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Past event

The ECR Journey: At Crossroads of Becoming

On this 2nd ECR Annual Conference we continued to celebrate the ECR journeys and welcomed educational researchers and practitioners to join us in Leeds. 

This year’s conference was anchored on the theme of ‘becoming’ as educational researchers, a significant aspect of the ECR journey. Learning to become is a process that is complex and multi-layered which does not only involve the knowledge we acquire and the skills we learn to do but transcends this to who we are ‘becoming’. We define becoming as a cyclical process of change and transformation that is both enjoyable and challenging, yet pertinent to our development as educational researchers.

This year we acknowledged this ontological dimension of the ECR journey and celebrated the transformation of the professional, intellectual, personal self as an integral aspect of this journey.

09:30 Registration, tea and coffee
10:00 Welcome and Introduction
Yan Zhu and Nicola Marlow
  Keynote lecture – Traversing the path between academia and third sector research: A career at a crossroads
Dr Emily Oxley, National Institute of Teaching
10:45 Parallel sessions
  Room: Room: Room: Room:

Engaging Minority Ethnic Teachers in Research: Innovative Strategies for Exploring Funds of Knowledge
Kubra Alhawamdeh, University of Leeds

The Black and Minority Ethnic Experience of Teacher Education: An examination of student/mentor relationships in the training environment
Rachel Robinson, University of Oxford

Opening the Box: Reflections on working with the professional craft knowledge of myself and others, when researching inclusive practice in education.
Tracy Edwards, Leeds Beckett University

Innovative Strategies for Advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Physical Education: Creation of the Diverse Model of Disability and Subsequent Training Workshop for Teachers
Karen Zecca, Cardiff Metropolitan University
(5 minute presentation)

Navigating Liminal Spaces: A Transformative Doctoral Journey
Sheeba Viswarajan, University of East London
(5minute presentation)

Intersecting Identities, Workplace Neuroinclusion and Change: As related by an autistic, dyslexic, ADHDic Teacher and Researcher
Tola Awe, University of Greenwich

‘It isn’t that simple’: Religion, Race and the Content of British Blackness.
Jeremy Olusola, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Rocky Road – The intersectionality of practitioner, researcher and role-model
Nadia Talukder, University of Oxford Department of Education

‘I don’t agree with myself!’: doctoral researcher identity disrupted and developed, interrupted and transformed
Lynne Jones, University of Strathclyde

Me, Myself, and Bernstein – Travelling with an Educational Pioneer
Noel Dempsey, University Campus Football Business

An Early Career Researcher’s Journey: Reflections of a Pilot Study.
Sarah Downing, Solihull College

Environmental literacies for sustainable futures – a personal journey of being and becoming
Sundas Mahar, University of Glasgow

Navigating the PhD Odyssey: Drawing parallels with Dorothy’s journey to meet the Wizard
Michael Taylor, Liverpool Hope University and Marianne Talbot,
University of Leeds
(5 min presentation)

The ups and downs of the first year (or two) of my fellowship: A poem
Emily Williams, University of Leeds
(5 minute presentation)

Lifelong Learning: An Autoethnographic Study
Maureen O’Callaghan, University of Lincoln

Facilitating Scholarly Growth: Organizing and Reflecting on a Postgraduate Writing Retreat – Professional skills/learning
Anja Stumpf, King’s College London

Becoming a researching higher education professional
Charlotte Verney, University of Bristol

Lives in transition – from HE to the Workplace
Jan Hanson, York St. John University

11:45 Tea and coffee break
12:05 Workshop – Critical reflection on your development- journey so far
Professor Mhairi Beaton and Professor Rachel Lofthouse
This workshop will include a dilemma-based coaching approach to surface reflections on your research journey so far. This will lead to small group thinking rounds to consider common themes and freshest thinking.
12:50 Lunch and networking
13:35 Parallel sessions
  Room: Room: Room: Room:

A commotion of clattering coffee cups: becoming-with affective more-than-human assemblages
Karen Barr, University of Bath

From EdD to PhD: The doctoral project as transitional space
Karen Hanrahan, Institute of Education

Intersecting Identities in Educational Research: Exploring Veganism in Secondary Schools
Heather Marshall, Edge Hill University

