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The ECR Journey: At Crossroads of Becoming

On this 2nd ECR Annual Conference we continue to celebrate the ECR journeys and welcome educational researchers and practitioners to join us in Leeds. This is a great opportunity to disseminate your research and insights on your professional and intellectual journeys, regardless of the career stage you are in.

This year’s conference is anchored on the theme of ‘becoming’ as educational researchers, a significant aspect of the ECR journey. Learning to become is a process that is complex and multi-layered which does not only involve the knowledge we acquire and the skills we learn to do but transcends this to who we are ‘becoming’. We define becoming as a cyclical process of change and transformation that is both enjoyable and challenging, yet pertinent to our development as educational researchers.

This year we acknowledge this ontological dimension of the ECR journey and celebrate the transformation of the professional, intellectual, personal self as an integral aspect of this journey.

To this end, we accept submissions of abstracts of research projects from educational researchers, students and professionals at different stages and particularly welcome presentations on the myriad ways you have experienced and managed transitions across the different stages of your life cycle as an educational researcher. This includes, but not limited to, ways you have been shaped by the knowledge and skills you have acquired, come to understand processes of change, navigated possibilities and constrains, engaged with the concept of comradeship (with students and peers), and influenced your understanding of what it means to be an educational researcher. This is far from an exhaustive list of the plurality of experiences we like to see in the ECR conference in 2024.

Presentation formats

  • 15 minute presentations
  • ePoster/ 1 slide only presentations (5 minute presentation)

Abstract submission deadline: 19 February 2024.
Decisions confirmed: March 2024

Presentations on the day will also be reviewed and the winner will be invited to the BERA Conference 2024 to present their work during a dedicated ECR session.

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