaela – University of Plymouth

262 Curricula issues for Key Stage 2 students with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) in literacy in the setting of mainstream education in England
Moutra, Anna – Institute of Education

 1.04  Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

 515 Deconstruction and the possible spaces for socially just global citizenship: the South Korean School Geography
Kim, Gapcheol – University of Sheffield

556 Transformation in thinking through PBL in the news media literacy class: the teacher as a researcher’s development of thinking about pedagogy
Chen, Dai-Ling – Durham University

 1.05  Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

 856 An investigation into autonomy in UK free schools
Pagden, Louise – University of Reading

807 Value-added and accountability: Fit for Purpose?
Perry, Thomas – University of Birmingham

825 An analysis of assessment method of measuring generic skills: A case study in internship program in Japanese higher education
Ishibashi, Yoshikazu – Yamagata University
Nakayama, Minoru – Tokyo Institute of Technology
Matsuda, Takeshi – Shimane University


 Educational Research and Educational Policy-Making

Chair: M. Leask

 048 The paradox of the raising of participation age (RPA) policy
Cornish, Carlene – University of Essex

701 ‘Educational Wastelands’: Neoliveral Educational reforms in de-industrialised spaces
Hughes, Keely – Keele University

855 Internationalisation of higher education: developing theoretical perspectives
Tiernan, Aisling – Kings Learning Institute


 Higher Education

Chair: K. Vigurs

 339 An investigation into the development of professional doctorate student identities
Lord, Janet/ Rayner, Stephen/ Parr, Elizabeth/ Sharkey, Rachel – University of Manchester

965 Early career academics and the provision of mentoring services: an action research investigation into current practices
Scully, Declan – University of Roehampton


 Inclusive Education

Chair: K. Black-Hawkins

 665 Researching the influence of teaching assistants on the learning of pupils identified with special educational needs in mainstream primary schools: exploring social inclusion
Saddler, Helen – University of York

816 Cultural collisions: The meaning and sustainability of partnerships between visual arts organisations and the youth sector
Sim, Nicola – Tate & University of Nottingham

798 Mutualising music for social inclusion: Does El-Sistema provide an effective model for promoting social inclusion and ‘music education for all’?
Sarazin, Marc – University of Oxford


 Inclusive Education

Chair: M. Beaton

 776 Policy implementation in inclusive education: what could complexity theory offer?
Mouroutsou, Stella – University of Glasgow

140 Children of migrant workers in urban public high schools: An analysis of the dual role of education
Song, Yue – University of Glasgow

 1.10  Leadership & Management in Education

 918 Disciplining the head teacher: a critical analysis of a new school head teacher preparation programme in Taiwan
Chen, Hung-Chang – Institute of Education

114 Being a male primary school principal: the emotional dimension
Arnold, Peter – University of South Australia

 1.11  Literacy and Language

 436 Teaching Grammar for Writing: exploring the relationship of teachers’ espoused beliefs to their pedagogical
Watson, Annabel – University of Exeter

321 Understanding the challenges of studying science through English as medium of instruction
Hung, Jack Pun, Kwok – University of Oxford

823 Investigating misspelling patterns: evidence from pupils of primary education with and without dyslexia in England and in Greece
Tsakalaki, Anna – Institute of Education


 Literacy and Language

Chair: S. Ellis

 441 Developing a framework for the teaching and analysis of collaborative talk
Newman, Ruth – University of Exeter

631 Welsh is just for school – isn’t it? An analysis of the factors influencing teenagers’ use of one minority language outside the classroom and the implications for other minority language contexts
Aled Owen, Sion – Bangor University


 Mathematics in Education

Chair: A. Clark-Wilson

 891 Students attitude towards learning mathematics through English in Indonesia
Setyaningrum, Wahyu – University of Dundee

852 Relationship between classroom authority and epistemological beliefs as espoused by primary school mathematics teachers from the very high and the very low socio-economic regions in Thailand
Trakulphadetkrai, Natthapoj – Institute of Education, University of Reading


