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Videos and presentations from BERA Member events, as well as podcasts and more. Presentations and recordings are correct as of the date they were created.

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Beyond words: Materiality and the play of things

Tim Ingold’s (2013) account of the art of inquiry begins with the relation between thinking and making, a relation that ‘allow[s] knowledge to grow from the crucible of our practical and...

Video24 Jun 2019

Education, civic virtue and populism

A consistent finding of research on education’s civic effects is that it fosters liberalism, respect, tolerance, and social responsibility. The growth of educational participation, according to...

Video11 Sep 2018

Educational research: which way now?

BERA was established 43 years ago, in 1974, at the height of the postwar expansion of education, and at the onset of a long period of controversy and reform of education that has continued ever...

Video5 Sep 2017

Teacherbot: Interventions in Automated Teaching

Promises of enhanced ‘productivity’ via the automation of teaching have been with us since the early days of digital education, sometimes embraced by teachers and institutions, and sometimes...

Video13 Sep 2016