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BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts

23 September 2014 to 25 September 2014London


BERA Conference 2014 Abstracts – Main Conference Parallel Session 1


 Arts Based Education Research

Music through the ages: Early years to critical geragogy
Chair: A. Creech

 157 Differences in motivation as musical expertise develops
Hallam, Susan – Institute of Education

408 Pupil’s attitudes to school and music during their transition to secondary school
Kokotsaki, Dimitra – University of Durham

293 Critical geragogy: a framework for facilitating older learners in community music
Creed, Andrea/ Hallam, Susan – Institute of Education


 Comparative and International Education

The English teaching profession in international perspective: Evidence from TALIS 2013
Chair: J. Micklewright

 087 The TALIS 2013 survey in England
Micklewright, John – Institute of Education

088 Teachers’ views about their teaching and their jobs
Jerrim, John – Institute of Education

089 School leadership: the view of headteachers
Vignoles, Anna/ Ilie Sonia – University of Cambridge

090 School and classroom climate: teachers’ views of pupil behaviour
Jenkins, Andrew – Institute of Education


 Creativity in Education

Creativity in learning
Chair: K. Chappell

 349 CREAT-IT: a new pedagogical framework for partnering the arts and sciences in science education
Chappell, Kerry, Slade, Charlotte – University of Exeter

199 How does technology support pupils’ creativity when composing music in Key Stage 4?
Wyn Patterson, Eira – University of Winchester
Cole, Timothy – Swanmore College

388 Creativity and innovation in education
Geer Hammershoj, Lars – Aarhus University


Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Learning History part 2: Historical Enquiry: aims and pedagogies
Chair: A. Chapman
Discussant: K. Burn

 888 Veracity: a neglected facet of history education in schools?
Haydn, Terry – University of East Anglia

889 Historical Enquiries into aspects of mulitcultural history and their impact on students in London secondary schools
Whitburn, Robin – Institute of Education
Mohamud, Abdullahi – Hampstead School

890 Historical enquiry in a challenging context: challenges and opportunities arising from developing an enquiry based approach to the history curriculum and pedagogy in the Republic of Cyprus. A case study
Chapman, Arthur – Institute of Education
Perikleous, Lukas – University of Cyprus

892 The uses of the ‘enquiry question’ in mediating content anc concept: liminality and hermeneutic play in history teachers’ curricular realisation
Counsell, Christine – University of Cambridge


 Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Curriculum, Assessment and pedagogy – including all learners?
Chair: B. Singh

 642 Modified tests for visually impaired children – Can modifcations increase accessibility whilst maintaining the difficulty and integrity of questions
Atkins, Stuart – Standards and Testing Agency

374 ‘Le Miserables’ (the wrestched) of the education system: a case study
Singh, Birendra – Institute of Education


 Early Childhood

Early-Q THALES project: Evaluation of early childhood education quality
Chair: V. Grammatikopoulos
Discussant: A. Gregoriadis

 834 An overview of the Early-Q THALES Project
Zachopoulou, Evridiki – Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki
Gregoriadis, Athanasios – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Grammatikopoulos, Vasilis – University of Crete

840 The Early Q project training in the Envirnoment Rating Scales
Grammatikopoulos, Vasilis – University of Crete
Zachopoulou, Evridiki – Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki
Glueer, Michael – University of Beilefeld
Bhering, Eliana – Federal University of Rio de Janiero

847 Evaluating the Greek early childhood education system: Results from the polot study of the Early-Q THALES
Zachopoulou, Evridiki – Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki
Gregoriadis, Athanasios – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Grammatikopoulos, Vasilis – University of Crete
Kouli, Olda – Democritus University of Thrace


 Early Childhood

Going beyond ‘quality’ in early childhood education: Putting posthumanist theories to work
Chair: J. Osgood
Discussant: M. MacLure

 297 Figure 1 and 2 as ‘event’: reconfiguring quality
Jones, Liz – Manchester Metropolitan University

298 Re-assembling ‘quality’: mapping professional bodies and becomings in early childhood education
Osgood, Jayne – London Metropolitan University

299 My Tongue on your Theory: Bittersweet ‘quality’ in research
Holmes, Rachel – Manchester Metropolitan University

301 ‘Only by addressing the needs of those at risk of social exclusion can the objectives of the Strategic Framework be properly met’: Questioning the European quality narrative
Urban, Mathias – University of Roehampton


Educational Effectiveness and Improvement

The impact of parents and communities on achievement
Chair: J. Fruehwirth

 161 Raising Educational Outcomes through Parental Education and Literacy Skills: Perspectives from Parents and their Children in Rural Uganda
Drajea, Alice/ O’Sullivan, Carmel – University of Dublin