Mentoring and Coaching Workshop – From Proposol to Publication

Chair: S. Fletcher

 998 Writing for Publication
Fletcher, Sarah – BERA SIG convenor

New Technologies in Education

Chair: K. Malu

 325 Truthful fiction: deconstructing representations of Home Education
Fensham-Smith, Amber – Cardiff University

645 Learning spaces and social media: a counterbalance to VLE in networked learning?
Davis, Jane – Lancaster University
Oberg, Hans Barry – Malardelen University, Sweden
Avery, Barry – Kingston University
Prescott, Debbie – Liverpool University

879 Does constructivist learning design affect online distance learning retention?
Walmsley, Helen – Staffordshire University


Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy

Chair: T. Macfadyen

 873 Do students perceive teaching behaviour differently depending on their own motivation?
De Meyer, Jotie/ Haerens, Leen/ Tallir, Isabel – Department of Movement and Sports Sciences
Soenens, Bart/ Vansteenkiste, Maarten – Department of Development
Van Keer, Hilde – Department of Educational Studies
Aelterman, Nathalie – Flemish Research Foundation

415 Student-centred inquiry as curriculum as an approach to developing a Pedagogical model for working with socially vulnerable Brazilian youth in sport
Luguetti, Carla – CAPES Foundation
Oliver, Kimberly – Department of Human Performance
Kirk, David – The University of Queensland
Dantas, Luiz – School of Physical Education and Sport

576 Sport education implementation with adult females in Brazil
Luguetti, Carla – CAPES Foundation
André Mauro – Illinois State University


Practitioner Research

Chair: d. Struthers

 159 Developing a family-friendly charter for homework: exploring the views of parents, pupils and teachers in a primary school
Rudman, Nicholas – Anglia Ruskin University

581 Participatory action research and teachers’ professional development: A study in a rural secondary school in Bangladesh
Alam, Safayet – College of Education


Science Education

Chair: R. Davies

 532 Exploring Bruneian students’ conceptual understanding of electricity in 3 different ‘environnments’: paper-and-pencil; computer simulations; and laboratory apparatus
Johari, Marlizayati/ Bowker, Anne/ Dillon, Justin – King’s College London

544 How do able students’ implicit theories of intelligence impact upon their engagement with challenging learning activities?
Brown, Louise – Anglia Ruskin University

656 Developing children as scientific enquirers through group discussion; issues and tensions
Hewitt, Liz – University of Leicester


Social Justice

Chair: R. Boyask

 845 A critical analysis of the aims of the academies policy
Pennacchia, Jodie – University of Nottingham

115 The student composition of Free Schools in England
Morris, Rebecca – University of Birmingham

552 An exploration of the factors shaping the reading identities of KS4 pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds in England
Swift, Chelsea – University of York


Teacher Education and Development

Chair: M. Hulme

 594 ‘I raided the library…annoyed a few people by getting out all the books first’ A Narrative case study of trainee teachers developing professional identity in the context of a Masters level credits in PGCE
Woodbury, Jayne – University of the West of England

720 A case study of a secondary science department as a learning environment for trainee science teachers in the light of School Direct
Heighes, Deb – University of Reading

333 Science Teachers’ learning and their professional identities
Subryan, Shubhashnee – University of Derby


Teacher Education and Development

 662 Professional development of teacher educators in Pakistan: challenges and opportunities
Qureshi, Naima – University of Warwick

705 A model of improvement in higher education teachers training system
Solobutina, Marina/ Shishova, Evgeniya – Kazan Federal University


Youth Studies

Chair: J. Batsleer

 179 ‘It’s not a tick box exercise’: Youth work, performativity and resistance
de St Croix, Tania – King’s College London

045 Globally mobile or locked in the local? The emotional geographies of education for citizenship
Black, Rosalyn – Monash University

959 Active citizens, good citizens and insouciant bystanders: the educational implications of Chinese university students’ civic participation via social networking
Lin, Ke – Institute of Education