Traversing the unknown: becoming a ‘creative self’ through EdD research
Rebecca Sherratt, Staffordshire University

Transitioning into educational research from a life in education: a personal reflection
Abbey Rowe, Cardiff University

An action researcher’s reflective practices as a doctoral student, action researcher and Further Education tutor.
Cathy Clarkson, Bradford College

Values-Based Governance in Indonesian Private Higher Education Institutions
Benih Hartanti, Coventry University

Researching Early Career Teachers whilst working as an Induction Tutor: being an insider researcher and navigating conflicting interests
Katie Pyne, University of the West of England
(5 minute presentation)

‘Stranger School’: Towards a Creative Arts Youth Work approach for Youth Theatre
Elinor Mairi Whittle, Nottingham Trent University

Leaning into community and creativity as support on the doctoral journey
Jackie Lysaght, International Kinesiology College

Revelations of Artist-Leader-Researcher Becomings
Jo Townshend

Effing the ineffable: Navigating my position as an artist within educational research
Charlotte Allan, University of Strathclyde

‘Why are you outin’ me like this?’ How teenagers explain their scientific curiosity in front of their peers
Chris Reid, Kings College London

What’s the story? Podcasting Praxis: Exploring and (re)presenting teacher-researcher stories within a sixth form college.
Jo Fletcher-Saxon

Problematising notions of ‘becoming’ in ECR teacher education spaces
Amanda Nuttall, Alison Griffiths, Rachel Rudman, Leeds Trinity University

Privileging young people’s voices in research
Keisha Stewart, Edge Hill University

14:35 Workshop – Critical reflection on your development- next steps
Professor Mhairi C Beaton and Professor Rachel Lofthouse
Using a co-coaching approach based on narratives derived from your research journey you will work in conversation with others to reflect on your realities and responses and how these are helping you to re-imagine your next steps.
15:10 Tea and coffee break
15:30 Parallel sessions
  Room: Room: Room: Room:

The PhD as experienced: You’ve done so well considering your background.
Rhianna Murphy, Cardiff University

What contributes to ‘becoming’ an educational researcher? Untangling the web of (f)actors.
Alexander Vaniev, University of Glasgow

“Ah, cute!”: An ECR’s journey towards self-validation while completing a PhD.
Anna Ridgewell, University of Sussex

‘Becoming The Researcher’ – Experiencing Becoming Through A Professional Doctorate In Education.
Tracy Wallis, University of Worcester

Reclaiming curation: becoming a researcher in the age of the ‘Filterworld’
Caroline Godfrey, Aston University

Clarifying my research philosophy through collaboration: The formative potential of research-practice collaboration
Magriet Cruywagen, University of Glasgow

“Navigating Collective Academic Development: A Case Study of the Activity of the Editorial Board of a Community Academic Journal”
Anna Harwood, Ed Podesta, Marianne Talbot, Durdona Karimova, Hannah Wainwright, University of Leeds

The road leads on: Pupil to Practitioner to PhD
Steve Hoey, The University of Hull

Looking in, looking out: transition and transformation in the academy
Kristy Campbell, University College London

Using GPT as a Qualitative Coding Assistant: A Discussion of Validity and Reliability Tests
Luwei Bai, Faculty of Education

Post-Bloom Social Media Taxonomy
Mehmet Demir, University of Birmingham

Journey of Transformation: Embracing Two-Eyed Seeing in Indigenous Education and Research
Razieh Alba, University of Calgary

True belonging? A reflexive personal account of the experiences of early career doctoral research at the University of Oxford from the perspective of an alumna of Oxford’s UNIQ+ Graduate Access Programme.
Louise Nicolson, University of Oxford

Listening to Myself: Unpacking the Identity of an Early Career Researcher
Parul Anand, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Become the Imposter
Philip Wilkinson, Bournemouth University

Crafting a sense of self: exploring the ECR journey and ‘becoming’ an educational researcher
Julie Marshall, Liverpool John Moores University

Working with Others, Defining Myself: The value of collaboration in the early stages of becoming as a researcher
Ruth Graham, University of Nottingham

Project Management as a Transformative Path for Emerging Educational Researchers
Merih Ugurel-Kamisli, TED University