218 Why does the parental education of classroom peers affect student outcomes?
Cooley Fruehwirth, Jane – Christ’s College

135 Raising the achievement of Indigenous Maori secondary-school students through a relational and culturally responsive school-wide, community response
Berryman, Mere – University of Waikato
Wearmouth, Janice – University of Bedfordshire


Educational Research and Educational Policy-Making

The impact of literacy, numeracy and pupil deprivation policies
Chair: A. Bradbury

 050 The changing aims of assessment: the evolution of the Year 1 Phonics test from ‘simple reading test’ to ‘screening check’ in government rhetoric and policy
Bradbury, Alice – Institute of Education

587 A logic of enumeration: The nature and effects of national literacy and numeracy testing in Australia
Hardy, Ian – The University of Queensland


Educational Research and Educational Policy-Making

Translational research and knowledge mobilisation – strategies from the Campbell Collaboration and MESH (Mobilising, Managing and Mapping Educational Specialist knowhow)
Chair: M. Leask
Discussant: G. Moss

 997 Translational Research and Knowledge Mobilisation in action – Educators Responses to MESH Guides
Leask, Marilyn/ Proctor, Richard – University of Bedfordshire

999 The Physical Education MESH Guide: an online guide connecting educators  with summaries and sources of educational research
Goodyear, Victoria/ Whitehead, Margaret – MESH Physical Education Editorial Board

1002 Translational Research and Knowledge Mobilisation for School Improvement
Ovenden-Hope, Tanya/ la Velle, Linda – Plymouth University

1003 MESH: addressing the challenges of 21st Century knowledge management
Younie, Sarah/ Bux Jumani, Navi/ Preston, Christina/ Leask, Marilyn – MESH Chief Editorial Baord
Harrison, Colin – University of Nottingham
Wilson, Sandra/ Grant, Sean – Campbell Collaboration
O’Meara, James – International Council on Education for Teaching
Whalley, Caroline – De Montfort University

1005 Teaching as a clinical practice profession: a paradigm for school-based translational research
Dulfer, Nicky/ Rickards, Field/ Dinham, Stephen/ Page, Jane/ Acquaro, Daniela/ Anderson, Melody – University of Melbourne
McLean-Davis, Larissa – MESH Editorial Board

979 The complexity of research utilisation in the education policy arena: a case study of the Ministry of Education in Taiwan
Chen, Hung- Chang – Institute of Education
Chen, Ya-Chu – Ministry of Education


Higher Education

Questioning teaching and learning environments and pedagogy in higher education
Chair: H. Messenger

 188 The active demonstration of empathy: identifying a pedagogical pattern promoting student development in higher education
Messenger, Hazel – London Metropolitan University

424 The migration of prevocationalism into higher education: a case study of Business School curriculum and pedagogy
Brady, Norman – University of Greenwich

967 ‘Inquiry graphics’: opportunities and challenges of an innovative image-based approach to learning abstract concepts in Higher Education
Lackovic, Natasa – University of Nottingham


 Higher Education

Academic work and development
Chair: G. Davis

 803 Professional development for the post-doctoral academic, an action research project
Davis, Geraldine – Anglia Ruskin University

974 Teaching-only Academics in Research Intensive Universities: A Bourdieusian Analysis
Nyamapfene, Abel – UCL

068 Understanding Transnational Higher Education Partnership Development through the Practices of Faculty
Bordogna, Claudia – University of Huddersfield


 Inclusive Education

Developing inclusive curriculum and pedagogy
Chair: K. Black-Hawkins

 941 Exploring Inclusive Practices: An Intervention Programme in a Mainstream Primary School in Cyprus
Pieridou, Myria – University of Roehampton

146 BUILDing Inclusive Pedagogy with Early Career Teachers
Black-Hawkins, Kristine/ Cooper, Linda/ Kushner, Ruth – University of Cambridge

390 Mapping disability in the curriculum: What lies behind the lines?
Symeonidou, Simoni – University of Cyprus
Mavrou, Katerina – European University Cyprus


 Inclusive Education

Supporting vulnerable families
Chair: M. Jopling

 940 Evaluating support for schools and vulnerable pupils: A network approach
Jopling, Michael – University of Wolverhampton

300 ‘We have to teach these dysfunctional parents how to become better parents, and step in when they don’t;’ the experiences of educational practictioners working with children with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties
Broomhead, Karen – Liverpool John Moores University

693 Tiger mothers: Stories of survival in the SEN (special educational needs) jungle?
Bajwa-Patel, Meanu – University of Northampton


