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The ECR journey: From inspiration to impact

The first ever BERA Early Career Researcher (ECR) Conference in May 2023, The ECR Journey: From inspiration to impact, celebrated the journey of ‘becoming’ an educational researcher. It was an opportunity to celebrate and disseminate small and large successes in the journey of ECRs from research students to independent thinkers.

In this special issue of the BERA Blog, a select few presenters from the conference showcase their research inspiration and potential impact. Each blog post covers one area of key importance to the researcher with the intention of inspiring discourse and informing policy and practice.

The contributions in the issue explore:

  • the intricacies of how trans students navigate and negotiate their school lives
  • the impact of China’s ‘double reduction’ policy, which is intended to address ever-increasing educational inequalities stemming from the growth of a shadow education system in China
  • the promotion of tolerance and mutual respect in the implementation of teacher standards to report on how educators can best navigate the shifting educational landscape of emerging policies and strategies
  • challenges around teacher retention and how establishing more concrete professional teacher identities can contribute towards teacher resilience and counteract teacher attrition
  • headteacher agency in the context of performativity pressures that often appear to suppress teacher values and pedagogy.

This special issue is being released ahead of the second BERA ECR Conference, ‘At crossroads of becoming’, to be held on 5 June 2024 at the Cloth Hall Court, Leeds. Register now at this link.


Profile picture of Leanne Henderson
Leanne Henderson, Dr

Lecturer at Queen's University Belfast

Leanne Henderson is a lecturer in education studies in the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work at Queen’s University Belfast. Her research centres on young people’s educational trajectories and transitions. She was...

Profile picture of Nicola Marlow
Nicola Marlow, Dr

Lecturer in Education at Ulster University

Nicola is the regional rep for Northern Ireland. Nicola is a lecturer in Education and course director of the PGCE English with Drama and Media Studies programme at Ulster University. Her research interests include writing pedagogy and how...

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