Reimagining Disability Through Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory To Improve The Lived Experiences Of Disabled Post-Graduate Research Students’
Claire Ashworth, University of Central Lancashire

“Reading Rita and Saving Athur Seaton: Exploring Mature Students’ Scholarly ‘Becoming’ and the Failures of Working-Class Education”
Nysha Givans, Pete Bennett, University of Wolverhampton

Dr Who? Complex shifting identities
Melanie Beckett, Arden University

Shifting identities, multiple voices, and conflicting roles: Navigating the dynamic landscapes of a professional doctorate in education
Laurel Smith, Amy Birkhead, Sheffield Hallam University


17:00 Panel discussion 
Yan Zhu, Nicola Marlow, Sin Wang Chong,
Leanne Henderson, Rebekah Ackroyd
17:20 Conclusion and thanks
17:30 Event close

Keynote speakers

Profile picture of Emily Oxley
Emily Oxley, Dr

Research Associate at National Institute of Teaching

Dr Emily Oxley is a Research Fellow in Evidence Synthesis at the National Institute of Teaching, specialising in initial teacher education and professional development. A former teacher of French and German, she completed her PhD at the...

Profile picture of Mhairi Beaton
Mhairi Beaton, Professor

Professor at Leeds Beckett University

Mhairi Beaton is Professor at the Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University. After completing a Bachelor of Education at University of Edinburgh, Mhairi worked as a primary school teacher in Highland Region in the north of Scotland....

Profile picture of Rachel Lofthouse
Rachel Lofthouse, Professor

Professor of Teacher Education at Leeds Beckett University

Rachel Lofthouse is Professor of Teacher Education at the Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University, where she has established ‘CollectivED: the Centre for Coaching, Mentoring, Supervision and Professional Learning’. She has a...


Profile picture of Abbey Rowe
Abbey Rowe, Ms

PhD Student at Cardiff University

I am currently completing a PhD research studentship with the Wolfson Centre for Young People's Mental Health and DECIPHer Centre at Cardiff University. My interests include youth mental health, neurodiversity and complex school systems.

Profile picture of Alexander Vaniev
Alexander Vaniev, Mr

Doctoral researcher at University of Glasgow

I am a doctoral researcher, educator and learning designer from the School of Education here at UofG. Having expertise in teaching and learning in higher education, I am devoted to academic & educational development of early career academics...

Alison Griffiths, Miss

Deputy Head of School at Leeds Trinity University

My career began in the primary school, working across the key stages in schools located in North Wales and London. Since leaving the school classroom, I have worked in three universities and am currently Deputy Head of School at Leeds Trinity,...

Profile picture of Amanda Nuttall
Amanda Nuttall, Dr

Leeds Trinity University

Amanda is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Leeds Trinity University. She has recently completed doctoral study at the University of Oxford, focused on building a rich understanding of how teachers experience transitions and...

Profile picture of Amy Birkhead
Amy Birkhead, Ms

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education at Sheffield Hallam University

Amy is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education at the Sheffield Institute of Education (SIoE), Sheffield Hallam University. She leads both the Mathematics Education and Science Education degrees (with QTS) and contributes to the PGCE secondary...

Profile picture of Anja Stumpf
Anja Stumpf, Ms

Postgraduate Researcher at King's College London

Anja Stumpf is a postgraduate researcher at King’s College London in the School of Education, Communication and Society. She holds a BA in Music from Berklee College of Music (2016) and an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages...

Profile picture of Anna Ridgewell
Anna Ridgewell, Ms

Research Fellow and Doctoral Student at University of Sussex

Anna is a Research Fellow and a Doctoral Researcher, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) via the SeNSS Network. Anna's PhD project investigates the opportunities that children aged 3-7 from different socioeconomic...

Profile picture of Benih Hartanti
Benih Hartanti, Miss

Research Student at Coventry University

PhD student and junior lecturer hailing from Indonesia, with a research focus on Higher Education, complemented by a background in Accounting and Management.

Profile picture of Caroline Godfrey
Caroline Godfrey

PhD student at Aston University

Caroline Godfrey is a PhD student at Aston University. Having been an English teacher for 13 years, her current research deliberately intersects the fields of English Education and Applied Linguistics, principally using metaphor studies as a way...