 Leadership and Management in Education

Leadership behaviours and practices
Chair: N. Yakavets

 586 A study of leadership behaviour of school heads and its relationship with teacher’s job satisfaction as moderated by locus of control and task structure
Saleem, Mehreen/ Noureen, Ghazala/ Noshaba, Anam – Lahore College for Women University

813 Studying School Leadership Practice: Evidence from Kazakhstan
Yakavets, Natallia – University of Cambridge

785 The Application of Research to Teacher Leadership Development
Harold, Barbara/Stephenson, Lauren – Zayed University


 Literacy and Language

Literacy engagement in and out of school
Chair: C. Ee Loh

 579 A study of the Reading Practices of Adolescent Readers in a Singapore Government School
Loh, Chin Ee – National Institute of Education

802 Bringing stories to life: a review at the midpoint of a two year randomised controlled trial of a parenting programme to promote children’s literacy
Sullivan, Barry/ Aldrich, Sarah/ Hetherington, Clare/ Ebbens, Alan – Plymouth City Council


 Mathematics Education

Transitions in mathematics education
Chair: E. Jablonka

 162 Teachers’ and employers’ views on the transition from GCSE mathematics to A-Level mathematics and employment
Rushton, Nicky/ Wilson, Frances – Cambridge Assessment

500 Changing perspectives on mathematics in the transition from school to college
Dalby, Diane – University of Nottingham

948 What constitutes the ‘transition problem’ in the eyes of mathematics lecturers?
Jablonka, Eva – King’s College London
Bergsten, Christer – Linköping University

164 Shortcomings of the approaches to learning framework in the context of undergraduate mathematics
Darlington, Ellie – Cambridge Assessment


 New Technologies in Education

Early years, digital technology and multimodality
Chair: C. Jewitt
Discussant: G. Kress

 623 Finger painting with iPads versus physical paint
Price, Sara/ Jewitt, Carey – Institute of Education
Cresenzi, Lucrezia – Barcelona University

624 Child-iniated play with digital technology in the Early-Years: transcribing multimodal interaction
Cowan, Kate – Institute of Education

627 New directions for early literacy in a digital ageL the iPad
Flewitt, Rosie – Institute of Education
Messer, David/ Kucirvkova, Natalia – Open University


 Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy

Beyond cultural deficit: alternative lenses for researching ‘Others’ in health and PE, physical activity and school sport
Chair: B. Pang
Discussant: D. Macdonald

 192 Recognizing young Chinese Australian’s perceived resources within and beyond schooling
Pang, Bonnie – University of Western Sydney
Macdonald, Doune – University of Queensland

226 Beyond minority ethnic ‘role models’ in PETE: ethnic and religious differnce as pedagogical resource?
Flintoff, Anne – Leeds Metropolitan University

275 Looked-after children’s physical education and school sport experiences
Quarmby, Thomas – Leeds Metropolitan University

549 Girls’ meanings of their physicall active bodies at the intersections of gender, race and age
Hill, Joanne – University of Bedfordshire


 Post-compulsory and Lifelong-Learning

Apprenticehsips and workplace learning: occupation, progression and politics
Chair: J. Jameson

 639 Apprenticeship and the concept of occupation: Rethinking the relationship in the context of apprenticeship policy reform in England
Fuller, Alison/ Unwin, Lorna – Institute of Education

763 Breaking through Groundhog Day: Making sense of Progression in HIVE-PED Research on FE-HE-Apprenticeships Progression in England
Jameson, Jill/ Joslin, Hugh/ Smith, Sharon – University of Greenwich

035 Workplace learning and the politics of cognitive capitalism
Avis, James – University of Huddersfield


 Race, Ethnicity and Education

Race and Education: the forgotten inequality?
Chair: P. Warmington
Discussant: C. Chadderton

 457 Race, class and the fabrication of white racial victimhood in education
Gillborn, David – University of Birmingham

461 Educating the Black middle-class child: priorities, concerns and challenges
Rollock, Nicola – University of Birmingham

466 Anti-racist education in a ‘post-racial’ landscape
Warmington, Paul – University of Birmingham


 Research Methodology in Education

RTCs and other critical issues in quantitative methodology
Chair: P. Cordingley

 781 The challenges and opportunities involved in conductin large-scale national randomised controlled trials in education
Cordingley, Phillippa/ Buckler, Natalia/ Crisp, Bart – CUREE

884 Reporting Guideline for Trials of Social and Psychological Interventions: CONSORT-SPI
Montgomery, Paul/ Grant, Sean – University of Oxford
Mayo-Wilson, Evan – UCL

680 How should researchers in education operationalise on-task behaviour?
Gill, Philip/ Remedios, Richard – Durham University