Profile picture of Cathy Clarkson
Cathy Clarkson, Ms

Teacher Education (PSET) Lecturer (ESOL and Literacy Lead) at Bradford College

Cathy Clarkson started teaching English as a Foreign Language in China, before returning to England where she has worked in further education, firstly to teach ESOL before moving into initial teacher education. She is doing a part-time EdD...

Profile picture of Charlotte Allan
Charlotte Allan, Ms

PhD Student at University of Strathclyde

Charlotte is currently undertaking a PhD researching the audience experience of Theatre for Early Years. She is interested in how very young children and their adult companions encounter live performance together.

Profile picture of Charlotte Verney
Charlotte Verney, Dr

University of Bristol

I work within UK higher education in professional services, currently at the University of Bristol as Head of Assessment. I am an early career research in educational research, having completed a Masters in International Higher Education, and a...

Profile picture of Chris Reid
Chris Reid, Mr

PhD Student/teacher at Kings College London

Chris Reid is a doctoral researcher in science education at King’s College London whose research looks at the role of curiosity in secondary science classrooms. Before beginning his PhD, he taught physics for more than a decade, holding...

Profile picture of Claire Ashworth
Claire Ashworth, Mrs

Principal Lecturer (Interim) at University of Central Lancashire

My philosophy in life is simple. Be curious! Be bold! Be you! Energised by the human spirit, my mission is to create barrier free learning opportunities through experimentation and deconstruction of the normal. I champion the courage to try...

Profile picture of Durdona Karimova
Durdona Karimova, Mrs

University of Leeds

Durdona Karimova Farkhodovna is an accomplished educator with a rich and diverse background in language teaching, teacher training, and academic leadership. She holds a Master of Arts in English Linguistics from The Uzbek State World Languages...

Profile picture of Elinor Mairi Whittle
Elinor Mairi Whittle, Ms

Postgraduate Researcher at Nottingham Trent University

Elinor is a NTU funded Postgraduate researcher at Nottingham Trent University, within the Social Work, Care and Community Department. Elinor's research is situated in the field of Critical Youth Studies, with focus upon the intersection of arts...

Profile picture of Emily Williams
Emily Williams, Dr

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at University of Leeds

I am a Cognitive & Developmental Psychologist researching typing skill in children and adults via gamified experiments.

Profile picture of Hannah Wainwright
Hannah Wainwright, Mrs

PhD Student at University of Leeds

Hannah Wainwright is a PGR in the School of Education at the University of Leeds. Following a decade-long career as a primary school teacher, Hannah’s PhD research looks at the ways in which participatory drama is being used to support...

Profile picture of Heather Marshall
Heather Marshall, Dr

Course Leader RE PGCE and Senior Lecturer at Edge Hill University

Heather Marshall is Senior Lecturer in Education at Edge Hill University. Her research interests include divergent worldviews, equality, diversity and inclusion in education, and pedagogy and curriculum development. She is currently the Secondary...

Profile picture of Jackie Lysaght
Jackie Lysaght, Ms

Educational Developer at International Kinesiology College

I am an independent educator with the International Kinesiology College. I am currently completing an Ed.D. with Dublin City University where my research focuses on instructors' professional learning.

Profile picture of Jan Hanson
Jan Hanson, Mrs

Specialist Study Skills Tutor (HE), Workplace Strategy Coach, Mentor (Autistic Spectrum) at York St. John University

I entered academia from medicine, where I practised nursing and taught pre-qualification key skills to nurses studying for their BTech degrees. I also assessed and verified NVQ awards. As a member of the Institute for Learning’s Advisory...

Profile picture of Jeremy Olusola
Jeremy Olusola, Dr

Post Doctoral Research Fellow (DARPL) at Cardiff Metropolitan University

Jeremiah Olusola has just completed his PhD. He is DARPL's Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Alongside this Welsh Government funded Post-Doc, Jeremiah is undertaking a research project with the British Library’s...

Profile picture of Jo Fletcher-Saxon
Jo Fletcher-Saxon, Ms

PhD candidate at University of Sunderland

Jo Fletcher-Saxon is a PhD candidate with Sunderland University and an assistant principal and practitioner research lead at Ashton Sixth Form College. Jo’s remit at the college includes leadership of adult education, college-based higher...

Profile picture of Jo Townshend
Jo Townshend, Ms

Independent Researcher/Consultant/Director (Contemporary Visual Arts Network London) at N/A

Dr Jo Townshend is an artist-leader-researcher working at the intersection of arts and education. As an independent researcher and consultant, she brings leadership and management experience from across cultural, school, college and university...

Profile picture of Julie Marshall
Julie Marshall, Dr

Senior Lecturer in Executive Education at Liverpool John Moores University

As an experienced business school lecturer of over 20 years, I recently completed my Doctorate in Education. My EdD research centred on concepts of identity, analysing how amateur arts-based practice shapes university business school lecturers’...

Profile picture of Karen Barr
Karen Barr, Ms

University of Bath

Karen is in her final year of studying for a PhD in Education at the University of Bath, UK. Her doctoral research aims to contribute a novel way of conceptualising students’ placements on Early Childhood Studies degrees as more-than-human...

Profile picture of Karen Hanrahan
Karen Hanrahan, Ms

Lecturer in Education at Institute of Education

Karen Hanrahan is a lecturer in Languages Education at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society. Prior to this Karen was a principal lecturer in Education at the University of Brighton, where she worked for ten years. She began her HE career...

Profile picture of Karen Zecca
Karen Zecca, Mrs

Professional Doctorate of Education student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

Karen Zecca is a Professional Doctorate of Education student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Focusing on enhancing disability and sport education, her research interests predominantly revolve around disability, sport and education, with a...

Profile picture of Katie Pyne
Katie Pyne, Mrs

School teacher and EdD student at University of the West of England

I am currently in part two of my educational doctorate (EdD) at UWE, researching the way in which teacher preparation routes influence identity. Alongside this I am a senior school science teacher and additionally responsible for supporting early...

Profile picture of Keisha Stewart
Keisha Stewart, Ms

Educator/Post Graduate Researcher at Edge Hill University

Keisha Ann Stewart is a PhD researcher and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Edge Hill University. With over two decades of experience teaching English both locally and internationally, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge to her research...

Profile picture of Kristy Campbell
Kristy Campbell, Miss

Seminar Tutor / PhD Candidate at Institute of Education

Kristy Campbell is a Researcher and Artist, currently pursuing a PhD within the department of Education, Practice and Society at the IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society, London. Prior to this, she completed an MA in Education (IOE,...

Profile picture of Kubra Alhawamdeh
Kubra Alhawamdeh, Mrs

Postgraduate researcher at University of Leeds

Kubra Alhawamdeh is a postgraduate researcher in the Faculty of Education at the University of Leeds, focusing on Early Childhood Education. With a BA from Dumlupınar University and an MA from the University of Sheffield, her research delves...

Profile picture of Laurel Smith
Laurel Smith, Ms

Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University

I am a Senior Lecturer in Primary and Early Years Education at Sheffield Hallam University, where I lead our English Initial Teacher Education curriculum across PGCE and Undergraduate courses. I am also a doctoral student at Sheffield Hallam and...

Profile picture of Louise Nicolson
Louise Nicolson, Miss

DPhil Education Student - University of Oxford at University of Oxford

My name is Louise Christine Nicolson and I have recently started full-time DPhil Education study at the University of Oxford. My doctoral research, provisionally titled "Graduate capabilities and higher education policy: Rethinking educational...

Profile picture of Luwei Bai
Luwei Bai, Miss

PhD student at Faculty of Education

Luwei Bai is a probationary Ph.D. candidate in Education at the University of Cambridge, building upon her MPhil in Educational Leadership and School Improvement from the same institution. Her research is at the forefront of integrating...

Profile picture of Lynne Jones
Lynne Jones, Ms

Primary teacher & EdD researcher at University of Strathclyde

Lynne is a primary teacher and part-time doctoral researcher on the supporting teacher learning pathway at the Strathclyde Institute of Education. Her thesis explores how teacher leadership is understood and experienced in Scotland.