972 Longitudinal Surveys in Research: Pitfalls and perils
Rao, Namrata – Liverpool Hope University
Hosein, Anesa – University of Surrey


 Science Education

Aspects of primary science education
Chair: R. Gillies

 012 Primary students’ scientific reasoning and discourse during cooperative inquiry science
Gillies, Robyn/ Nichols, Kim/ Burgh, Gilbert/ Haynes, Michele – The University of Queensland

030 Higher order thinking skills and personal capabilities in primary science: Theory-into-policy-into-practice, but now what?
Bianchi, Lynne – University of Manchester
Murphy, Colette – Trinity College
McCullagh, John – Stranmillis University College
Kerr, Karen – Queen’s University

621 Enabling Creativity in Early Years Science and Mathematics Education
Glauert, Esme/ Barber, Patti/ Maloney, Jane – Institute of Education
Cremin, Teresa/ Clack, James – Open University
Compton, Ashley/ Johnston, Jane/ Riley Alison – Bishop Grosseteste University
Manches, Andrew – University of Edinburgh


 Social Justice

Factors impacting on young people’s aspirations and achievement
Chair: J. Wearmouth

 667 Young people’s educational aspirations: Psychological factors and the home environment
Hartas, Dimitra – University of Warwick

548 Perspectives of students with immigrant backgrounds on successful educational contexts in the Nordic countries
Berman, Robert/ Ragnarsdottir, Hanna/ Lefever, Samuel/ Blondal, Hildur – University of Iceland
Layne, Heidi – University of Helsinki
Hellman, Anette – University of Gothenburg
Dewilde, Joke – Hedmark University College

174 Reflecting on the dynamics of raising the achievement of indigenous students in one case study school through a ‘community of practice’ lens
Wearmouth, Janice – University of Bedfordshire
Berryman, Mere – University of Waikato


 Social Justice

‘Dumbing down’ or ‘making a difference’? The relationship between feminist theory and education policy

 617 ‘Dumbing down’ or ‘making a difference’? The relationship between feminist theory and education policy
Archer, Louise/ Francis, Becky – King’s College London
Mahony, Pat – University of Roehampton
Morley, Louise – University of Sussex
Ringrose, Jessica – Institute of Education

 Social Theory and Education

Theorising young people and the curriculum
Chair: K. Smith

 633 Critical Investigations of Citizenship Education in Wales: The Curriculum Cymreig and Pupil’s Orientations to Wales and Welshness
Smith, Kevin – Cardiff University

964 Pupil’s participation in school-based co-curricular activities: A case study of learning in non-formal context
Kew Chong, Sau/ Alsagoff, Lubna – National Institute of Education

985 Changing the goal posts of youth transitions and the problematic discourse of soft-skills in schooling in Britain and Australia
Walsh, Lucas – Monash University


 Teacher Education and Development

Times of change in teacher education in the UK: the contribution of research
Chair: M. Tatto
Discussant: J. Murray

 710 Schools Manging Complexity: England’s Diverse Routes into Secondary Teaching
Teresa Tatto, Maria/ Menter, Ian/ Mutton, Trevor/ Burn Katharine – University of Oxford

716 Three years on: An analysis of policy developments in the initial teacher education arising from the Donaldson Review of teacher education in Scotland
Kennedy, Aileen – University of Strathclyde
Hulme, Moira/ Beck, Anna – University of Glasgow

719 Reflective teacher education as a response to contemporary challenges
Pollard, Andrew – University of Bristol

727 School-based teacher education: learning from research into learning from experience
Burn, Katharine/ Mutton, Trevor/ Hagger, Hazel – University of Oxford


 Teacher Education and Development

School University partnerships
Chair: T. Connolly

 911 Fostering School University Partnership for Initital Teacher Education through Generative Practices
Connolly, Tracey/ Conway, Paul/ Murphy, Rosaleen/ Rutherford, Vanessa – University College Cork

625 Enhancing school-university partnerships: the impact of in-service teachers on a university’s initial teacher education programme
Marsh, Brian – University of Brighton
Deacon, Mark – University of Roehampton

657 Co-teaching and co-evaluation in student teaching: Understanding new roles for university supervisors
Soslau, Elizabeth/ Gallo Fox, Jennifer/ Gleason, Susan/ Scantlebury, Kathryn – University of Delaware


 Teacher Education and Development

Pedagogy and enquiry
Chair: D. Ayres

 190 Developing Practitioner Researchers: Pre-service Teacher’s Engagement in Action Research
Ayres, Daniel – University of East London

787 Contextualising game making activities to develop transversal skills in the performative English classroom
Duggan, James/ Bermingham Susan – Manchester Metropolitan University