Profile picture of Marianne Talbot
Marianne Talbot, Mrs

University of Leeds

Marianne Talbot is a post-transfer PGR in the School of Education at the University of Leeds. Following a career as a civil servant and independent researcher, Marianne is researching the impact of qualifying as a Chartered Educational Assessor...

Profile picture of Maureen O’Callaghan
Maureen O’Callaghan, Ms

PhD student at University of Lincoln

I am currently a PhD student studying the development of prosocial decision-making and behaviour in business owners. Drawing upon over 50 years of experience in the workplace, I am adopting a multi-disciplinary and participative approach that...

Profile picture of Mehmet Demir
Mehmet Demir, Dr

Research Fellow at University of Birmingham

Mehmet DEMIR, Ph.D., is currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Education and Social Justice at the University of Birmingham. He has his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Pedagogy from the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), a first-class honours...

Profile picture of Melanie Beckett
Melanie Beckett, Dr

Academic Skills Tutor at Arden University

I was awarded my PhD in 2021 and my research is concerned with how students experience the transition from FE into HE. I currently work for Arden University as an Academic Skills Tutor in a hybrid remote role.

Profile picture of Merih Ugurel Kamisli
Merih Ugurel Kamisli, Dr

Assist. Prof. at TED University

I am an experienced higher education professional with a demonstrated history of international education, curriculum development for teacher training and professional development programs, and teaching diverse groups of undergraduate and graduate...

Profile picture of Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor, Mr

Professional Tutor at University of Glasgow & Liverpool Hope University

I am a fifth-year part-time PhD student. My interests are in the areas of assessment and education change through policy development. My current study is a comparison between England and Scotland. I also work full-time as a PGCE tutor for...

Profile picture of Nadia Talukder
Nadia Talukder, Mrs

Doctoral student at University of Oxford

Nadia Talukder is a doctoral student at the University of Oxford and Senior Lecturer in Primary Initial Teacher Education at Birmingham Newman University. Nadia’s doctoral research relates to the HE Awards Gap; She is conducting an...

Profile picture of Noel Dempsey
Noel Dempsey, Dr

Lecturer at University Campus Football Business

Noel Dempsey is a lecturer in football coaching and management at the University Campus of Football Business (UCFB). His research interests centre around formal coach education and the wider policy developments that inform it. Other qualitative...

Profile picture of Nysha Givans
Nysha Givans, Ms

Doctoral Student at University of Wolverhampton

Currently enrolled in a Professional Doctorate in Education program at the University of Wolverhampton, I am deeply engaged in examining the challenges faced by marginalized communities from lower socio-economic backgrounds within the educational...

Profile picture of Parul Anand
Parul Anand, Dr

Post- Doctoral Fellow at Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Dr Parul Anand has a doctorate from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai in the area of Educational Policy changes and Teacher Professionalism. Currently, she is working as Post- Doctoral Fellow- Teacher Education at the Centre for...

Profile picture of Philip Wilkinson
Philip Wilkinson, Dr

Lecturer in Communication at Bournemouth University

Dr Phil Wilkinson has a background in computer science, but is now a critical education practitioner and researcher. He utilizes a Latourian ‘Bricoleur’ approach through adopting a participatory action research methodology, and a range of...

Profile picture of Rachel Robinson
Rachel Robinson, Miss

Doctoral student at University of Oxford

Rachel Robinson is a doctoral student at Oxford and her research focuses on exploring the experiences of Black and minority ethnic trainee teachers and their relationships with their mentors and learning environment, through emphasising the...

Profile picture of Razieh Alba
Razieh Alba, Ms

PhD Student and Instructor at University of Calgary

Razieh Alba is a PhD Candidate at the University of Calgary’s Educational Research in Curriculum and Learning. As an Art Educator, her areas of research and interest lie in integrating Indigenous knowledges in art curriculums to better serve...

Profile picture of Rebecca Sherratt
Rebecca Sherratt, Mrs

PGCE Secondary English Course Leader at Staffordshire University

Rebecca Sherratt is the PGCE Secondary English course leader at Staffordshire University and a first year Doctorate of Education researcher at the same higher education institution. Her research interests lie in creativity in the secondary...

Profile picture of Rhianna Murphy
Rhianna Murphy, Miss

PhD Student at Cardiff University

Rhianna Murphy is a PhD student at Cardiff University and a visiting lecturer in education at the University of Chester. She is also former primary school teacher, with experience teaching in Spain and England. Her research interests focus on...

Profile picture of Ruth Graham
Ruth Graham, Mrs

Assistant Professor at University of Nottingham

Ruth Graham is an assistant professor on the teaching and curriculum pathway at the University of Nottingham, UK. She works with international educators on the PGCE International. Previously, she taught in Salford, Frankfurt and Nottingham in...

Profile picture of Sarah Downing
Sarah Downing, Miss

Media Lecturer at Solihull College

Sarah Downing is a Media Lecturer and Teaching and Learning Coach for Action Research at Solihull College. Her research for a PhD in Education with the University of Sunderland combines her love of film with a drive to continue developing the...

Profile picture of Sheeba Viswarajan
Sheeba Viswarajan, Dr

Senior lecturer in secondary education ( science) at University of East London

Sheeba is a Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education (Science) at the University of East London. She is a chemistry specialist with 16 years of teaching experience in India and England. She now works in the Higher Education sector, teaching the...

Profile picture of Steve Hoey
Steve Hoey, Mr

PhD researcher at University of Hull

Firstly, I am the father of four, fabulous daughters and then in no particular order I am a school leader, social entrepreneur, coach, facilitator, wellbeing advocate and just bloody curious. After leaving school leadership in 2014, I have been a...

Sundas Mahar, Ms

PhD Researcher at University of Glasgow

Sundas is a fourth year doctoral student at the University of Glasgow. Her research explores the use of indigenous and traditional environmental literacies for sustainability and regeneration in the contemporary context. She uses decolonial...

Profile picture of Tola Awe
Tola Awe, Mrs

University of Greenwich

Tola Awe is a doctoral student in Education researching about Neurodivergence adults. She is passionate about seeing changes to accommodations for neurodivergent individuals in the workplace and in higher education. Tola has written a few fiction...

Profile picture of Tracy Edwards
Tracy Edwards, Dr

Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University

Tracy is a Lecturer in Special Educational Needs, Inclusive Pedagogies and Digital Pedagogies at Leeds Beckett University. After initially training as a History Teacher, she spent twenty years working in two highly successful Inner London...

Profile picture of Tracy Wallis
Tracy Wallis, Dr

Head of Department Secondary & FES at University of Worcester

Following some time teaching in primary schools, I began my HE career in ITE in 2007. I have worked across primary, secondary and Further education in ITE including partnership and Head of Department roles. I am an experienced external examiner...

ECR Convenors

Profile picture of Yan Zhu
Yan Zhu, Dr

Lecturer in Education Studies at University College London

Yan is the ECR Regional Rep for the South East. Yan is a Lecturer in Education Studies at University College London. Yan was a Teaching Fellow in Childhood Studies and Programme Leader for MA Childhood Studies at the University of Leeds after she...

Profile picture of Nicola Marlow
Nicola Marlow, Dr

Lecturer in Education at Ulster University

Nicola is the regional rep for Northern Ireland. Nicola is a lecturer in Education and course director of the PGCE English with Drama and Media Studies programme at Ulster University. Her research interests include writing pedagogy and how...

Profile picture of Sin-Wang Chong
Sin-Wang Chong, Professor

Director of Impact and Innovation at University of St Andrews

Sin Wang (Ph.D., SFHEA, FRSA) is Director of Impact and Innovation at the International Education Institute, University of St Andrews. Concurrently, he is Professor, Head of Evidence Synthesis, and Chair of Research Ethics at the National...

Profile picture of Leanne Henderson
Leanne Henderson, Dr

Lecturer at Queen's University Belfast

Leanne Henderson is a lecturer in education studies in the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work at Queen’s University Belfast. Her research centres on young people’s educational trajectories and transitions. She was...

Profile picture of Rebekah Ackroyd
Rebekah Ackroyd, Dr

Lecturer in Education at University of Cumbria

Rebekah Ackroyd is the Early Career Researcher Network Regional Rep for the North of England. Rebekah is a lecturer in education at the University of Cumbria working on postgraduate provision. Her PhD research examined how teachers of Religious...